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Friday, August 31, 2001

[4:13 PM]
Back in November of 1994 after the release of Visio Technical 3.0 I was extremely burned out. I decided, mistakenly, to leave Shapeware (Visio). While I was away from my machine on my last day a couple of guys snuck in my office and sent this to the entire company. ;-)

Top Ten Reasons I'm Leaving Shapeware

10. Richard wouldn't buy me anymore free lunches
9. Everyone at Shapeware has heard all of my Beavis & Butt-head impersonations
8. Lori started charging me for M&M's
7. Visio setup no longer gives me wood
6. It's about time to rev the VDK setup
5. I heard we were being bought by Micrografx (who is being bought by Corel...)
4. Uhhhhh, kuz, like, setup sucks and stuff...uh huh, huh, uh huh
3. McDonald's discontinued $2 Tuesday.
2. Fujiki wouldn't give me a ride home anymore.

And the Number ONE reason I'm leaving Shapeware...

1. Tool Palette is finished

I rejoined Visio in early 1996, the rest is history.
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[1:19 PM]

I've been running Windows XP for quite a while now and the more I use it the more I love it. I just plugged in a UMAX Astra 3400 scanner this afternoon and the thing just worked, no hassles, just plugged it in and started scanning. That's the way it should be!

I've wanted to put up a bit of Visio history on this site for quite a while. So for your viewing pleasure...

One of the original box ideas for Visio 1.0 and the postcard announcing the company changing names from Shapeware to Visio.

Maybe I should start a Visio history site? I have enough JUNK to do it!
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[9:29 AM]

Well a good time was had by all as we celebrated Haileigh's 13th last night. It's tradition in our family to let person having a birthday pick the place they want to eat. She picked Red Robin and invited some very dear friends to join us. Dinner was good but the desert was even better, Mile High Mud Pie! Yum! :-) Afterwards we walked around the mall and looked at puppies and kitties. No girls we can't have any more cats! Four is more than enough.

Afterwards I flew back home, got dressed, and hurried off to see if Out For Fun was still alive in our season ending softball tournament! Last night was the final night. If we won the first game against The City Boys we'd have to play our arch nemesis Granny's Gang for the title! Since we were having dinner I didn't make the first game and was quite honestly worried about our chances against The City Boy's. They're a very good team and we split our regular season match-ups with them. So I pull into the parking lot at 7:15 (game time), hop out of the car, and scoot across the lot hoping we'd still be in the tourney. We were! Yeee-Hawww! I guess the guys pummeled The City Boys by 11 runs.

The second game was extremely fun even though I went 1-4 at the plate! The bats were very alive last night. Big Jim, our cleanup hitter, drove two balls DEEEEP and just crushed the other teams' spirit. They had to call the game in the fourth inning. A mercy killing, 15 run rule! We beat them 25-10 for the tournament title! To top it all off we play the A Division champs next Wednesday night for the title of Exeter's best for 2001!

Well that's about enough spouting for now. I just love softball...
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Thursday, August 30, 2001

[11:16 AM]

So Richard has discovered the power of Radio, UserLand Radio. He's now able to post to his blog via e-mail, that's pretty darned sweet. Those UserLand dudes are pretty smart.

There's just not enough time in the day to learn all this stuff and do my day job. :-) I've had Radio installed on this box for at least two months and must admit I'm a bit perplexed by it. That's what happens when you only have one brain cell. You can only cram so much junk into it.

What I really want to do is start a Manila site and host weblogs (A.K.A. blogs) for FREE! Hopefully it'll happen sometime soon.

Back to the day job....
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[9:22 AM]
Happy Birthday Haileigh! Woo-Hoo the big 13!

I can't believe I have a teenie-bopper for a daughter. It seems like it was just yesterday I was changing your dirty diapers and watching you fall asleep in your dinner. :-) Yes dad's can do this kind of stuff with their daughters, it's in the parenting rules!

Have a wonderful birthday honey!

Thirteen... I'm getting old.
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Wednesday, August 29, 2001

[1:37 PM]

Just a couple of quick things.

First off we have a new DaveNet article to consume, it's been a while. Enjoy.

Check out "Dilbert's Dream Cubicle". This might actually make being stuck in a cube ok. Maybe not...

Does anyone know of a NON-GPL'd XML parser floating around on the net? Why NON-GPL'd? Well I want to make my Blogger XML-RPC library completely free when it's ready. No strings baby! Just plug it in and go. Want to include it in a GPL'd product? Fine. Want to put it in your over the counter product? Fine. NO STRINGS! Just use the code. So if you know of a parser floating around that doesn't depend on a third party component please drop me a line. I'm trying to keep this lightweight to avoid installation issues.
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[8:56 AM]
Howdy neighbor...

