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Friday, July 05, 2002

[11:03 AM]
Movie line of the week answer

Yesterday's movie line didn't post 'til late because Blogger had some issues and we had company, so I'm going to declare a three way tie! The correct answer is...

Independence Day

And our winners are...

Bill Lazar
Tommy Williams
Jeff Gilbert

Congratulations and thanks for playing.

It's the first time I've repeated a movie.

To DRM or NOT?

There's going to be a ton of discussion about DRM over the next few years. Here's how I understand it. First off I must share that my knowledge of the technology is limited. That said I really don't get the hubbub. It's just another level of protection. Right now you can choose to let people have full access to your network if you wanted, but I'd highly recommend you don't. Why? Well if you do some turkey is going to destroy data that's important to your business. So with DRM you can set permissions on files so folks can view and or change those files. I'm sure there will be many different levels of protection available to application developers. Hey if you don't want to use DRM you don't have to use it. That's pretty darned simple isn't it? Why all the conspiracy theories?

Science and Engineers

From Mr. Steven Vore, perfect.

From Robert Michener's _Space_ (and from memory): Scientists dream about things. Engineers get things done.
No, really, click it.

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Thursday, July 04, 2002

[7:07 AM]
Movie line of the week

And..... Action!Okie-dokie, my crack team of movie line specialists has a good one for y'all today! Are you ready to make a guess?

Got me out here draggin your heavy *ss through the burning desert, with your dreadlocks stickin out the back of my parachute. You come down here with an attitude acting all big and bad... and what the hell is that smell! I could have been at a barbecue!

Send your guesses here.
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Wednesday, July 03, 2002

[4:07 PM]
See you in a couple of weeks

I won't be posting too often over the next couple of weeks. Movie line of the week should happen, but next week I'll be off in the mountains with NO computer, NO cell phone, and NO pda! Sounds like paradise.

I think I'll finally get around to finishing off Dune.

Have a great 4th everyone!
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[10:18 AM]

Working for a large company has it's ups and downs. Once Visio became a part of Microsoft we had immediate access to cool tools to make our jobs better. Our test organization has probably benefitted the most, but we've also seen some cool stuff in development. Every large software company has their own set of home grown tools to help with the process. We had them at Visio, just not in large quantities like we have at MS. Anywho, back to the story. There's been one area that has totally stunk since we started using some of the Office teams tools. Builds! The single most important thing to keep working is now often busted. Breaking the build should be punishable by death, ok maybe not death but you get the picture. The other cool tools we have access to don't mean squat if you don't have a build to work with.

What a complete waste of time.

Scientist or Engineer or Developer?

Richard asks the question "Is it really software engineering?" I dunno what to say about that. We really just glue a bunch of stuff together. Maybe we are just Software Pasters, or Software Putter-Togethers? We do develop stuff so maybe Software Developer is more fitting. Adobe calls their coders Computer Scientists, but they're listed in the Engineering category. At Microsoft we're Software Design Engineers, at Visio we were Software Developers.

Six of one, half-a-dozen of another. We build software. It's part science, part sorcery, and at times a whole lotta frustration.
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Tuesday, July 02, 2002

[6:11 PM]
I love the fourth!

Don't mess with Uncle Sam!While I'm sitting here waiting for my build to get far enough for me to go home I thought I'd share some 4th of July stuff with you. MSN has a nice little collection of ten things you should know about the fourth. Go visit, it's fun.

A good movie to watch over the fourth is 1776, that is, If you can deal with a musical. It's a great flick about the Continental Congress' battle over the Declaration of Independence. Wonderful portrayal of what it may have been like for the men involved.

It's important that we all remember what we're celebrating. It's not about fireworks, just like Easter isn't about a bunny. It's a time to give thanks and remember those that gave their lives for this wonderful country. As you set off your fireworks keep that in mind.

I'll be in tomorrow but just in case I forget...

Happy Fourth of July everybody!
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[10:10 AM]
It's a beautiful day...

And the weather's nice too. If you bump into a software geek today, give him a hug!

My lovely wife is blogging once again, it's nice to see she actually has some time for it. Notice the use of pictures in the post. Nice job! She's learning.

Who the heck is that scary lookin' dude in the corner? Oh, that's me! The GigaFrag.NET LAN was a huge success. Daved and his gang of outlaws put on a great show, thanks guys. That picture was taken during the setup, that's why the lack of bodies in the room.

Keep on truckin' Daved, you're doing a great job.

Scripting News

Dave has re-styled DaveNet and has talked about doing the same to Scripting News. I was checking out some Scripting News archives and I gotta say I LOVE the style of SN circa 1999! It's clean.

Dave what about going the CSS route and allowing folks to pick and choose the look of the site? That's something I'd like to do here, but quite honestly don't understand enough to pull it off. Diveintomark uses this approach as well as Zeldman. It's a nice thing from a usability standpoint.
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Monday, July 01, 2002

[2:27 PM]
Movie line of the week answer

Mystery Men movie posterOk, last weeks movie line of the week was a complete fiasco. Technical difficulties really messed stuff up. So here's the answer, since I didn't receive any guesses...

Mystery Men

If you haven't seen it run out today to your nearest Blockbuster and pick up a copy. It was a super fun flick.
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[9:27 AM]
Good mornin' from the San Joaquin Valley!

It's nice to be back in my office with my boxes, my chair, you get the picture. Funny how home is.

Sunrise over the San Joaquin Valley!Over the weekend we visited my brother and his family. He, his wife, and my wife all gave me crap about how much I blogged. Jay claims that I must surf the internet all day. Not true. Blogs are such a wonderful community you can visit you list of favorites and find out a ton of stuff in a few clicks, and in less than 10 minutes for the entire blog hop. So in the end I'd say blogs are a great way to collect information in a short period of time. And when it comes to blog entries they take about as much time to compose as a quick e-mail. Basically how fast can you type! So my day is wasted surfing the net. I get a lot done on any given day. True on some days I can't get it together. We've all had those as developers. Days where it's not flowing and you just can't find the solution. I can wonder aimlessly on those types of days.

Overall I'd say bloggers and the community focus my surfing. They're great starting points for data collection.

Nice tool!

blogToaster is sweet! Go check it out if you've always wanted to be notified when a blog updates. Yes, I know there are other ways (like Radio's news alligator, which is something I use every day.) Nice job Simon! [via Scripting News]
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