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Friday, May 17, 2002

[2:49 PM]
More on Spam

Tommy Williams: "Spam is not junk mail" - Wow, Tommy has some thoughts on the subject of an article I linked to yesterday. Read on.

More on Attach of the Clones

Mathew Honan: "Criticism, diffused" - Dang! Now that's a roundup of movie reviews. Enjoy! I especially like point #3 in his "A few notes on this post".

No, I haven't seen it yet. But I hear Yoda gets his freak on...

Yes, yes he does!

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[8:34 AM]
Movie line of the week answer
Gizmo caca!
Yesterday's movie line was from 1984's Gremlins! The winner is my lovely wife, Kim!

Here's another piece of trivia. If memory serves, which it may not, the name of the film on the movie theatre marquee was "A Boy's Life". Do you know what movie became known as? It was Steven Spielberg's E.T.

If I'm thinking of the wrong film, please drop me a line so I can correct it.
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Thursday, May 16, 2002

[1:40 PM]
DOH! "Why I love spam" - This dude probably smokes a bunch of crack every day. What could he possibly be thinking?
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[9:14 AM]
Cut, cut, cut!Movie line of the week

Is it already Thursday? I'm dragging along this morning, didn't hit the sack until after 3A.M. So I've been struggling to come up with a movie line this morning.

Here she be...

Bright light, bright light!
Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here.

Attack of the Clones
You have much to learn my young apprentice.
I was pleased; yes, yes I was. I think this is what everyone expected from Episode I. Lots and lots of action, almost non-stop, for over two hours.

I'm not going to say anymore. Go see it and make your own judgement, I for one enjoyed it. I'll be in line again next week with Kim and the girls.

Oh, BTW... In case you ever doubted it, Yoda is indeed the most powerful Jedi. You won't be disappointed.
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Wednesday, May 15, 2002

[3:25 PM]
I'm going to Star Wars!

Yeeee-Hawwww, they had some tickets left for the midnight show! I guess you can chalk that one up to small town living?

Here's a link for all you Star Wars geeks, the Jedi Genealogy. You gotta love the Enemy line drawn between George Lucas and Jar Jar Binks!

See you all tonight! There's already a line around the theatre. I even saw Luke and Leia in line!
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[9:48 AM]
Frackle Rocks!
Get your free copy of Frackle today!
If you like fractals please visit the Frackle page. It's fun and it's free! Available in Windows and Mac Classic builds.

Hey! Where's that OS X build?
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[9:16 AM]
Episode II

So does anyone have a ticket to tonight's midnight showing of Attack of the Clones they'd like to sell? If you have one for the Visalia Signature Stadium 10 drop me a line. Ya, ya I know.... nobody is going to give up their seat. The two people that read this site are going tonight with group of friends. I just blew my chance. I should have gotten a ticket even though I wasn't sure I could make it. I could always auction the stupid thing off on eBay, right?
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Tuesday, May 14, 2002

[4:23 PM]
Afternoon All

Apple Movie Trailers - Gotta go check out the new trailers! I'd recommend The Hulk, nice tease guys... "You, with your paltry two weeks off per year and your mad dash for niftier job titles, your drive drive drive and your leaving for work at 7 and getting home at 8" - I like this idea and I'm sure my manager would agree! The article does hit the nail on the head. We moved back home, Exeter CA, in 1997 so we could raise our children in a small town, so I guess I've slowed down a bit? I wonder if I could take a month off? I have six weeks of vacation time stored up.

MSNBC: "Allen Iverson should give back last years MVP award." - I couldn't agree more. Too many professional athletes are big baby's. I'd gladly play baseball everyday for a lot less than most of them get paid. Granted it wouldn't be as exciting, but could you imagine getting paid to play a game?

RSS Help???

So Evan says to check the mailing list to figure out how to do an RSS feed via Blogger Pro, what mailing list??? HELP!
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[11:16 AM]
RSS via Blogger?

We all knew it was coming, looks like it's closer than we all thought?
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[11:07 AM]
Fun with Fractals

I have a good friend on the Visio team that's, dare I say, a real genius. He's smart beyond smart and has to find interesting ways to entertain himself. So he does goofy things like automating our status report process because he's annoyed by having to type it up each week, who can blame him. Anywho I'm getting sidetracked from my original point of this post. Here's some of David's handy work. Once he's posted the binary for the app (Windows and Mac) that produced this lovely fractal I'll post a link to it, the dude needs a blog!

A Frackle fractal

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Monday, May 13, 2002

[1:57 PM]
Energy Man

Every corporation in America should be talking with this man, I'm not joking. He's saved companies millions of dollars and he has ideas that could make your company run a lot smoother. I read this article on Friday evening when I got home and it floored me. I'd love to see the plans for his home because I'd like to build one like it.
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[1:24 PM]

A while back I blogged about trouble using Outlook XP with MSN's SMTP server. Well we went round and round with technical support over the issue and they had some VERY good suggestions, but I could never get anything to work. About a week ago I discovered a KB article that led me to the fix! Apparently it was a bug with Outlook XP that was fixed in SP1. I installed the fix and BOOM everything is right with the universe once again.
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[8:31 AM]
Mornin' Y'All

Fortune: "Do you blog?" - Yep, it's spreading like a virus. This is Peter Lewis' tech weblog. What do you want to blog today?

Business 2.0: "Oracle is famous for using aggressive sales tactics. But an embarrassing controversy could change the way the software industry as a whole books revenue." - Welcome to California! The land of fruits, nuts, and flakes.
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