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Friday, August 10, 2001

[1:53 PM]

I'm only 33 years old and today I feel like I'm about 80. Last night was softball night. We played the team to the wire and had to go an extra inning to decide the game. This morning I could hardly move! My right hip is messed up from diving for a ball and both knees are killing me. Darn... I really don't want to think about how I'm going to feel when I am 80! Ouch! :-)

We won by the way, life is good.
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Thursday, August 09, 2001

[2:31 PM]
Afternoon code jockeys,

Well this afternoon Richard opened the gate on his latest creation. bloggerCOM is available on his web site and is the beginnings of a COM component that will allow you to post entries to your Blogger account. Very cool stuff. I'm in.

Way to go Richard! This is going to open the doors for some very cool Windows based tools, at least I think so.

Blog on!
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Wednesday, August 08, 2001

[10:51 AM]
Good morning fellow conservatives!

I love my brother dearly. He's one of the nicest, funniest, and quite frankly one of the smartest people you'd ever have the pleasure of knowing. But we don't agree on everything, shocker! I think I need to explain a blog entry from last week a bit more. Based on what Jay had to say about it I don't think I made my point. That's ok it just needs some clarification. I'm opposed to a proposal for a new shopping center in the works for the city of Visalia. Why? Well I'm not so much opposed to the idea of a shopping center as I am to it's location. I believe in redevelopment. As my brother points out I was harsh on city he lives in, namely Fresno, and the area he lived in prior to relocating to the San Joaquin Valley, namely Mountain View(Silicon Valley). I didn't mean to offend you bro, but you've lived in some very mismanaged cities/areas. I will give Fresno this. They're trying to revitalize their downtown. I've seen pictures of Fresno from way back, it was a beautiful city! All I could think of was San Francisco when I saw these pictures. The local Triple-A baseball club is building a new stadium right downtown! That's great and hopefully it will attract new businesses. Not only shops but business people, you know lawyers, software development shops, etc... Fresno could have a beautiful downtown once again. I hope they can pull it off.

As my brother also points out on his site I bought a baseball bat and had dinner in one of the shopping centers I very much dislike. That's true, no doubt about it. I did however drive all the way to Fresno to do it. It wouldn’t have hurt me to drive downtown to buy that bat and have a nice dinner if I knew of a place to do it. Jay if you know of a sporting goods store downtown let me know, I will visit it instead of going to the one by your house. I believe in downtowns. I'm not opposed to growth, but it should be well managed. I am opposed to urban sprawl. It makes for disjointed communities.

Conservative, yep I am. Am I embarrassed to say that, no I'm not. It's one of those facts you can't hide. It shows in my every day life. :-)

Well I'd better get back to it. And Jay I may not ever say it but I do love you, even if we don't agree on everything. :-)

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Tuesday, August 07, 2001

[10:52 AM]
Found this after writing my entry this morning. :-)
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[10:20 AM]
Hey ya,

Boy oh boy does it get tiring working for Microsoft. We're totally throttled in the news at every turn and people hate us. I'm amazed we're able to keep the ship sailing at times. I'd say that's a credit to our leaders, they stay focused in the midst of the storm. Hopefully someday we'll get more press for good products and less for legal wrangling.

Having been a long time Visio employee I can tell you the Microsoft culture is quite different. We plan projects differently, have meetings differently, heck we even party differently. Change is not necessarily bad mind you. On the contrary our test department has gotten much stronger. We have better development tools at our fingertips. Heck testers at Microsoft are full blown Software Engineers that write code to break code! We did some of this at Visio but now we have tons of automated tests that run every night. It's wonderful! :-)

I think that Microsoft gets a really bad rap for shipping crappy product. This release at Visio is the strongest we've ever shipped, EVER! I think that a testament to our development staff. They're highly motivated, smart, and down to earth enough to know what tasks should be taken on and what tasks shouldn't. Visio's engine development team has NEVER missed a ship date. Couple that with the new tools we were able to put to use this development cycle and you get a rock solid core product!

'Nuff said. Tonight I have softball, life is good. :-)
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Monday, August 06, 2001

[3:09 PM]
Hey there,

A guy at work just sent this around to our group. It's a real life saver if you're tired of those STOOOOPID X10 camera ads. Richard had posted something about this in his blog a while back also.

Here's how to get rid of X10 ad's from IE.

In Internet Explorer choose Tools > Internet Options…
Click on the Security Tab
Click on the Restricted Sites topic
Click the Sites… button
Paste in the following URL
Click Add
Click OK
Click OK.

That's it. No more annoying ad's!
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[10:13 AM]
This weekend my family and I had a wonderful time at the coast. We visited The Apple Farm in San Luis Obispo and had a wonderful lunch. Afterward we managed to grab about two hours on the beach in Pismo Beach and finished out our day shopping in Morro Bay. We came very close to purchasing a Thomas Kinkade painting at a gallery on the waterfront, who knows I may still get it!

Whew! It was a long day but we had a wonderful time!

Back to the salt mine...
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