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Friday, August 02, 2002

Movie line of the week answer - [11:22 PM]

WOW! I didn't expect to get a single guess this week; I got two, both correct! I didn't think anyone would answer because it seems like the only female that answers is my wife and this weeks line was from a total chick flick! The correct answer is...

Ever After

You know that Drew Barrymore movie. I must admit I enjoyed it even though it's a chick flick. Our winner this week is Joe Friend, and yes Joe you are my first winner from Indonesia. Joe is also a former 'softie. Congratulations Joe!!

Our only other answer came from Prasenjeet Dutta.

Thanks for playing!

XBox on the brain

Well we took the plunge Thursday night and picked up an XBox. So Friday evening was the Fahrni XBox game playing extravaganza! Since we picked it up at Blockbuster we got a free 30-day game pass. The pass allows us to rent as many games as we want over the next 30 days, two at a time. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

Today's flick

Today Kim, my youngest daughter, and myself caught The Master of Disguise. I don't know that I'd pay full admission to catch it but it was very funny. A couple of times I thought I was gonna laugh myself right out of my seat. If you're in the mood for some "fart humor" go check it out.
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Thursday, August 01, 2002

Movie line of the week - [12:02 AM]

Roll film!Since we're going to be off running around today I thought I'd post this now, those on the other coast will get first dibs!

My lovely wife suggested this one the other night. Are you ready?

Yes... I'll go down in history as the man who opened a door.

Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here.
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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Another day... - [10:45 PM]

Hey there. Been another day of work on the house. Just about finished with all the trim and baseboards, it's way more work then you'd think! We managed to sneak in a visit with my brother and his family this evening. They bought a new XBox! Totally sweet. Jay and I must have played Halo for at least an hour, believe me it didn't seem like an hour, before we had to scamper off to Lowe's for some more trim work. Too bad we couldn't have spent the night! We'd all have Halo hangovers in the morning.

Now if I could just convince Kim we needed an XBox.... Hmmmmmm, I'll have to work on her some more.
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Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Howdy doody - [10:13 PM]

Wow, haven't blogged since Friday. That feels kinda strange, especially since I've been home all week. Kim and I are trying as we might to complete our bedroom. We've been cutting and fitting baseboards and trim work. It's VERY slow going. The angle cuts are falling into place but the wall is ancient plaster so of course things don't quite line up as you'd expect them to. Oh well. It'll look good when we're finished.

Softball woes

0-2. That's how the softball games have gone this week. Sunday night we played with eight people and if you know baseball it takes nine to field a full team. Well it gets worse because in men's slow pitch softball you field 10 players, so we were down two bodies. It was a long, tiring, evening and we lost 11-10. Tonight didn't fare much better. Couldn't get the bats fired up. We probably only managed three, or four, hits all night long and lost 12-2, stinky.

Minor League

So what's up with Major League Baseball? Not only is there a strike looming overhead now MLBP has asked a Mets' fan site to shut down. Wow, talk about your control freaks. Can't someone just appreciate a team and support them on the web without a bunch of money grubbing doo-doo heads getting in the middle of things? Hey Bryan, good luck defending your site.

It's time to find a new American pastime, don't you think? I LOVE baseball, I have since I was old enough to hold a bat. As a kid I lived baseball from spring to fall. Now it's become a bit psycho like other sports. Grown men paid $2.5, on average, to swing a bat and catch and throw a little white ball for six months out of the year. Man! Wouldn't you just fall over dead if you were asked to play a game for that kind of money? I know I certainly would. It's too bad players have lost the love of the game. Whatever happened to players like Shoeless Joe Jackson. The man would have played for free. What if baseball changed the rules? What if owners could fire their entire staff and ALL players were given the same base salary with a bulk of their wage coming from incentives? Hit .325 and you get an extra $10,000.00, make the All-Star team and make an extra $50,000.00. That would be great! Can you imagine the hustle on the field? These guys would then have to earn their living (no they don't earn it now, it's given to them). Anyway, I could rant about this all night and it wouldn't do any good in the end. So I think I'll head to bed. Good Night.
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