Well last night we stomped the stuffing out of Sun Pacific! Sorry guys it had to be done. We did it without the support of our fearless leader who is down after reconstructive knee surgery, ouch! Take care Oren. Just call us butter because "Out For Fun" is on a roll! We have to win two in a row on Thrusday to win the tournament. I stayed for a bit of the second game and judging from what I saw I'd imagine we'll be playing City Boys to see who has to take on Granny's Gang for the title. It should be a great time no matter how you look at it.

I was able to hack on my Blogger XML-RPC code some more last night. I have the request builder class, http class, and now a partial Blogger API wrapper class up and running. It still needs work of course but I think it can be used as it sits to get other projects started. I'm building it as a static library but you could just as easily include the code directly in you own project. It's simple. That's probably the think I like best about the Blogger API and XML-RPC they're extremely simple! But don't think simple means lack of power because they're both power-houses!

Richard you'd better warm up DevStudio. There's some code on it's way to you! :-)

Once I get a little further along with the code I will be posting it.

Coffee, I need coffee!
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Tuesday, August 28, 2001

[4:48 PM]
Ahhh, softball tonight! :-)

We start the end of season tournament off with Sun Pacific! We swept them in the regular season, but don't count them out! They gave us fits last game.

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[1:11 PM]
A good friend of mine and co-worker Tamara Stephas had this to say after reading Dave's Scripting piece.

I get frustrated when people forget how large MS is and how many different points of view are in it. It's less a 10K-person company than 50 little companies. Some of them are very smart, some are rather stupid. But when somebody prominent in MS makes a really bad statement or decision it reflects on us all. I don't quite have the guts to hang out there and speak my mind outside of my friends, sometimes when some legal idiot in MS was picking on Slashdot for having *links* I was just almost mad enough to write a letter for the Microsnooze, but not quite.

Thanks Tamara. :-)

So yes Microsoft is a diverse company. Free thinkers ALL over the place.

Now read this. Krud!

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[9:11 AM]

Well last night my WinINet API book arrived at Borders! Yee-Haw! After acid washing our pool Kim, the girls, and I loaded up and headed to one of my favorite places to pick up my book. We got home around 9:00 P.M. the girls got ready for bed, this included the big girl(my wife). Once the house settled down about 10:00 I got to work. It's funny how the right reference can turn the light switch on. I went right to page 114 which describes the HttpSendResponse function. Bingo! Found out what the heck I was doing wrong. With that information in mind I cranked up DevStudio and went to work. Once I got the HTTP stuff working I decided to get to work on a class to form the XML-RPC request. That's just about complete. At this point it was hard to go to sleep but I had to force myself to do it because I have to do my real job today! :-) About 1:00 A.M. I hopped into bed feeling like I accomplished something for my little endeavor.

So Richard... If you're reading this get ready for that bloggerCOM VB to C++ port. I think it's right around the corner. Maybe another day or two and you can get started.

Now all I need is a Mac so I can port this library! It's being written to be portable. I'll post the code once it's in usable shape; maybe someone else can hack it.

Now it's time to get back to coding on my day job. :-)
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Monday, August 27, 2001

[1:35 PM]
Afternoon y'all...

There's been a bunch of talk on Scripting News about women in the software industry. I work in a pretty small group; there are only six of us. Two of the six are women. I'd bet that 33% of a group of Software Engineers being women is unheard of. Funny thing is our General Manager is a woman. She herself is responsible for HUGE chunks of OLE code inside the Visio engine. Visio is one wacky place. We're so non-standard. That's probably why I love it so much! :-)

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[9:17 AM]
Ahhh a fresh week... Good Morning sunshine! :-)

It's been a wild weekend for me. We're preparing to move and we have to get our house ready to show. You'd be surprised how quickly you collect little trinkets. You know the stuff that makes a house a home. Well the realtors don't like those trinkets lying around so we had to pack them up and store them. That alone was a lot of work. Then to top it off I've struggled all summer to keep the pool looking nice. It's tough here in the San Joaquin Valley where the temperatures get over 100. So what happens last Wednesday but the pool pump decides it doesn't want to work! Drats! So our pool was looking more like a swamp by Saturday. Yesterday I pumped all the water out of it so I could acid wash it tonight. Oh joy.

I have a little hit counter on my page. In addition to the number of hits recorded it collects all kinds of neat little stats, like the domain the surfer is coming from and their browser, etc. I had my first hit from someone at Apple Computer. Hmmmm that could be good or it could be bad depending on how you look at it. Hopefully it's nothing bad. Probably just a random search for "Apple +Macintosh" or something goofy like that. I sure hope they don't want to lay claim to Crabapples! :-) My wife would not be pleased!
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