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Friday, December 07, 2001

[4:33 PM]
Football tomorrow night...

Ok tomorrow is the big game, the rivalry, the WAR! If you're in Exeter stop on by and watch a spell. It's at the EUHS stadium, kickoff is 7:00 PM.

CheezyPing update

My brothers site exposed a bug in CheezyPing, no worries, fixed it in about five minutes. New build is posted. Enjoy, all two of you using it. In the zip you'll find a binary this time. When un-zipped you should find a Release folder/directory with czp.exe in it. No need to build it yourself, although you can if you want to.

Hey Jay! You should download this and use it. It updates when your site changes. I'll send you a batch file that runs it for you. I've been updating weblogs for you today. That's how I found a bug in the code, thanks man!
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[2:33 PM]

Well our monthly "geekfest" lunch went just fine. Met a new young man today named Ali that's looking for a job. Shame on me I should've gotten an e-mail address or something so I could stay in touch. Contact me if you're in the Visalia/Fresno area and need a code slinger.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is saying that Microsoft should pay $1 billion in cash instead of a mix of cash and software. I'm all for that and I work for Microsoft! I can understand why folks are upset over the settlement. Heck let's just give them the cash and let them buy what they need. No skin off my nose, chances are they're going to buy Microsoft software anyway.
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[10:55 AM]
Richard posted the results of his art test, here are mine.

If I were a work of art, I would be Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa.

I am extremely popular and widely known. Although unassuming and unpretentious, my enigmatic smile has charmed millions. I am a mystery, able to be appreciated from afar, but ultimately unknowable and thus intriguing.

Which work of art would you be? The Art Test

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[10:26 AM]
#1 on Google!

My brother chose and interesting name for his web page, The Grand Pooh Ba. Well it was a good choice bro! If you search for Grand Pooh Ba on Google it's #1!

I'm the #2 At the Core, behind this one. I am however the #1 Rob Fahrni.

Why am I telling you all this? I dunno, just thought it was interesting.

Loaded question

Cass McNutt is a real thinker. He's into brains and how they work, he's also very smart I.M.H.O. The other day on his blog he asked the question, If you're a programmer which excites you more? There are three choices, can you pick just one? I certainly couldn't! You need a D) All of the above and an E) None of the above Cass.

Meeting of the minds

Hey if you write code, live in the Visalia area, and are reading this blog you're invited to meet with a bunch of geeks today! We've been getting together the first Friday of the month at Three Amigos here in Visalia, 11:45 AM sharp! It's in the Save Mart shopping center on Akers and Walnut. Please come and meet some fellow hackers and IT types. It's gonna be fun!

Just look for a tall ugly guy with lots and lots of hair, that'll be me.


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Thursday, December 06, 2001

[3:00 PM]

Yesterday I was checking out Mathematica for Mac OS X and discovered webMathematica! WOW, this thing is fun to play with. Check out some of the examples on their site. Enjoy!
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[11:34 AM]

I'm one of those folks that wishes every night I could get a broadband connection in my little town. I'd also like to get it at a reasonable price! Here's an article on CNet I totally agree with. As it stands now we have to disrupt our phone service to connect to the internet. I'd much rather just turn the machine on and be surfin'. Having a high speed, always on connection, would also let me install the wireless network I've been dreaming of. Someday...

The Sandlot

Have you ever seen the movie "The Sandlot"? It's about a bunch of kids, their love of baseball, and a battle with a monster dog named Hercules. This is one of my all time favorite movies, I just love to watch it. It's been playing on Disney this month so I've seen it quite a few times, but it's not the real movie. Disney actually cut it up! I can't belive they cut some of the funniest scenes and lines out of it. Like the part when the kids celebrate their victory over the snobby rich kids from across town by going to the carnival and having their first "chew". They get on a ride that goes round and round, which of course makes them terribly sick when mixed with the chewing tobacco. Disney cut all the scenes of the chew vomit hitting other people and splashing on the ground below the ride! Why cut that? They also cut the line "in fact we kicked the crap out of them." Why? I didn't think crap was such a bad word, is it? To each his own.

Mug Shot

On Sunday the local paper came out and took a picture of the alumni team. Man what an ugly bunch! I thought I'd share it with you all here.

I'm in the second row, third from the right, standing to the right of #21. The guy standing just to the right of me, second from the end, actually had a pretty successful career in the early 80's with the then Los Angeles Rams.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2001

[9:49 AM]
The Littlest Fahrni

Well I've been waiting to announce the birth of the latest Fahrni member, Briley Renee Fahrni! You see Briley was born pre-mature and was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Valley Childrens Hospital in Fresno (visiting Uncle Jay), but mom and dad have finally brought her home! Congratulations Doug(dad), Tiff(mom), and Kelsey(big sis)! Briley welcome to the Fahrni family.

I hope to be able to see her real soon, but I'm going to wait until I get over this cold before I go love on her.

I can't wait to meet her!

