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Thursday, October 25, 2001

[2:33 PM]

See that egg on my face? I stuck my foot in my mouth with an e-mail I sent to Dave Winer of Scripting News fame. He posted this question which I mistook for "Can I hook .NET assemblies into Frontier?" His reply made me feel like an idiot, I'm embarrassed. There are different levels at which things plug-in. I was going to the bottom level; where the rubber meets the road. I see where he's coming from. He's coming in from the high side, the side most folks will work from, the side that is MOST open and easiest to use. Personally I like building the infrastructure, not using it. That's why I think I came across with what sounded like a bad idea, it was an honest mistake; I did have good intentions. :-)


Dave is fighting an uphill battle right now. It's really sad because the technology he fathered will allow systems to openly talk back and forth without much effort. Once the server side exposes its SOAP interface it doesn't really matter who the client is. It could be a Nintendo GameBoy for all the server cares. That's sweet, really sweet. I wrote about this last week. Now the old and the new could more easily be married. Instead of going out and investing in new systems you can make use of the old tried and true systems will a bit of glue and some elbow grease. Not to mention the world of services that should be coming down the pipe! :-)

Anyone for a scrambled egg?
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[10:37 AM]

Last night I watched Silicon Spin, TechTV, with John C. Dvorak. He had William Zachman and a guy from Apple on the show talking about the virtues of Windows XP and Mac OS X. It was a huge pissing contest. What a crackup. I hope you got to see it. It was one of those "Oh yeah, well my Daddy is bigger than your Daddy!" type conversations. They both had good points about the respective OS's. Grow up guys, there's more to the world than computing. :-)

One thing about the interview that cracked me up was the Apple guy's claim that MS is bundling more and more with the OS, Windows Media player for instance. Excuse me! Doesn't Apple include iTunes and iMovie with their OS? Am I wrong here? Please correct me if I've made a mistake. Should the same scrutiny apply to Apple that applies to Microsoft? Should all companies that create OS's be forced to ONLY ship core pieces to the OS?

Personally I love the Mac. If anyone knows of a way to convince my wife that I really need one please let me know, I'm all ears. Hey Mr. Jobs would you give me a Mac? My wife won't let me have one!

I've been using Windows XP for quite a while now. I like it, no complaints from me. I've been able to record music and plug in new hardware and it just works. WOW! Hey it's not rocket science, just the evolution of the OS. That's the way it's supposed to be people. BTW I've been using it on a 266MHz PII with 128MB of ram and it works just fine. The big deal with this OS is RAM! Give it lotsa RAM and it'll just purrrrrr like a kitten.

I'll be installing it at home once my CD arrives. My wife is chomping at the bit for it; I can't say that I blame her. It's beautiful and solid as a rock; just like Win2k is. Now if we could just fix IIS we'd have a great story. You can bet that will happen.

The way news agencies are talking about XP you'd think you're required to sign over your first born male child to use the OS! Ha! If you don't want to use Passport guess what you don't have to! Just don't sign up for one, it's that easy. I guess we make it sound like to have to have it but you only need it if you want to use the services. And what's all this griping about registration. I can kind of see it because I'd like to use my ONE CD and install it on more than one computer. Ya sure why not. Well it's illegal, that's why not. Read the licensing agreement. You know it's that thing nobody ever reads but always accepts so they can just get on with the installation. I read a site yesterday that said "We no longer own the software" (sorry can't remember where it was!) Well guess what YOU NEVER DID own it. You were licensed to use it. Quit your whining and go buy a copy of Linux if you don't like it. You have that choice ya know.

The little company that could.

I want to say congratulations to our good friends at Visimation! These guys have created some wonderful solutions based on the Visio drawing engine. They were just named one of the Puget Sound's Top 100 fastest growing companies. Wow! That's impressive! Congratulations guys!
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Wednesday, October 24, 2001

[2:16 PM]
Kids this is why you shouldn't do drugs. :-)

So answer me this... Just how long can Macworld leave their search busted? Is it just me?
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[10:35 AM]
Interesting reading.

Just thought I'd share some articles I've read over the past couple of days that stuck with me. They may prove quite boring to you but I just had to share them.

