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Saturday, April 13, 2002

[4:56 PM]
CAD Anyone?

If you need an AutoCAD compatible product and have a C++ compiler take a look at IntelliCAD. It was a Visio product for a couple of years and was 'open sourced' (not GPL'd). It's a good product. If you're a major CAD hack you might enjoy it.

Oh, and just for you Paul. I don't know if anyone has ported it to the Mac or Linux.
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[2:21 PM]
Another long day

While I'm waiting on my build of Visio to complete I thought I'd share some interesting "On this day" stuff with you.

On this day in 2001: Dave posted an e-mail I sent about Visio .VDX, our .XML format for Visio drawings. It's VERY hard to believe it's been a year! April 13th was the day after we released Visio 2002 to manufacturing. [via Scripting News]

On this day in 1970: Apollo 13 was in big trouble. [via The New York Times]
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[9:02 AM]
Last Night's Movie
Have you met my friend Frank?
Kim and I were finally able to pick up Donnie Darko. This film has moved into my top ten list. It's absolutely marvelous; dark, demented, but smart all at the same time. The kid that played the lead character, Donnie, does a wonderful job and the film will keep you guessing all the way to the end.

It's not for all viewers. The language is pretty rough at times, but I'd recommend it if you don't mind hearing it.

When you go to pick it up, tell 'em Frank sent you.

My favorite film???

My name is DarkThis is in response to Steven Vore's post about Forest Gump. What's my favorite film? That's a tough question, I like so many. Like I said above Donnie Darko moved into my top ten and Forest Gump would have to be there as well. As for my all time favorite I couldn't really say. A film that has always stuck with me is Something Wicked this way comes I thought the story was superb and Jonathan Pryce was, well, priceless as Mr. Dark. It's based on Ray Bradbury's book of the same title.

Too much fun

Look's like the Scobleizer is having too darned much fun. Hey Robert, get back to work!
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Friday, April 12, 2002

[9:19 AM]
Movie line of the week answer

The answer to yesterday's movie line was Forest Gump. Great story with a wonderful hero.

We had two winners. Why two? Their answers came in on the heels of each other, about thirty seconds apart. So congratulations to JT Perry and Jeff Gilbert. Neither have weblogs to point to, but I'm sure we'll convert them soon! [Insert evil sounding laugh here].
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Thursday, April 11, 2002

[8:34 PM]
Parting thought

Weblog, weblog, weblog, weblog, weblog, weblog, weblog, weblog, weblog, weblog, weblog, weblog, weblog, weblog, weblog, weblog, weblog, weblog, weblog, weblog, weblog, weblog, Malkovich.

...Long day...
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[11:17 AM]

It's funny that Dave would talk about Hailstorms failure because it didn't bootstrap itself. Last night I was reading a Fortune article on Duke Energy. Duke took a different route than Enron. They built the infrastructure necessary to generate the power for the future, they bootstrapped power generation.

At least that's how I see it...
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[8:41 AM]
And..... action!Movie line of the week

I guess my movie lines have been too tough to guess, then again maybe it's because I don't get that much traffic? Today's line is from a move that is so quotable it should get a couple of guesses. Here it is...

I just felt like runnin'
Ok quick, what movie! Send your guesses here
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Wednesday, April 10, 2002

[9:47 AM]
Good Mornin' Y'all...

First things first. How old should someone be before we don't allow them to drive a car? In the past week I've been behind some little old ladies, really, that were swerving all over the road and pulling out in front of folks. No lie. It's frightening to think they're still on the road. At some point should we require a driving test every year?
Watch out, he's right behind you!!!

Attack of the 50ft Website. I'll be visiting this site off and on I'm sure. Old classic movie posters are just plain cool.

Yahoo! News: "The Smithwick suit sees $50 million in compensatory damages and unspecified punitive damages for the terror, pain and suffering, wrongful death and economic loss." - I totally disagree with lawsuits like this. While it's every American's right to sue we should always ask ourselves what it'll accomplish. All I see here is a man looking for a pay out. Work to change the airports and airlines buddy, don't perform a cashectomy on them.

