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Friday, August 03, 2001

[1:56 PM]
Howdy y'all,

Today I did a search for Fahrni on AltaVista and discovered our family reunion page! The Fahrni family is quite large and connected. We're always having family reunions, they've been all over the country. Well next years looks like it's going to be VERY exciting. It's happening in Switzerland, home of the Fahrni name! Woo-hoo!

Today at lunch me and the boys had some deep discussion about yesterday's entry. Paul I agree with you 100%! The discussion was too involved to share here. Too many points and counter-points to it. Paul played devil's advocate. I think we're on the same page with regards to the shopping center and expansion of the city, right?

Time to get together and purchase the land back, farm it like it was intended to be used. We don't need another shopping center, do we?
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Wednesday, August 01, 2001

[11:38 AM]
Hello fellow country folk,

Well it looks like the City of Visalia is at it again! A long time ago it was decided the city's southern border wouldn't extend beyond Packwood Creek. That makes perfect sense to me. Mooney Boulevard already hogs about two or more miles of land and is packed to the gills with shopping centers and malls. Well along comes a developer from the bay area and decides he wants to buy 65 plus acres to the south of Packwood creek and develop a new shopping center, say what!

Why is that so bad? Well for one thing the city believes it will bring in more tax revenue, no surprise there, but will it really? I don't honestly think so because we already have two malls in this city and one of them is dying because it can't get decent retailers to move into it. This is the kind of attitude that led to the explosion of Fresno's city limits. Fresno is not a place I'd hold up as a wonderful example of how to build a city. Here's how Fresno's leaders must have seen things...

Oh we need more housing, hey there's some prime farm land over here that hasn't been developed. Great! Let's add new roads, infrastructure, and oh we're going to need more shopping centers because people won't want to drive two miles to the nearest grocer! So what the heck happens to the inner core of the city, it rots! That's exactly what happened to Fresno. Downtown is a pit, ugly in all regards. I really don't want to see that happen here in Visalia. It's a real gem in the San Joaquin Valley. Why mess it up. People here need to take a look at disasters made in other cities and learn from it, not make the same stoooopid mistakes. Hey have you ever heard of re-development? Why the heck not, there's plenty of dead buildings around the city waiting for someone to either refurbish them or tear them down and rebuild. Why NOT! Let's not turn Visalia into another disaster like Fresno, or even worse the Silicon Valley!

Just my humble opinion.
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Monday, July 30, 2001

[3:22 PM]
Howdy campers!

Well I'll be darned! Mr. Harrington is finally blogging! It's about time Paul!

Richard's setting up a community for our fellow San Joaquin Valley developers. We've been having discussions about this for weeks now and I think he got tired of talking about it! It's great, now all we need are coders to go join so we can start exchanging ideas. Let's create a nice living community. Check it out! If you're intersted in joining, do it here.

This is pretty darned exciting stuff! Don't let it die, keep it active, join now!

On a side note I talked to my brother Saturday evening and he and his wife have registered their own domain! It's about time guys. :-) Cute name...

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