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Friday, October 12, 2001

[4:55 PM]
I finally have a link to information on that chemical spill. Hat tip to Richard, thanks man. :-)
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[2:06 PM]
No new news on the chemical emergency. Police are still investigating; trying to determine what the chemical is. Heck, it's probably stuff from a meth lab. Oy.

Our local news organizations don't believe in the web I guess. I can't find anything about this on one of the local news sites. Double-oy!
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[1:03 PM]
The craziness continues. Here in little Visalia California we just had a chemical emergency down at the local Enterprise rent-a-car. I guess someone returned a car with the trunk full of chemicals. Apparently six employees were rushed to the hospital. We noticed a bunch of emergency vehicles down the street when we went to lunch. Didn't think too much of it, figured it to be a car accident. I guess you never know. Stay tuned.
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[11:03 AM]
As usual Dave at Scripting News is on top of the action. He's asking questions, good questions. I wonder what his question on "technology possibly being the next target" really means. I think the answer is yes if you mean power plants. That would cripple us pretty darned quickly. If you live in California you know what I'm talking about because of the power shortage we had this summer. Big areas were affected most, not so much us here in the Visalia area. Heck what would happen if they took out one of Exodus' big data centers? Ouch!

On 09.11 I wondered to myself what would happen if terrorists decided to wipe out the Microsoft Redmond campus, besides all the cheering from the Linux community! :-) It made me think about our backup plan, do we even have one for catastrophic events? I'm sure the answer is yes.
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[10:28 AM]
The world is going nuts.

The world is completely crazy right now. I can't imagine what it would feel like to arrive on the world scene if you'd been unconscious since 09.11.01. It would be extremely frightening. We've really got to stick together. We'll get through this, or die trying.

A lady that works for NBC in N.Y. has apparently been diagnosed with a lesser scary case of Anthrax. What a bunch of weenies. The world has changed for so much for most of us. Funny thing is this type of crap has been a reality for people in the Middle-East for a very long time. That's just really pathetic. You've gotta love a religion that hates everyone that isn't like them. Someone really needs to confront Osama bin Laden and the Taliban with their faith. Ask them where in the Koran this sort of behavior is encouraged. It's my understanding that it isn't. If you want people to adopt your faith you can't bash them in the brain with hate. That will NEVER work and will always meet with resistance. I'm sure bin Laden is like a lot of American Christians. He only knows what he's been told. He's probably never read the Koran for himself. That's what makes him dangerous. He's a zealot that believes in a lie.

As a nation we need to learn more about their culture and their faith, not adopt it, just know what it means to them. We'll be better prepared to take them on as a nation.

I'm rambling again. Time to go back to work.
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Thursday, October 11, 2001

[4:44 PM]
I sure wish I could read Arabic. Aljazeera looks like it might just be an interesting read. Enjoy, and if you can read Arabic or know of an application that could do crude translation let me know. Thanks.
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[12:44 PM]

So is it just me or are Osama bin Laden and his Taliban cohorts a bunch of hypocrites? The FBI now believes that the Taliban is controlled by bin Laden. He praises their view, and implementation, of Islamic faith. Then the wacko turns around and uses western technology to serve his purpose. Hmmmmm. It's my understanding that the Taliban doesn't allow television to be used by the general public, so why are they using it? Hypocrites... plain and simple. Our government needs to call them on their hypocrisy. Question their true beliefs. Question the hate, the Koran doesn't teach hate. Get them to point to the scripture that taught them to hate. Talk to a true Muslim, they don't support this type of behavior.

On a lighter note Richard has posted a very funny solution to this situation. I love it.

Take that you bad man!
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[9:24 AM]

Fall has definitely arrived! This morning when I walked out the door at 5:40 A.M. to go running there was a bit of a chill in the air. When I got back my hands were actually cold. That's not a bad feeling when you're hot after a run. I took a really hot shower, it felt wonderful! I haven't done that in months.

It's tough being a fan of Macintosh computers and not actually owning one. I've been a closet fan for years. I even subscribe to MacWorld! ;-) I've always wanted to learn to write code for that platform but I've never really gotten the chance. I have a Macintosh Classic II sitting in the floor on the other side of my desk but it's not overly useful, unless you're my daughter. My wife was gracious enough to let me get a server a few weeks back maybe, just maybe, someday I'll be able to convince her we can't live without a Mac in the house. Mark Pilgrim had something on his page yesterday about running NetBSD on one of his old Macs. I wonder if I can run another OS on the Classic I have and serve web pages off of it? Hmmmmm. I know that's weird. I still want to get my old 386sx up on the net. Why not? On the net it doesn't really matter as long as you can serve up pages, right?

A side note to Dave Winer or Robert Scoble of UserLand. I want one of those Radio mugs! I think they're really nice. Do you have plans to make any? If so I'm in!


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Wednesday, October 10, 2001

[4:56 PM]

Support The Pike Place Market Foundation and buy a pig! That's right I said a pig!

Here's my favorite, gee I wonder why? :-)

This particular porker is located very near the Visio offices in downtown Seattle!

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[4:46 PM]

Well it looks like MobileStar is going the way of the dot com bust! Scoble is a fan of the service and likes to hang out at Starbucks while surfing. Looks like he'll have to find a new place to hang out if someone doesn't save them. :-)

I'm telling ya, coffee companies should install wireless. My DSL line runs $40.00 per month. Couple that with a LinkSys, or NetGear, router and you could serve up at least four connections. They could eat that costs and just let the customers surf for free as long as they're drinking coffee! :-)

So Visalia based coffee houses, listen up! How about giving free wireless a try for a while? If it doesn't work just pull the plug.

That advice and a buck-fifty will buy you a cup of coffee.

