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Friday, August 23, 2002

Lessig - [12:13 PM]

There's been a whole lot of talk about Larry Lessig's ideas for copyrights. In this article this quote stands out in my mind.
"When the system protects Hemingway, we at least get to see how Hemingway writes. We get to learn about his style and the tricks he uses to make his work succeed. We can see this because it is the nature of creative writing that the writing is public. There is no such thing as language that conveys meaning while not simultaneously transmitting its words.

"Software is different," he continues. "Software gets compiled, and the compiled code is essentially unreadable; but in order to copyright software, the author need not reveal the source code."
What a crock of crap! So maybe, just maybe, we could fulfill his dream by printing the source code to our products and sell them as books? Would that suffice? I can read the text of his book, but can I modify it and publish my own version for free on the internet? I think the answer is "No, of course you can't." I'm ok with that.
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Welcome Mr. David P. Cole! - [11:52 AM]

I've known David for just over six years. When I returned to Visio in 1996 David's company, Arcland, had just been acquired. David, or Mr. COle as we call him, is our resident extensibility expert and all around good guy. He's one of the best and brightest coders I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I've been working on him for quite some time to create a blog, and he's finally done it! So everybody say "Hi!".
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Movie line of the week answer - [8:06 AM]

Well it looks like yesterday's movie line was a bit of a stumper. But one hard core movie goer, namely Steven Vore, hit the nail on the head in a few minutes. He was our one and only guess for the day! So, congratulations Steven!
The correct answer was...

The Mask

This was Jim Carrey's big break film, and he was absolutely wonderful as Stanley Ipkiss.

The Majestic

A couple of night's ago I finally got around to seeing The Majestic for the first time. Great film. Jim Carrey's performance was wonderful, for which he was overlooked AGAIN, and the story of a guy telling Hollywood to stick it in their collective ear was nice to see with all of today's Hollywood vs. "The Evil Internet" junk. Watch it, you'll see what I mean.

Was it just me or did anyone notice the name of the club he walks out of early in the film? It was called the Cocoa Bongo, the name of the club from The Mask, and if I'm not mistaken the golden skull in the movie within the movie was from Raiders of the Lost Ark. There were probably more things I missed, I'll have to watch it again.
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Thursday, August 22, 2002

Airline security - [12:44 PM]

While I was munchin on my Taco Bell crunchy tacos I decided to surf, it's what I do if I eat at my desk. Anywho, I've been reading Instapundit a lot lately and found this post regarding Glenn's story on airport security extremely interesting. Last night on 60-minutes 2 there was discussion about airport security in the states and how it compares with security in Israel. Israeli security is hands down MUCH tougher and they are discriminatory. I want to feel safe on my flight, I'll live with a bit of inconvenience.
No, I'm not a terrorist!
When I traveled to Norway and Sweden last November, yes after the attacks, I was pulled out of just about every line I stood in. In Sweden they pulled everything out of my bag and checked it over with a fine tooth comb. But at the time I had a full bushy beard and I have very long hair and olive colored skin, what else would you expect?
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More on PowerBlog - [9:37 AM]

Richard's written a nice little add-on, or Plop as they're really called, for PowerBlog. Check out his write up. If you're a Windows guy, or gal, then PowerBlog's scripting features should be right up your alley. Richard developed a Plop to ping Sweet!

If you're in the mood for a new blogging tool and you're a total Windows gear-head PowerBlog should be on your short list of options.
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Movie line of the week. - [8:02 AM]

Hot buttered popcorn and a movie, ahhh!
Good morning movie line guessers! (Is that a word? It is now.)

I had a movie line picked out last week but I thought it was too generic, so here's what you're stuck with today...

Not the cheese, the keys!

Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here.

