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Hats off to Rick Klau from Blogger. He's really been responsive to the confusion caused by the recent changes to Blogger. You're a class act Rick, thanks!

Here's something very telling, at least it is to me, from Rick's comment in my most recent post about the Blogger changes.

A wonderful boquet of flowers.
This isn't a reaction to Tumblr, or WordPress, or TypePad, or anybody else. (Each are great, btw, and have lots to offer.) This is a simple challenge: we want to deliver a best-in-class experience, and creating a product with dependencies on downstream ISPs was preventing us from delivering the stable, reliable and functional product we wanted. It was also preventing us from doing more for the 99.5% of users who host with us (either on their own domain or on
Emphasis is mine. 99.5% of the users who host with Blogger will benefit, who can argue with that? I certainly can't.

I've been a very satisfied Blogger user and wish Blogger all the best. I hope you guys are able give us some killer features!

Rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin...

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