July, 01, 2009 - Exeter Office Space

Based on a Tweet from Christopher Hawkins I decided to go do an office space recon mission for him at lunch. I took some pictures of what I think are the best places to rent office space, that I know of, in our little town. Enjoy.

The building on the left is the Valley Financial Group Building. The gentleman that owns it rents individual office space. This would be a toss up with the Old Bank of America Building as my number one choice. This building was recently remodeled and is well kept. Inside is nicer than the outside. As of this writing he doesn't have any open offices, says maybe in a couple of months. As an aside, my boyhood doctor used to work out of this building.

The building on the right is the Old Carl Hill Chevrolet Building. It's now home to Snap Fitness and Lowrider Clothing. The office space above is for lease/rent.

Above are different views of Exeter's Old Bank of America building, being remodeled. This would be the other building in my first choice toss up, if it were finished, and I needed an office space. Along the left side east face, the picture on the right, we're going to have Rocky Hill Ice Cream and Candy Company! Who wouldn't want to be located above that? Across the street, to the west, is The Wild Flower Cafe. You also have access to two pizza joints, a burger joint, a hot dog joint, and a couple of sandwich shops. Hey, it's downtown Exeter, it's TINY!

The building on the left is the second of a small pair of offices. The building to the right of it is home to a CPA. This building is located on East Maple Street, just west of Valley Financial by two blocks.

The building on the right is located on Kaweah Avenue, on the north side of Exeter. This is the only set of offices in the group that isn't downtown. If you're familiar with Exeter, at all, they're located just north of The Exeter Memorial Building.


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