Smart Business: Sneaking in Under the Radar - This article talks about askSam Systems and how they've managed hang around since 1985. I found it interesting because I like small software companies! They are the bread and butter of computing. Someday I hope to be able to start my own; askSam is the type of shop I'd like to run. Small is good. :-)

MacWorld: Alsoft Weathers the Storm (I'll add the link later, Macworld search is DOWN!) - This article talks about Alsoft's stringent backup strategy. I've personally seen lack of backups cost companies money. I got a call one night from a friend of the family and they had just lost their hard drive on their main server. I rushed to their place of business and tried my darndest to recover what I could. They lost a few days of work, not too tragic, but it did hit them in the pocket book. As my grandpa would say "That'll learn 'ya".
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Tuesday, October 23, 2001

[4:43 PM]

Just read this article about a kid getting kicked off a plane because of his reading material. Now that would piss me off. I don't mind the searches but to declare him ineligible to fly because of a book! I'm taking one of my daughters Harry Potter novels on my next flight, or better yet one of my wife's books from the Left Behind series. Ya, that's the ticket... :-)


We admitted we hit a hospital in Afghanistan. Oh man I really hoped this wouldn't happen.


We're charging developers for access to .Net My Services? Weird. Do you remember Apple charging people to develop applications for the Newton? I do, it didn't really work did it. I guess they're paying for our service that shows off their service? I'll figure it out some day, just like everyone else. :-)
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[10:14 AM]
I hate, hate, hate the Yankees!!!

The Mariners couldn't shake the jinx, even in a record setting season. Krud. The article I pointed to above says it was a season to remember. I guess. I'd rather remember a season they beat the Yankees in the ALCS instead of a record setting season. Any player on that Mariners team would trade twenty wins for a ring, you can bet on that. These guys don't start the season and hope to set records. They want it all! They want the ring and the world champion moniker! Now that they've lost they might as well been at the bottom of the cellar with Texas. Yes, I'm bitter. I really hate the Yankees. I'm now pulling for the Diamondbacks to pull off a miracle. We'll see. Heck maybe ex-Mariner Randy Johnson can finally get a ring! :-)


What the heck is this? It's pretty darned funny if you ask me. Don't blink or the link may be gone! :-) Here's a screenshot of it.

On Slashdot: Unreasonable searches? Hey buddy want some cheese with that whine? If you don't like it quit your job and find one at a place where they don't do searches. There ya go; it's your right to do so. This is a troublesome time. Yes it's going to stink at times. But to be honest with you I'd rather be searched and have a secure workplace than be dead because some moron released a biological agent into the air. Are you trying to hide something? Maybe you smoke a little crack once in a while, or maybe you do an occasional hooter? If you don't have anything to hide what's the problem? Quit your job, find a better place. That should take care of the problem.

Tim Torian on blogs: "I am fascinated that there is this whole social phenomenon that I was completeley unaware of." - Another blogger in the making! Oh yeah baby, that's what I'm talkin' about.

So how do we get the message of blogging to the world? It is a social phenomenon and it's growing by leaps and bounds thanks to folks like Dave Winer of UserLand/Scripting, and Evan Williams of Blogger/Pyra. Thanks guys! :-)

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Monday, October 22, 2001

[4:41 PM]

Places in Switzerland that begin with Fa. If you look at the third link down it'll take you here. :-) I'm so very interested in taking a trip there someday. Our 2002 family reunion is going to be held there, but I'm not so sure I'll be able to make it! Bummer. Buying a new house can do that to your cash-on-hand. :-) (Honey I'm not complaining.)

Moving day

All the paper work should be done and we should close tomorrow, 10.23.2001. The lady we bought the house from should be out by this Thursday and we'll start moving in on Friday. Good thing too, we have to be out of our current home by 10.29 (next Monday). We'll do it though. We've moved to and from Washington twice, that was an adventure! :-) This is a simple move across town, piece of cake.

I'm very excited about our new home. It's right downtown by the park and about three blocks from Main Street. This is the kind of home Kim and I have dreamed of all our lives. Now it's happening. Wooo-hooo! Here's to a lifetime in our new home!

Visio Question?

