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Saturday, June 15, 2002

[11:30 PM]
Will it ever end?

NY Times: "This new alliance of terrorists, though loosely knit, is as fully capable of planning and carrying out potent attacks on American targets as the more centralized network once led by Osama bin Laden, the officials said." - Scary thought isn't it? Can you say world war III, I knew you could. It's shaping up to be "Islamic" Terrorists vs. the free world.

Richard Caetano continues his exploration of 3D programming with C#.

Watson? Is there something like this for Windows? If not, why not?
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Friday, June 14, 2002

[4:01 PM]
Where'd you get them there things?

See, this one came from DGL!I've had folks ask where I get the clipart on this site. Well some of it came from various sites I visited over the years but most of it came from.... are you ready?

Microsoft Design Gallery Live

It's chock full o' pure cheeze! (There are good things on the site as well, but I tend to stick to the cheeze )
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[2:09 PM]
Sony-Ericsson T68

If you're into wireless technology, unlike me, you're probably going to love this little gem. The new Sony-Ericsson T68 is absolutely incredible! I have a good friend that manages a group of engineers at AT&T Wireless and he showed me his phone just last night at my daughters graduation. Boy-O-boy is it slick. It's tiny and has a lovely crystal clear color display. Between the two larger buttons right below the display is a joy-stick that you can use to navigate around menus on the display. It pretty darned easy to use, hey if you've ever played an old Atari system you can master this thing! While we were talking he was able to type in the URL for this site and jump to it... Well not really jump to it, we never did see it pop up but other sites work just fine.

Another thing you'll notice about this phone is it's built for a GSM network! That's right, AT&T Wireless now supports GSM networks. That was news to me last night!

I'm not a wireless freak like a lot of folks, but this phone makes me want to buy it. Built in web-browsing, messaging, and e-mail make it VERY attractive!
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[9:58 AM]
Schools out!

Yesterday was the last day of school for the ladies of the Fahrni family! Our oldest daughter, Haileigh, graduated from Jr. High last night. I cannot believe I have a daughter in High School, I'm getting OLD!

Congratulations Haileigh! Enjoy your summer and get ready to have a great time in High School!

Movie line of the week answer
I had a feeling it would happen. I got ZERO replies to yesterday's movie line, but that's ok. Remember I said my girls came up with it at the dinner table, so chances are unless you have children you may not have seen the movie the quote was from. So just what movie was it from?


It's pretty early in the movie when the villains are trying to get the ghosts to leave the house and they call on the services of a Ghostbuster, Ray! He comes flying outta the house, spouts the line, and runs off!


Yesterday's entry about Pixar produced some support from a couple of folks encouraging me to go for it! The only bad thing is, what happens if they did want to hire me? You see, I'm not disappointed with my current job. Visio is a killer application and the team of people I work with is super high quality. I'm still learning and growing as a developer!

It's just that the Pixar thing would fulfill a childhood dream! What a quandary!
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Thursday, June 13, 2002

[4:50 PM]
Ribbit!Did you know...

Why do frogs croak? It's not what you're thinking! Everyone should know why, right? Well here's an article that'll explain it all in plain old fashioned English! Help save the froggies!

Pixar and Me?

Hi, I'm Geri.Ever since I was nine years old and saw Star Wars on the big screen I've wanted to do special effects. Since then effects, and movie making in general, have come a long way. These days you can create an entire movie without human characters. My dream of working on movies as an effects artist changed as the movie industry embraced computing; you see, I can't draw worth beans. But after all these years ILM and Pixar still hold my eye. My dream is to work for either one of them, someday.

So the question is, is that someday today? To apply, or not to apply that is the question!
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[9:50 AM]
And..... Action!Movie line of the week

Is everybody ready, all two of my readers. I have my girls to thank for today's movie line. They came up with this one last night at dinner. Thanks girls!

Are you ready, here it is...

Who you gonna call, someone else!
Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here.

RC loves graphics and C#

Richard continues his study of C#. This time he's revisiting the love of his youth, graphics! Very impressive RC. When you have your photorealistic renderer completed let me know, we need to talk about that render farm.
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Wednesday, June 12, 2002

[1:45 PM]
Lunch time speak

So Paul decided the new word we should all be using today is...


That's it, ya! (Told you I'd post it just to make Carlos' head hurt. )
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[9:42 AM]
New friend and blogger

Last week while RC, Daved, and I were setting up my brothers new site I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Will Shattuck. Will seems to be a pretty smart fella, welcome to the world of blogging Will!

New idea, maybe, maybe NOT

We were all talking about Daved's new enterprise and how he should setup a portable gaming center; akin to a rock band, portable units all rack mounted, ready to roll! We managed to get sidetracked into a discussion about the XBox and what a wonderful gaming server it would be. Now wouldn't it be nice to be able to run a Quake or Counterstrike server on an XBox and connect with PC or XBox clients? That would be so totally awesome!

RC would also like to create a render farm of XBoxes. Hey Hollywood are you listening!? Industrial Light and Magic, Pixar, and other players should figure out how to take advantage of these machines to create super cheap render farms. The computing power of an XBox is sufficient, they're cheap, they're stackable, extensible, and they run on the NT Kernel. What more could you want?

Hey.... what about using an XBox as a blog server? Hmmmmm.....
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Tuesday, June 11, 2002

[4:56 PM]
Another 'softie blogger

If you're interested in .NET, AOP, or Web Services this site may be of interest, say 'Hi' to Chris Hollander. Chris is a consultant with the .NET Developers Group. Cool!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding Chris; and remember, the insanity will be over soon!
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[9:04 AM]
Softball, again?
The perfect swing
Our girls just finished their softball seasons, now it's time for mom and dad. Last night was our "warm up" game for the City of Exeter Co-Ed Softball season. We're playing for "The City Gang". As I told Kim last night I enjoyed the game even more than I thought I would, which brought a jeer from our youngest daughter. "Oooooooo Dad, that was an insult!" Ok, ok... I didn't mean for it to come out that way. We're playing with a great group of people so it's just plain old fashioned fun! It nice to step on the field, smile and have fun, AND win all at the same time.

We have a really wonderful team. I'm looking forward to the entire season.
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Monday, June 10, 2002

[12:53 PM]
Howdy net neighbor, or should I say .NET Neighbor??

I've been off having fun with my youngest daughter this morning. This is her last week of school so today was their end-of-the-year play day! Fun, fun, fun! I've been 'umping' kick ball games all morning! But it's time to get back to serious work.

Friday fun day

Disneyland is always a blast. This time around we experienced something we'd never really seen. At times we found places that were absolutely filthy, and we had some cast members that were rude! HUH?? I've NEVER seen either of those things at D-Land. I'm sure Walt Disney would turn in his grave if he'd seen the condition of the park. Hey, maybe it was all orchestrated to get folks to wonder over into Disney's California Adventure?

Here are a couple of pictures I took, both are inside Space Mountain. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words.

Hole punched in the wall of Space Mountain Graffiti on the walls of Space Mountain

I'm sure the walls were patched and repainted that night! At least I hope they were.
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