CNet News: "Microsoft issues Web server software fix" - Have you noticed how many patches have been rolling out lately? Results of the security focus. In the end being kicked in the teeth so many times is going to result in much better software and benefit the user. That may sound like marketing mumbo-jumbo but it's true.
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Tuesday, April 09, 2002

[10:39 AM]
More on Packwood Creek Project

Visalia Times: "Visalia planning commissioners gave approval -- but not a ringing endorsement -- to a massive shopping center Monday night to be built on Mooney Boulevard south of Packwood Creek." - [Hat tip Cass McNutt]
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[9:43 AM]
Good Grief!

Mercury News: "Next-generation Web services need protection from Microsoft, rival says" - What a crock of caca! Protect? What protecting do you need to do? There are all kinds of open standards, os's, and languages, use 'em! Roll your own if you don't like what Microsoft is doing and quit whining.

It figures it's Sun complaining. Do those guys do anything useful these days? Java is a beautiful language. Keep pushing it, make it better, give developers better tools. When you can create something as useful as Visual Studio you'll have something. Some of us are actually MORE productive in a good IDE. Don't give me that 'Real programmers use command lines' crap, that's just as bad as saying 'Real programmers write code in C/C++'! Sure I once used vi and gdb to write and debug code; on Solaris and HPUX, but now that I've used a good IDE I'd never go back.

CORRECTION: It's SBC that's worried about 'Internet Standards'. Sun is just testifying against Microsoft.
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[9:07 AM]
Yes, it's that time of the year!

What time you ask? Time for baseball, and softball! Yesterday was 9-11 year old girls softball evaluation. Fun, fun, and more fun. I can't wait to get started.

Fresno Grizzlies Baseball!Speaking of baseball, the Fresno Grizzlies' new stadium is just about complete. Their opening day is May 1st so mark it on your calendar if you're from the Valley. It's absolutely beautiful and built right downtown! Bravo Fresno! Building the stadium downtown was the right thing to do. Mayor Autrey; yes he's Bubba from 'In the heat of the night', is pushing hard for a downtown revitalization, the stadium is just the beginning. Expect great things, I certainly am.

On the flip side

While the City of Fresno is really getting it together the City of Visalia is blowing it. The planning commission has ok'd a huge shopping center South of Packwood Creek. This is a mistake of GIGANTIC proportions. As far as cities in the Valley go Visalia has always been a gem. It has all the amenities one would expect from a great city and they've always managed growth quite well. The city has received numerous awards for it's beauty and 'old' downtown is hopping with shops and restaurants. Long ago it was decided not to allow the cities borders to extend past Packwood Creek, now they're about to allow that to happen. What a crying shame. You would think the city fathers would have enough sense to learn from the mistakes of others, but it doesn't look like they have. Urging retail to move to the extreme south of the city will do nothing but promote inner city decay. What a shame for such a beautiful city.

I hate it when that happens

Don't you just hate it when someone does something like this? I do. GRRRRR..... tease!
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Monday, April 08, 2002

[9:59 AM]
CLR Only?

So we have this new runtime in Windows land called the CLR (Common Language Runtime), yes I know you've already heard about it. Since the CLR could be OS independent I wondered over the weekend what it would take to make the CLR the OS? People talked about this very thing when Java hit the streets. I think it would be VERY interesting to take an OS kernel and wire the CLR directly to it. Forget the GUI. I'm talking about RAW horsepower here, not the sexy wrapper on the outside. Could you imagine for a minute a small OS kernel with the CLR bolted right on top of it to form a very specialized server? Web server or maybe a render farm for an animation studio?

It would be cool to see someone take Mach and bolt Rotor to it, any college hacks out there need an interesting project? It would be a cool research project...

Around the web

Economist: "Mach 1 at Microsoft" and "Sun stroke" - The Microsoft article is about Microsoft Research. The Sun article talks about project JXTA, sounds like web services to me?

Scobleizer: "A POP QUIZ ON THE MIDDLE EAST" - WOW! I had no idea.
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