Would anyone like to see a Macro Recorder in the next release of Visio? If so let me know. I know there are only a handful of folks that view this site, but I have to ask. :-)


I've noticed someone from Germany looks in on this site. The company is called Krankikom. I love the internet; it's a truly global community! Willkommen!
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[3:09 PM]
Fun, fun, fun!

Ben has added a new web cam to the Vantage Technology Group offices. It looks out on Main Street here in Visalia. I've seen it pointing at Visalia Coffee Company and it's also been pointed in a South-West direction. Cool stuff. Ben says it's just a trial thing so look while you can! :-)

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[10:09 AM]
Mornin' y'all

I'm not Muslim, I'm a Christian. There are so many things I don't understand about Islam, so I thought I'd look around a bit. I saw a news story, on CNN I think, that was called "Knowing the Enemy" (again that name may be wrong, sorry) and it talked about the rules of Jihad (Holy War). Funny thing about those rules. They don't include killing innocent women and children. In fact you're not supposed to kill an enemy soldier if he's not armed! Hmmmm. I think Mr. bin Laden needs a refresher course and the Taliban need to learn how to read.

A resource for Islam. With all the junk going on in the world it would be good for all of us to learn a little about Islam. These are peaceful people, not the morons we're trying to capture.

The Quoran. On the same site as the link above. Check it out, you just might learn something.

Scripting News 10.21.2001: "Kiss the Blue Screen of Death goodbye, forever. Unlike earlier versions of Windows, XP uses technology that's been available in the CPU since the late 80s, that protects the memory of the OS from errant apps." - Now don't be confused by this comment. He simply must be talking about the older Win9x based code. NT based OS's still suffer from the dreaded B.S.O.D. but not as frequently and it's usually because of a bad device driver. Now having said that I think we (Microsoft) made a bad choice when we decided to change the way device drivers talk to the OS back with NT 4. Here's an article that talks about the architecture.

The relevant paragraph.

In Windows NT 4.0, much of the Win32 graphical user interface (GUI) subsystem—the Window Manager, Graphics Device Interface (GDI), and related graphics drivers—were moved from a body of code that executed in the csrss.exe subsystem process to a kernel-mode device driver (win32k.sys). The console, shutdown, and hard error-handling portions remain in user mode. This change significantly improves system performance while decreasing memory requirements, and has no impact on application developers. Applications now access the GUI implementation subsystems just as they access other system services, such as input/output (I/O) and memory management. This change only serves to demonstrate the maintainability and flexibility of the Windows NT modular design.

We should have left the design alone, I.M.H.O. Why did we do this? For the gamers of course! Screw the gamers. I want an OS that could take a direct hit by a 20 kiloton nuclear bomb and keep right on grinding bits! That's what IT guys want, that's what I want.

Personally I've never had a system blue screen on me. I've been using NT since the day it shipped and have always avoided the Win9x based codebase. I love NT and wish we'd focus on making it robust instead of making Quake work better on it. It needs to run 24/7/365 without a hitch. That's how you spank the Linux and Sun zealots.

Taliban Singles?

This is too funny, passed on by a friend at work. Now pick a good one fellas.
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Sunday, October 21, 2001

[5:51 PM]

My wife is the J.V. volleyball coach at our local Jr. High. She's done a really great job with the kids this year, I.M.H.O. :-) Well yesterday was the annual Whitney League Volleyball Tournament. This tournament is for Varsity volleyball squads, not J.V. volleyball squads. The varsity coach talks to Kim after our city rec league game Thursday and informs her that they have an opening because another team backed out at the last minute. She asked Kim to get her J.V. girls together and come play on Saturday. The girls had to play our varsity squad the first game, the varsity girls were undefeated for the second straight year and are VERY good. Kim's girls lost in two, not a surprise, but they moved into the consolation bracket. They defeated two varsity squads from other towns to WIN the consolation bracket! Kim is very proud of her girls, as she should be! Way to go honey, you did a fabulous job! :-)


Last night I watched A Knights Tale. I loved it! You gotta love a movie that set in the Middle Ages and the folks are dancing and singing Queen's We Will Rock You before the jousting tournament! :-) It wasn't true to the period or course, but that's what I loved about it! It was just a plain fun movie. Go out and get it some night when you're bored. It's worth it for the side kicks, they're hysterical!

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