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[2:05 PM]

So do people really have nothing better to do than create viruses and spam all day? I just got an e-mail containing this from my sister-in-law, not her fault she passed it on, she doesn't know any better. But shame on the people that started the stupid thing!

I'd urge you to do as I do, just press the delete key and inform the poor person that sent it in the first place that it's a hoax. At least it doesn't seem to have another stinking virus attached to it. Thank God for small favors!

Here's what a Google search turned up.

I hope someone is getting their jollies outta this. :-)

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[11:05 AM]
Thank God...

Thank God I have a good workplace. A place where opinion is valued. A place where you can actually tell the boss how you feel and not worry about it. A place where the boss is NOT afraid of new technology, heck we're always living on the edge. A place where I can contribute and make it a better, and easier, place to work.

I just got chewed on this morning by a friend for a piece written yesterday about source control. I'm sorry I offended you, that wasn't the intention. It really pissed me off. Quite frankly I haven't boiled like that in a long time. It gave me that rush. That I'm gonna kick the crap out of something rush. I'm better now. Cooler heads prevail. We're having lunch together. I promise not to do physical damage.

I gotta cut down on the caffeine.
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Tuesday, October 09, 2001

[2:46 PM]
This is the kind of CRAP every weblogger has probably thought about at one time or another. Being fired over the content of your blog. Ack! Don't think it hasn't crossed my mind! :-)

Mr. Mark Pilgrim is a wonderful writer. Check out some of his essays. More power to you Mark, I hope you score a wonderful job soon. One you find as fulfilling as your writing.
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[9:29 AM]
Mornin' y'all...

So there's been a bunch of talk about the new J#. It's interesting to see that we've done something along those lines. Who'd of thunk it? I certainly wouldn't have. But that being said I think it's pretty darned slick. IF J# can be completely compatible with Java I think that wonderful. If it's not then that really sucks! It would be able to write one run anywhere, even if anywhere is .NET. If the India development team has somehow created "thunks" that map calls into .NET more power to them! I hope it was done that way but I'm afraid it probably wasn't.

Source control...

I have some good friends that work on an Accounting package for A Company that shall remain nameless[Edited 10.10.01 to protect the innocent]. They've created a wonderful package, I.M.H.O. It's all web fronted with a SQL Server backend. It's of course a new product for them and is a work in progress. Funny thing is they've used all this new and exciting technology to build a world-class application, but get this; they DON'T USE a source control system. OUCH! I thought that was Computer Science 101. Protect your investment. Right now it may not be a problem for them because they only have a small team. But can they reproduce the 1.0 product they released to their users? I'd bet money they cannot. Another thing they don't do is build their code on a central machine. What I mean by this is a sterile environment. Instead they have to build their individual components on the developers machines. This is fine when you're developing, how else would you do it, but when it comes time to put together the final bits that should all come from the sacred build box. That process should be totally automated overnight, every night! I can hear it now... "You work for a big company, so of course you're going to say that!" Boloney. I've worked for small companies; hey Visio was less than twenty people when I started there. Source control and a build box are fundamental to the success of your product. You must have a central location to control changes and produce a consistent build, every day. That build process should also include creating a fully installable daily build, so a test team or "beta" users can install the latest-greatest build. This is something all shops should strive for. At least get the source control system in place, don't be afraid of it. It's your friend! :-)

'Nuff said...
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Monday, October 08, 2001

[3:21 PM]
From a friend.

"I thought this was the best picture that I have seen so far and I have seen many pictures of the WTC disaster. Hope you enjoy it. Prepare your tissue.... this brought tears to my eyes and it will to yours too... this grade school student has seen more clearly what we have missed by being so grounded in "reality"..... This is beautiful!"

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[9:11 AM]
Questions, so many questions...

So if you don't know by now we've started attacking sites within Afghanistan. Shortly after we started our bombardment Osama bin Laden broadcast a message, apparently taped earlier, to the Islamic world that raised so many questions for me. He mentions infidels; I guess that would be us, something about 80 years, and he takes a page from Bush's earlier speeches saying that "you're either with us or against us" (my interpretation) to Muslims around the world. I'm curious to know what the 80 year comment is all about. Does anyone know what the heck that means? And are infidels just American? I also saw a piece on 60-minutes last night that was shot in a Pakistani Muslim school. The kids there said that it was the Jews that did this and make it look like Muslims carried out these acts. Say what? So why to fundamentalist Muslim's teach hate? It's my understanding, from a friend that has read the Koran, that it doesn't teach hate; it teaches love. So where the heck to they get off with all the hate? They're like the KKK here in America. The KKK hides behind the Bible which clearly teaches love, yet they claim being white is right, some God given right? Hey you idiots do you think Jesus was Caucasian? I don't think so! Completely looney. How do people twist this stuff around like this? I just don't get it, and I doubt that I ever will. Anyway I guess my second question is this, are Jews also infidels?

The Taliban is outraged of course and claiming we're trying to destroy the good people of Afghanistan. Give me a break! How many times does one have to say "this is not about the people of Afghanistan" before it soaks in? I hate the fact that innocent people are going to die. Please leave the area folks. I know, I know that's easier said than done, but it's starting to happen. Hopefully these people will make their way to one of the food drop zones and actually open the food pack and eat it. In the end this is the right thing to do. Feed the people.

Anyone Jewish or Muslim out there reading this? If so please feed me some information. I know nothing about this part of the struggle. What 80 years? Why do fundamentalist Muslim's hate Jews? I need input.

Scoble is full of emotion, as usual. :-) I think a lot of us feel that way Robert. Bin Laden doesn't realize the resolve of the "average" American. We're not afraid to die for freedom. Plain and simple. I'm not quaking in my boots either. I'm just angry and confused. Bin Laden is a modern day Hitler. He's hell bent on ruling the world. He won't succeed.

Looking for answers...
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