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Friday, September 21, 2001

[2:01 PM]

Can anyone hear me today? I've spent the entire stinking morning trying to get a connection to the net. Pac Bell's DNS servers are totally hosed! So here I sit logged in with a good old fashioned 56k dial-up connection. Hey it's working, and it's not too horrible. In fact the way the web has been over the past couple of days I didn't notice a slow down! Stinking !@@!#$&* Nimda virus! :-)

On a lighter note I finally went out and purchased a nice little Linksys BEFSR41 router! Now if I could just get my connection back in working order I might actually get to enjoy it! :-(

There's a hack flying about that will stop the virus from executing, and apparently will keep it from infecting your box. It's pretty clever if you ask me. Here's an e-mail from a friend that talks a bit about it with a link to the site with the SUPER SIMPLE bit of code that puts the clamps on the critter!

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2001 4:34 PM
Subject: Mutex

Blaine Kubesh reported that having an open handle to a mutex named "fsdhqherwqi2001" kills Nimda. After posting the app I quickly coded up to do this, others tested it and said it keeps a box from becomming infected both initially and recurrently.

Some mail servers kicked back the zipped up .exe file, so I have posted it on the Hammer of God site, and can be downloaded here:

The zip includes the exe and the cpp source for those interested. It simply opens the handle, and waits for you to hit the letter 'q' to kill the session. That's all, and it reportedly works.

Blaine gets all the credit; I just coded the thing up real quick. Go nuts.

Attonbitus Deus
rm -rf /bin/laden

Of course this is use at your own risk! The code is pretty darned simple. It just waits for the mutex used by the virus to free up then grabs it and hangs on for dear life! It never releases it! Ha, gotcha critter! :-)

Take care all...
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Thursday, September 20, 2001

[11:38 AM]
What a morning...

I certainly hope my afternoon goes a bit better than my morning did! I run Windows 2000 Server on my daily development machine, I'm a remote worker bee, and I need to update my OS to Windows XP. All of Microsoft is moving to XP. Problem is Windows XP Pro can't upgrade over the top of a Windows 2000 Server installation. Drat #1! So I decided to go ahead and install XP next to Win2k. That's all fine and good. Now I have to get my box on the network. Now remember that I'm a remote employee. Pac Bell, my DSL provider, had me install some stinky software that allows me to get on their network, after which I VPN into Microsoft and everything works as expected. Drat #2! So now that I have this new XP installation I need to add my domain account to the machine so I can log in as I would normally and add the stinky Pac Bell provided software so I can get my DSL connection up and running. Well that's easier said than done! For some goofball reason the software doesn't think I have a NIC installed so it asks me to install it. Ok fine. I run Add/Remove Hardware. It says the NIC is installed and working as expected! Drat #3!

So for the time being I've gone back to using Win2k. I'm not baggin' WinXP here. It really does seem to be a problem with the software provided by Pac Bell, probably only works with Win2k and WinNT 4. My friends tell me that if I get a router the provided software becomes a moot point! Hello LinkSys or Net Gear router!

Sometimes I wish I was still running DOS...
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Wednesday, September 19, 2001

[2:27 PM]
Google image search?

Yep that's right! A Google search for images. That's pretty darned slick! Just for grins I did a search for Visio and POW I got a ton of results. There's even a picture of our building in there.


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[10:22 AM]

My DSL provider must be getting hammered by this latest worm crawling through the net. Drat! Can't you dorks that create this stuff find anything better to do? Please go get a job or something and quit cloggin' my pipe with useless garbage. I'm assuming the people that made the virus are of employable age. That's probably a mistake. Hey kid, quit hackin' the web and do something worth while like taking out the trash for your mom. :-)

Here are some links for you to digest this morning, the Talking Moose makes a point, and Scoble talks about free web stuff. It's interesting he's decided to talk about free stuff just when some friends and I are talking about creating a free weblogging site ! Doh! We're still actually working out the details, but it'll offer some free stuff. Stay tuned!

Back to my Sloooowwww web connection.
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Tuesday, September 18, 2001

[9:15 AM]
Howdy do...

Well I actually got one bit of feedback from yesterday's post asking for Visio wish lists, thanks to Mr. Cass McNutt. He's interested in Visio as a hard core modeling engine. Hang in there Cass! :-) Better modeling via Visio is on its way! I'm not sure about the ship date because the modeling guys are working for the Visual Studio.NET team now. Stay tuned!

Yesterday I finally purchased a piece of hardware for a new fun project some friends and I are working on. Hopefully within a couple of months you'll see Bloghouse up and running. It's going to be Manila based! Yee-Haw! The UserLand gang are hard at work adding some new features to Manila that will definitely benefit our "on a shoestring" budget. Thanks guys! :-)

Have a good one folks!
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Monday, September 17, 2001

[9:12 AM]
Good mornin' y'all...

Time to get back to work. Prop that economy back up!

I personally need to get back to work on the feature set I'm responsible for in the next Visio release! It's actually quite an exciting release from my perspective. We have some cool stuff planned for developers, professional and amateur alike! :-)

So what would you like to see in the next big Visio release? Any pet peeves? Maybe a feature you'd absolutely love to see, something you just cannot live without? Drop me a line. Now there's no promise it'll make it into the next release but I'm certainly interested in the direction you'd like to see Visio move.

Have a GREAT day!
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