Battered, bruised, and beaten

Well yesterday was our second day of football practice in full pads. My back is sore, my left knee is sore, my right ankle is sore, and my left thumb is swollen and I can't really use it. OUCH! No worries though, you'd have to tie me up to keep me off the field on Saturday night! I may skip a night of practice, contact anyway, and let myself heal up a bit. I certainly don't heal as quickly as I used to. I'm most worried about my back and ankle right now. Chronic back problems run in the Fahrni family as my dad and both brothers can attest to. I'll be ready to go on Saturday though.

Blogger FTP Problems

After creating this post I was unable to publish it! I was just getting ready to throw myself out the window when I stumbled across this! Saved my keister, maybe it'll save yours.

Here's the relevant text from the post...
1. Go to your blog settings. Look what it says at "FTP server".
2. Go to a DOS prompt. (Start -> Run -> "command")
3. Type the command "ping" or whatever FTP server you use.
4. Notice the IP-address (something like
5. Go back to your blog settings and fill in the IP address in the "FTP server" field.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2001

[4:18 PM]
Diary of the first Segway owner?

This is too funny! Warning: It does use some bad language, and I'm not so sure it's a real accounting of a day with a Segway, but it is really funny!
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[2:32 PM]

I like Gateway Computer. Who wouldn't, have you seen their new adds with the talking cow? Well it looks like they just won a great deal to furnish computers to the White House. Good job guys!

I wonder what OS they're going to be running?
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[11:11 AM]
New box!

Did I mention that my new box absolutely screams! It's a dual processor 1.7Ghz. Pentium 4 with 1 Gig of ram! Woo-hoo. This thing chews through builds like they were nothing and it doesn't even get winded. Now that's sweet.

My build time has gone from 1 hour 45 minutes to about 15 minutes! The only down side to this is it kill's my excuse to run out and take my time getting coffee. When I worked in the Seattle office we'd call that having the "build wanders" because you'd just wander around until your build was complete.

New emoticons?

The new MS IM 4.5 has some nifty emoticons, so nifty in fact that I've grabbed them for use on my pages!

Here's a sampling for ya.

Blades in the news

CNet: HP debuts super-skinny servers. These are sweet machines, and certainly more useful in the short term than IT.
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Monday, December 03, 2001

[4:04 PM]

After all the hubub surrounding IT; all the hype, all the speculation, IT was finally unveiled this morning on Good Morning America. My wife and I watched as they lifted the veil off the device. Huh? It's a two-wheeled scooter?

Well it's a little cooler than a plain old scooter but it's not "Going to change the world", as I believe Mr. Jeff Bezos claimed when asked about IT. It's neat but how is it really better than walking or riding a bike? I can balance and propel myself thank you very much. What are we trying to do produce super lazy people? Hey I'm already lazy enough, just ask my wife!

This article pretty much sums IT up.

It's cool but that's about it, just cool. Terribly useful? I dunno, maybe.
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[10:08 AM]
Strappin' on the leather

No I don't mean that kind of leather! Yesterday was the alumni teams first day in pads. I'm pleased to report we had no major injuries, some minor but nothing serious. We're having practice four days this week, we only get today off. Why? Well since we had the delay and didn't know if the game was still on we missed an entire week in pads! OUCH! That really does hurt because you need time to get used to playing in the equipment, and your body needs to learn to deal with the pain on a daily basis. Believe me my body hurts this morning! My left knee managed to hit a face mask during a tackling drill and someone stepped on my right foot. If you don't think getting stepped on hurts come on over and I'll demonstrate on your foot! All-in-all it was a great practice, no injuries and we got those first hits outta the way.

Busted nose?

Like I said there were no major injuries yesterday. Last year I broke my nose on the second day of practice. Bled like a stuck pig for about thirty minutes. Every time I hit someone is would start up again. I finally had to stuff tissue up my left nostril to keep it from bleeding; lotta good that did, it just made the blood run down my throat. But enough of the gross stuff. The reason that happened is because my helmet didn't really fit my noggin the way it should've. When I stuck my face mask in the chest of another player to make and tackle and "exploded" through him my lid would slide down on the bridge of my nose. I can tell you it's not something I'd like to do again. It hurts a LOT!

To avoid a repeat of last year I decided to go out and buy my own helmet. Bike has a new model helmet that is less round and more oval like, more-or-less shaped like most peoples heads! That's the lid for me. So after calling around to a bunch of different sporting goods stores I found just the helmet I was looking for at First String Sports in Clovis, California. I got the new Pro-Edition helmet and boy-o-boy does it deliver! In yesterday's tackling drill and subsequent office vs. defense drills I didn't have ONE problem with it. So for $200.00US, problem solved!

If I could find Bike's site I'd post a picture of the helmet for you all to view, but I can't find it. It a fairly new model designed to prevent concussion. And it's SUPER light, that's a wonderful bonus! You'll see a few of the pro's using them, they have a weird oblong shape with an indentation that runs around the back of the helmet from ear hole to ear hole. If you have trouble getting a helmet to fit you may want to look at getting one of these babies. It's worth the money to save your head.
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