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Friday, May 24, 2002

[1:29 PM]
Movie line of the day answer

With the events of this morning I forgot to post the answer and winner for yesterday's movie line, sorry for that.

You're gonna need a bigger boat.The line is from everybody's favorite shark movie, Jaws! A stunned Chief Brody says that line after having the shark pop up in front of him unexpectedly. Great flick, had me scared of the ocean for a while.

Our winner was Mr. Steven Vore, of Hotlanta, GA! Steven and I have decided we're going to catch a flick together sometime in the future. Next time I'm in Atlanta I'm there dude! Congratulations Steven.
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[10:42 AM]
Loss of a family member...

Jasmine was her given name but we all just called her Jazzy or Jazz. Huh? Funny name of a child isn't it? Jazzy was our kitty cat. Our daughters first 'pet', I use the word pet lightly here because she was a member of the family. She lost her battle with cancer this morning at 10AM. A form of cancer so rare that our vet has only seen two cases in his 40 years of practice, I can't remember the name of it.

Jazz was the kind of kitty that would let you know when she wanted something. She had a trademark meow that we all understood to be hers. When she needed attention she'd stand right in front of you and meow until you reached out and scratched her back, or invited her up on your lap. She loved a good back scratch, which of course you couldn't stop doing until your arm was tired or she'd let you know you couldn't possibly be done. She was the first kitty to come alive in the morning and go searching for a shaft of light peeking through the window to stretch out in. If the shades were open you could find her in the window sill enjoying the sunshine, eyes half shut. And boxes, she loved boxes! If there was one in the house with the top open and you couldn't find Jazz chances are she was in the box, what is with cat's and boxes? If you wanted to play with her all you had to do was find one of those twist ties; you know the kind covered in plastic with the wire running through them, and bend it so it couldn't lay flat. Jazz would bat at it and chase it around the room for quite a while, then you had to scratch her back.

We'll all miss her.
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Thursday, May 23, 2002

[4:00 PM]
Free code!

Get yer free code, free code here, get yer free code. Richard's written a nice little VB6 class that allows you to create and write to a console window. Perfect for quick little utilities that don't need a GUI but need to communicate info to the user. Nice.
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[2:21 PM]
Levy case

MSNBC: "The site is about a mile from the park’s Klingle Mansion. Police who examined Levy’s computer found that it had been used to view information about the mansion over the Internet shortly before she vanished." - Has anyone asked if maybe, just maybe, she went there to die or maybe she was wondering through the woods, slipped, knocked her head on a rock, and just died? Stranger things have happened.
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[9:10 AM]
And..... Action!Movie line of the week

It seems like every other day is Thursday? Why is it that when you get older the days go by faster and faster and faster? Anywho, here's the line...

You're gonna need a bigger boat.
Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here.

On this day a year ago...

One year ago today I was looking into alternative energy sources, and it was HOT in the San Joaquin Valley!
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Wednesday, May 22, 2002

[1:04 PM]
New Virus??

Has anyone else received an e-mail with the following body text?

"Hi, This is a special excite game This game is my first work. You're the first player. I wish you would like it. demo.exe (Binary attachment)"
The e-mail address was a pbowman. I'm excluding domain name here because I'm really just curious to see how many others got the same e-mail with the same address.
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[11:17 AM]
Strong passwords!

News.Com: "The worm infects computers running Microsoft SQL Server, the company's software for managing information. If the software hasn't been patched with a fix released by Microsoft in late April and has no password on the administrator account, then the server is vulnerable." - Boy oh boy. If you don't password protect your sa account you're asking for trouble. I'm not sure what the fix takes care of, but come on, you can't blame the software if you don't use a strong password on your administrator account. The administrator of the database, or the person in charge of it, is totally responsible for a breach in security like this.

The lesson here: USE STRONG PASSWORDS on all accounts!
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[9:43 AM]

I think we've all experienced this at one time in our 'careers' (I hate that word, career). Richard's seen it, I've seen it at some old jobs as well. The funny thing about my experience and the one mentioned on Richard's site is the connection to COBOL. Why is that? Why can't the old-timers steer clear of their old ways? I know the 'new' way doesn't always translate into the best way but as soon as we stop learning, stop progressing, it's time to curl up in the corner and die. I'm only 34 years old and I'm probably considered an old dog by now. I have a TON to learn, I've only scratched the surface. I'm just happy the team I work with is constantly pushing the envelope. We're always moving in new directions and I'm so grateful to be a part of that.

Count yourself blessed if you can walk into work each and every day and have the support you need to do the best possible job you can. I know I do.
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Tuesday, May 21, 2002

[9:19 AM]
Mornin Y'All
Mmmmmm... barbecue
Even though our weather has been wacky the last couple of days here in California it's still spring, which can mean only one thing! It's time for barbecues! So in honor of spring, family, and barbecues here are a couple of web sites to get your grill off to a good start. BAM!
Slate: 'Cue it up!
Barbecue'n on the internet: The leading edge in outdoor cooking.

Fire up those grills and enjoy the spring while it lasts!
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Monday, May 20, 2002

[4:53 PM]
My apologies

Sorry Madhu, I didn't mean to spell your name wrong in my earlier post. I know you're not on crack, that's why there's a little "" at the end of the sentence.

Citysearch, Fresno?

I can't believe Citysearch has a Fresno site.
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[4:30 PM]
Coffee, coffee, coffee...Worlds greatest coffee

Yes, that's right, I said the worlds greatest coffee. It comes from Mukilteo Coffee Company, of Mukilteo WA. Call 'em today and ask for five pounds of Monorail Blend (it's not on their list of coffees, but it does exist).
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[11:17 AM]
.Net based blogging?

CNet: "The updated software, slated for availability in the middle of next year, will allow nontechnical employees to build corporate portals on their own without the help of software developers, said Jeff Teper, Microsoft's SharePoint general manager." - Is this the beginning of a .NET based blogging solution? The article talks about web portals, but could the software be used by bloggers? Only time will tell.
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[9:52 AM]
Archive woes

For some goofy reason my archives are whacked. I've tried republishing them only to get an annoying "Page cannot be displayed" error after logging in.

For the time being please forgive the mess my archives have become. I hope to get them straightened out soon.

Popup lover?

Madhu "MadMan" Menon: "Why I love pop-up ads" - Smoking crack can cause this sort of behavior. It's a fun read, go take a look.

More 9.11 fallout

Slate: "Why didn't the CIA warn Bush properly?" - I'll tell you why we missed it. The good ole USofA is a reactionary society. We typically don't do anything about a bad situation until it has bit us on the buttocks. Why does it take a number of deaths at a particularly bad intersection before the situation is fixed? Same principal as 9.11, just a MUCH smaller scale. When people die we FINALLY get around to listening.
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