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Saturday, December 29, 2001

[10:33 PM]
Winer vs. Pilgrim

Dave Winer and Mark Pilgrim have been going round and round about Open Source vs. Proprietary Source. Personally all the fuss about Open Source is a bit lost on me. I can see the benefit of being able to repair the code if you find a bug, but that's just about the only benefit I see. And just because the source is open doesn't mean it's going to be better than code written by a team of developers paid to write Proprietary Source. When was the last time you installed a Unix, or Linux, OS and configured it to run your applications? It ain't easy, well not as easy as Windows or Mac anyway. Each way has its plusses and minuses. You pick your own route.

Lazeeee Day

Today was a pretty sweet day if you ask me. We didn't do a darned thing! Oh sure we went down and got coffee and picked up some stuff for the house, but that's it. We watched a few movies and read a bit. My oldest daughter must have played on the Game Cube for four hours, zoinks! Funny thing about today is I felt guilty for being lazy, what's up with that! Maybe I need to be lazy more often so that feeling would NEVER come!

Lacka Codus

I was hoping to work on some fun projects during my break but that's not really happening. I'd like to re-code bloggerCOM to use blogLib (not posted because I need to clean it up). BloggerCOM is currently a VB COM component so I'd like to convert it to C++ and do a version 2 with a new object hierarchy. I'd also like to work on some Palm code for my brother for doing pharmacokinetics calculations. Hey Jay if you're reading this please mock up a UI for me so I can fix up the math library. Once that's done you can figure out how to hook it into your Palm development environment. Maybe next week? We'll see...

Swing Bike [via Camworld]

Have you ever ridden a swing bike? (Warning you may not be able to view this page because they've exceeded they bandwidth limit.) Anyway back to the question, have you ever ridden one? I have. When I was around 11 or 12 I used to race BMX bicycles. We rode for a local shop, Dick's Bicycles, and good ole Dick had an orange swing bike! We all had a blast riding this thing. You can do some really cool tricks on 'em once you get used to riding it.

Greg Franklin

Does anyone else read Greg Franklin's weblog? Is he ok? He hasn't updated it since mid-November!
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Friday, December 28, 2001

[11:17 PM]
Movie line of the day, what a flop!

Ok so my two dedicated readers are no longer making "Movie line of the day" guesses. I think it's time to stop doing it, maybe I'll do it once in a while for kicks.

The answer to yesterday's line is Raiders of the Lost Ark; you know the movie with Indiana Jones, A.K.A. Harrison Ford.

New Books

Over the holiday I've picked up a couple of new books. The first, from O'Reilly, is Learning XML. I need to learn soooo much more about this stuff it's not even funny! The Visio find shape remote provider uses XML to send to and receive requests from our database server and we have a native XML file format for Visio, called .VDX, and I don't know squat about it(XML)! It's not horribly difficult stuff but it sure is powerful. I'm hoping to do some cool stuff with the generation of this web page using XML and StyleSheets someday! I think I could do some really nice stuff with my cheezy archives page using XML, we'll see.

The second book, from Apress, is A Programmer's Introduction to C# Second Edition. I'm really looking forward to doing something real in C# sooner rather than later. Unfortunately only time will tell since I'm paid to write C++ code! I have a couple of pet projects I'd like to do, why not use C#?

Blogger + Weblogs == Addiction!

I've been hooked on blogging for almost a year now. At the Core was first blogged using Blogger on February 1, 2001. Since then I've learned so much about blogging and the different systems available to make it really simple to maintain a weblog. I've managed to get my wife, daughter, brother, and NOW his wife using Blogger. Keep it up guys, it's is truly addicting. Now if could just get you to update when you post changes we'd be set! Remember kids use CheezyPing for all you weblog pinging needs.

What is

This just about sums it up. It's quite simply a list of recently changed weblogs, that's it! Simple, simple, simple! Dave Winer's a pretty smart fella and I believe he subscribes to the K.I.S.S. methodology! You know Keep It Simple Stupid! Check out the FAQ and the Specs for the site. It's terribly cool and could be easily implemented and/or used on your own site. Come on geeks of the world I know you can find some goofy use for this stuff!
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Thursday, December 27, 2001

[11:25 PM]
Movie line of the day

I've fallen down on my Movie line of the day thing! Drat! We actually had a winner on Friday, the correct answer was Armageddon. This person wishes to remain anonymous; so be it, and congratulations.

Today's movie line is coming a bit late, it's after 11:00 PM here in California, but here's the line. This one is easy.

There's a big snake in the plane Jacque!
Ok, what movie! Send me your guesses here.

New web sites

My daughters boyfriend has his new site up and running so I thought I'd share the link with you, enjoy

Hopefully I'll have a new site up and running soon. I managed to grab I hope to someday turn it into THE Fahrni family portal, available to all Fahrni's far and wide. I've been talking it over with my brother and he's in. We'd really like to get Manila to run the site, any other takers? This site will be run out of the love of just doing it, meaning we can't support it ourselves! We'd really like to buy our own server, DSL line with static IP, server software and finally an e-mail server so we can GIVE, yes GIVE, accounts to folks in the Fahrni family. We have a rich heritage and I'd like to take it to the next level, the internet. We have a HUGE family tree that's already been built, wouldn't it be nice to see it online? I think so.

If you're a Fahrni and would like to contribute to this project, let me know. Maybe we can make it real!
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[10:47 AM]
Right On!

Blogger is back up and hummin'! Way to go Evan & Co! Hackers should be tarred and feathered for doing stuff like this, what a bunch of idiots!

Lord of the Rings

If you haven't seen this movie yet then what are you waiting for? My family and I caught it yesterday with a whole bunch of Kim's extended family, the movie is simply stunning! I was bummed when it ended. I wish they'd roll out the other two NOW!

Holiday's and Vacation

I've taken the entire week off. It was time for a break and what a better time to have one. I don't know about you but I absolutely LOVE Christmas. It's a great time to enjoy the company of family and friends and just plain recharge your batteries. I've enjoyed it soooo much I just might take next week off as well!


Here pretty quick I'll be switching the CrabApples.NET domain to a new ISP. We're totally happy with the one we have but I had invested some cash in a server for a failed venture and I might as well make use of it! So hopefully over the next couple of days there will be a switch so you may not be able to see At the Core and related pages until your DNS servers update.
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