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Thursday, November 01, 2001

[4:49 PM]

If I'm not here much over the next ten days, don't worry. I'm going on a whirl-wind tour of Oslo Norway, Stockholm Sweden, and Helsinki Finland. A Visio Engine PM(and good friend) and I going over to ask some of our corporate customers how they like Visio and see what we can do to make their experience better. It should prove to be quite an exciting trip!

I'll post if I get a chance. Hopefully I'll have some pictures to share.

Time to go out and buy that 128 MB card for the camera!
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[3:38 PM]

Well earlier today I pointed y'all to a story about Linux being used in Hollywood to create movies. I also mentioned how Amazon and Intel have recently announced saving big bucks by switching to Linux. Well even more interesting is the fact that they didn't switch from Windows based solutions!

Well I thought that was interesting, your mileage may vary!
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[10:47 AM]
My brother just forwarded this to me! Hysterical!

Hey bin Laden, you can't kill the American spirit or our sense of humor!
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[9:52 AM]

Halloween in our small town is probably like most small towns in America. The streets full of kids rushing from house to house collecting candy. Last night was different. We had less than two-dozen trick-or-treaters, the entire night! We left around 8:00 to meet some friends for dinner and the streets were empty. It was like we were in a ghost town. I've never seen a Halloween so dead in all of my life. I have to believe this is a direct result of 09.11. It stinks to live in fear.

Linux, Linux everywhere!

Linux is making such headway into corporations. We hear that Intel and Amazon have saved millions by switching to the free operating system. Here's an article on Hollywood's use of it to create special effects in movies. Interesting stuff if you ask me. SGI, you'd better watch out! Cheaper Intel based hardware running Linux are invading your territory. This, of course, is not good news for Microsoft either. Ouch!

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Wednesday, October 31, 2001

[3:04 PM]
You gotta love this!

Ben & Jerry's Halloween Site: Okay, okay... so you don't gotta love it but it's a nice site! I love Ben & Jerry's ice cream, can you say Chubby Hubby! I knew you could. If you never had Chubby Hubby go out and buy a pint, you won't be sorry.
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[2:00 PM]
Pharmacist anyone?

My brother is testing the waters again. He's one of the nicest and smartest people you'll ever meet, and it's my understanding that he's very good at what he does. He's currently a pharmacist with Valley Children's Hospital in Fresno California and is running his own pharmacy relief company.

I guess all that time on a PharmD wasn't a waste after all aye Jay!

Jay, you need to post your resume to your site.
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[9:51 AM]
Happy Halloween!

Have a great time trick or treating tonight! I know I will!


This morning I decided to blog using Netscape 6.2. Boy does it have some issues with the Blogger UI! I don't know if it's some goofy HTML in Blogger or if it's a bug with Netscape? I'll let someone else figure that out.


I'm still thinking about how cool SOAP and XML-RPC really are. I have to believe that the legacy apps guys could really benefit from this, as well as EVERYONE else that develops enterprise systems. I just keep coming back to the legacy systems because it's so costly to replace them. That's my hang-up. The experts on SOAP and XML-RPC can tell you how useful it is for any enterprise system to be opened using those technologies.

To me the single most beautiful thing about both technologies is one word, K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid. I try to create things that are simple, boil it down, then boil it down some more if I can. Simple and powerful, that best describes SOAP and XML-RPC.


Robert Scoble, of Scobleizer, has been doing some soul searching after a traffic accident. Lend him your support. Facing death is never easy. Hang in there Robert you'll come out of this just fine.

Enjoy Life! Kiss a programmer today!
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Tuesday, October 30, 2001

[5:39 PM]

Bad news all around the industry.

CNet News: Sun Microsystems began a massive layoff Tuesday, a process that will cut about 3,900 jobs. Publishing software maker Adobe Systems on Tuesday said it would cut 150 jobs.

I sure hate to see stuff like this, even if it's a competitor. I've been laid off before and I must say I didn't like it. Back at my first software job, good ole' AgData! At least they're still alive and kicking. Go Dan, go!

News on the new ".us" domain names. This is one worth having. I always wondered why we didn't have one called ".us".

I just installed Netscape 6.2 on my secondary box. It's nice, well done guys! :-)

I've been dreaming about Krispy Kreme donuts! One just opened in Issaquah, where I used to live, go figure! More on The Flangy News.

Gotta go, my wife and girls are taking me to dinner.
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[10:49 AM]
Lost, Dead, or Abducted by Aliens?

Contrary to all rumor I'm still alive. I've been living a nightmare called moving since last Friday(10.26). I'm hoping to write about that awful experience over the next couple of days but for now I really gotta get back to work! :-)

Here's a cheezy bit of code that'll let you ping via XML-RPC. Use at your own risk.

The sample could be made more generic by making it take a command line for the site name and site URL. I just hard wired it to see if I could get something working. It also needs work to be able to parse the returned result, in other words the error checking code is non-existent. I never did get a chance to post it last Thursday night because we were trying to get our move started. Anyway, enjoy the code if you use it. Please update it.

Back to the day job. :-)
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