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Friday, August 17, 2001

[12:58 PM]
Yesterday I added At The Core to Scripting's rotating list of icons that change throughout the day on the right side of the page. I guess it works.

The Talking Moose mentions Visio today, at the very bottom of his post! He's a pretty smart moose if you ask me. :-)
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[10:28 AM]
Mornin' y'all,

This morning I was reading this article on CNet News. These guys just kill me! The line "investors are increasingly asking who supplied the fuel for the dot-com hot-air balloons" is what kills me. Bozos! Who supplied the fuel? Greed, that's what supplied the fuel. VC's are largely to blame for backing stooopid ideas, and there were a lot of them. Stuff like this just makes me really mad because all this hype surrounds the new big internet company that's going to make a killing. This leads grandma and grandpa to put money in some company that'll never make it because some slick stock broker recommends it.

Did you invest in Amazon, Homegrocer, or that sock puppet company? Sorry you lost your butt. Amazon is the only company that may make it. People treat the internet as a revolution, it's not. It's an evolution. Just the next logical step. It's just a network for heavens sake, it just happens to reach the world! If you have a retail business the internet may be a way for you to sell your goods to a wider audience but it's not the only way. That fact has proven out time and time again as .com's fail left and right. How stinking much money does Amazon have to lose before people quit investing in it? They're blowing money like it grows on trees!

The VC's that supported these companies should be tarred and feathered! I've heard that they told these companies to lose money for two years, and we're not talking about peanuts here we're talking about millions of dollars. Does that only seem like a stupid way to run a business to me? Why did people invest in these companies? We're back to greed. They thought they'd make a mint, bail out of their investment, and go live on the beach.

I'm certainly glad my money didn't support the lunacy.

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Thursday, August 16, 2001

[12:53 PM]
The Talking Moose has some interesting words about Windows XP. Some good, some bad, all valid.

Be gets bought. Who'd of thunk it?

DaveNet, An Epitaph for Be.
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[8:58 AM]
Hmmmmm, what's this?

Just a hint of things to come to the blogging world?
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[8:35 AM]

Today is going to be one of those days. Work is very stressful right about now and I haven't written a SINGLE LINE of production code in MONTHS! We're about to get out of this design phase so everyone is scrambling to get things buttoned up. I had a late night last night and an early start this morning, thank God for coffee. :-)

I think next week will be productive, maybe that should say I hope next week will be productive? I dunno. I'm just ready to get to work, real work, work I like to do, WRITING CODE!

Congratulations to Richard Caetano! His bloggerCOM component has been put to use in the "real" world! That's very exciting! If you're a Blogger user and you write Windows code for a living you may want to check out Richard's bloggerCOM site. It's a sweet little COM component that provides a direct interface to the Blogger API. This should allow any Windows developer to create neat little add-ons to other products and utilities of all kinds to automate posts and management of Blogger entries. Keep up the good work Richard! It's paying off!

Back to the salt mine.
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Wednesday, August 15, 2001

[9:19 AM]
Good morning,

Yesterday my wife and I celebrated our 14th anniversary. Happy anniversary baby, the last 14 years have been the best of my life. Here's looking to the road ahead!

I like toys, I'll admit it. My wife likes to buy me toys! :-) Ever since she read the Harry Potter series she's been calling me Hagrid. Why? Well Hagrid is half-giant and has a big bushy beard and long black hair. He looks really scary but has a very soft heart. Now I'm no giant, I'm 6 foot 3 inches tall, weigh about 230 pounds and have a big bushy goatee(beard right now, yes honey I'm going to shave!) and long brown hair. Young children, women, and animals run the other direction when I approach. I'm not a mean man, in fact I love my children, my wife, my animals, and everyone in general. I guess being big and ugly scares folks, go figure. Why all the explanation? Well when I opened my anniversary present guess what I found? That's right a big Hagrid doll. Not just any doll either. This one is really nice, porcelain face, hands and feet. He stands over a foot tall and boy is he a monster of a man(giant?)! I love it!

I scored big on anniversary gifts. My girls got me a new coffee mug that says "I hate meetings" on the front and a little jar that reads "Computer Viruses". Perfect. I do indeed hate most meetings. You get a bunch of developers together to talk about some code task and it's usually productive and short, operative word's being "productive" and "short"! But once you include some sales or marketing people in the deal you might as well bring a pillow, or TV, or something because it's going to be filled with a bunch of non-sense and confused looks. Don't get me started...

The "Computer Viruses" jar was filled with mini Reese's peanut butter cups, yum. Girls you know how to make daddy smile! :-)

All in all it was a great anniversary. Kim and I will finish out anniversary week with a good meal and a movie Friday night.

By the way we won our softball game, by one run in extra innings.
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Tuesday, August 14, 2001

[3:30 PM]
Afternoon y'all,

Not much to talk about this afternoon. Softball tonight, life is good! :-)

Here's some quotes from a friend, Carlos.

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Monday, August 13, 2001

[3:46 PM]

There's a LOT of activity happening around the new Blogger API. Scripting New has talk of it and the Yahoo! group is going nutts. Richard is back at work on his bloggerCOM component, way to go Richard.

I haven't been this excited about a technology in a LONG time. The new Blooger API is an example of a killer application(interface really). There's been an explosion of activity around it. We're just seeing the beginning.
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[9:39 AM]

If you're going to be in the Visalia area on September 21 you should stop by Visalia First Assembly! Festival Con Dios will be there live and in person. It's going to be a GREAT event.

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[8:18 AM]
Hey ya,

This weekend my wife and I went to the movies with some good friend and saw The Others. It's a real old fashioned kinda scary movie. You know the kind where you never really see the bad guys. We had a great time and I'd say if you like scary movies go catch this one, it has a very interesting ending! :-)

Today is the first day of the new school year for my girls. Wow the summer really flew by! Don't you remember going back to school AFTER labor day! I certainly do. Now our girls get out of school at the end of June and go back in the middle of August. I don't call that a vacation! Heck they don't even have time to forget everything they learned the prior school year! :-)

Today is a very exciting day for my wife, Kim. She's been a full time mom for the past 13 years and is re-entering the work force! She starts her new job today as a Teachers Aide. She's very excited. It's the perfect job for a full time mom because it's part time and will allow her to drop the girls off at school in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. Just what she's always wanted! Way to go hon! If all goes well she will also be coaching the J.V. Volleyball team at our oldest daughters junior high.

Well I guess I'd better go write some code, or specs, or something....
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