We're constantly quoting this line around the house. I told the family the line this morning and they all guess it correctly. Hopefully someone out there will get it!
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Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Y.A.B.T. - [8:06 AM]

PowerBlog logoYet Another Blogging Tool. Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Jon Davis. Richard and I met him for lunch and we discussed his up-and-comer blog publishing system, PowerBlog. If you're in the market for a new blogging system PowerBlog is definitely worth consideration. It currently supports the Blogger API and is scriptable using either VBScript or JavaScript. You can manage any number of Blogs and create your own publishing mechanisms, called Plops, if you'd like to do custom processing for either your blog or your posts. Jon's working feverishly to finish version 1.0 by month's end. If you're interested you can download an alpha version from his website, or you can just wait a while and get a shipping version. Give Jon a hand completing his new creation by sending him feedback, and your ideas of the perfect publishing system! He's willing to listen and who knows, your idea may end up in the product.

More on CSS

Thanks Tyler and Bill for your CSS help. I think I found what I'm looking for on glish, Bill thanks for the reminder. It's not fluid like I'd like but it doesn't behave too badly either. There's nothing worse, IMHO, than boxes overlapping when you scrunch up the window. The 3 column example is nice but it does the overlapping boxes thing I'm talking about, and the nested float example is nice as well. I'm probably going to be looking for the right choice for quite a while. I've been experimenting with CSS on my Radio site, and I'll continue until I can find the right layout. Thanks again guys.
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Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Howdy doody - [8:42 AM]

Everybody loves Pixar, right? I know I do. Toy Story was absolutely fabulous and raised the bar on animated movie making. For those of you that have put your money where your mouth is and have bought into the company here's a little story that might be worth a read. They still have a deal with Disney to produce films but once that's over they can either make it on their own, get Disney to keep "helping" them, or go down in a blaze of glory! I'd like to think they've amassed so much knowledge, not to mention re-usable parts and pieces, that they'll be able to go it on their own and continue to create brilliant movies for less and in less time.

Hey Pixar! If anyone there picks up on this you should team with OddWorld Inhabitants and do an animated film based on their brilliant games! (I know, I know, the chances of someone at Pixar or OddWorld reading this site are slim and none, and slim left town.)

More CSS dreams

I'm still trying to figure out how to best transform this site into a three column site completely built using CSS. I've seen some examples of sites using three column layout but they don't seem to size very well. I'd like a 25%, 50%, 25% split on the columns. Does anyone know of a place to grab an existing .CSS file and just use it? Steve, of Rodent Regatta, would like some help as well. This stuff is still too darned difficult. You shouldn't have to be a designer to make your site conform to web standards, right? Like I've said before it's easier to create a COM component, writing everything from scratch, in C++ than it is to make your web site look good. Maybe I'm just too stupid to figure it out.

Attention Radio Heads

Radio UserLand logoI've just discovered the beauty of routing categories in Radio. It's wonderful. I have a question for the Radio experts of the world. I'd like to have my site become a combination of story and weblog. I'd like my category to post a single entry on the main page, I'm sure that's an easy setting to change, but I'd like to archive a bit differently. I want my post archives to be archived kind of like a story.

Instead of archiving like this...


I'd like it to archive like this...


Please tell me this can be done. I know it can because Radio is so darned extensible. Has anyone done it? Would you be willing to share? Enquiring minds want to know.
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Monday, August 19, 2002

Good Mornin' Y'All! - [7:58 AM]

What a great weekend! We decided it was time to get away from the heat and the generally icky poo-poo air of the Valley and head to the coast. We spent Friday night at the Apple Farm Inn in San Luis Obispo and all day Saturday walking the streets downtown. What a beautiful city! If you live in California and want to get away for a couple of days I'd highly recommend the Apple Farm Inn and San Luis in general. The food was outstanding. Wonderful home style dishes, like sliced turkey with mashed potato and gravy! Mmmmmm, makes my mouth water just thinking about it. If you visit make sure you have an apple dumpling, it's their speciality! I wish we had a couple more days to explore but we had to get back home. Kim wanted to stay forever, who can blame her?
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