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Friday, August 30, 2002

Happy 14th Haileigh - [10:43 AM]

Happy Birthday Hazy

Happy Birthday Haileigh!!

Wow! 14-years old, in high school. You're growing up to darned fast. Where's the little girl with the curly hair that used to be afraid of dungadators under the bed?

I'm gettin' old, really darned old.
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Movie line of the week answer - [7:28 AM]

I guess yesterday's line was a complete stumper, even the venerable Steven Vore didn't guess (probably felt bad about winning for a third week in a row, right Steven?) There was one real guess, but it was incorrect.
Runaway Bride movie poster
Here's the real answer.

Runaway Bride

I know, I know.... it's a chick flick, but it's a darned good one! These lines come as Ellie and Fisher are standing outside the church watching Maggie board a FedEx truck. Once again Maggie gets away! Good movie.
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Thursday, August 29, 2002

Grrrrrrr!! - [3:53 PM]

I love baseball, I love softball. When you get a bit older you typically move from playing baseball to playing slowpitch softball. It's super competitive and just as much fun as when you were a kid. You know what they say "The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys." That expression couldn't ring more true about now. Let me explain. I'm the manager of a local men's league team and I play on another team once a week. Being dubbed manager means you have to deal with all the junk. Before our game, about a month ago, one of the ladies with the Parks and Recreation Department approached me with a piece of paper and said "You need to read this, and sign here before you can play tonight. Here's your copy." I'm thinking great, what's this? It was a list of banned bats just released by the ASA. My only concern at the time was that my bat wasn't on the list, and it wasn't, but plenty of other bats were. These bats aren't cheap and a lot of guys can't really afford to go out and buy a new one every season. Luckily our team wasn't hit at all. But there's more to the story. Today I get a call from a guy on the team. He says "The ASA banned more bats today." Swell. So I head up to the website and find that my bat is NOW on the list, the very first bat listed, the DeMarini Doublewall Distance along with a couple of Worth models used by teammates. I can't imagine what this is going to do to the manufacturers, not to mention those guys that had to beg, borrow, and steal to get nice bats.

Come on ASA, give us a break!
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Ten year old code... - [8:38 AM]

Another slow morning. Build's busted. Sigh...

Lawrence Lessig continues to hammer on the 10-year copyright that includes releasing the source code after those 10-years. I'm not so sure 10-year old code would be all that useful. Oh sure some of it would be but by and large most of it's been "turned over", like a farmer tilling his fields before planting. Refactoring of code, OS updates, and compiler changes lead to better more efficient code bases. So in the end 10-year old code wouldn't be worth a hill of beans, IMHO.

Here's some 10-year old code, how many Windows developers have written this time and time again.


HGLOBAL hSomething = GlobalAlloc(GHND, sizeof(SOMESTRUCT));

lpSomeStruct = (LPSOMESTRUCT)GlobalLock(hSomething);
lpSomeStruct->memberInt = 10;

/* And later when you're done with the memory. */

Today you'd never write code like that, it's just not necessary. Today you'd do something like this instead.

lpSomeStruct->memberInt = 10;

// And later when you're done with the memory.
delete lpSomeStruct;

So how many current windows developers out there even understand the need for GlobalAlloc/GlobalFree and GlobalLock/GlobalUnlock? In the end forcing the release of code is a bad idea anyway and it'll never fly.
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Movie line of the week. - [7:34 AM]

Watchin' it on the big screen!We watched the movie this line comes from on Tuesday night. Are you movie buff enough to guess it? Come on, I know you can do it.

Actor #1: Where is she going?

Actor #2: I don't know, but she'll be there by 10:30 tomorrow morning.

Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here.
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Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Manila meet PowerBlog... - [3:16 PM]

Looks like Jon is on the right track. He's just made a change to PowerBlog that allows him to talk with Manila sites. Sweet!
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Redesign and all that... - [8:00 AM]

Well I can't hold back any longer! I've been wanting to redesign this site for quite some time and you got a small glimpse yesterday of things to come, I HOPE!

So, like I said, I can't hold back. Here's a sneak peek at the direction this site is heading. Kevin, A.K.A. The Digital Creative, is just blowing me away with his ideas. This is prototype #1, with absolutely ZERO direction from me. I'm stunned, I want it, oh yes, I want it! That rocks dude!

This is why I'm not a site designer, I'll leave that to the pros like Kevin.

If you're in the market for a professionally designed site you may want to give Kevin a jingle, he's quick and very thoughtful in his design.
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Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Lincoln or San Fran? - [3:28 PM]

So is Evan doing a little soul searching? When I see posts like his I think back to the day the family and I lived in Seattle. Every visit back to the Exeter area held special meaning. Everything was prettier, newer, and more exciting. Eating at our favorite restaurants was always priority #1. So my question for you Evan... do you want to go back to Nebraska? When my wife posed that question about moving back home to California my answer was "No way!" But now that we're back I would be hard pressed to live anywhere else.

Could you run Blogger from Nebraska? Better yet, could you run Blogger for less from Nebraska and have a better quality of life? Sometimes life in the "big city" is just busier not better. When you read things like "Not sure when I'm coming home. Not in a hurry." it makes me wonder if you're not already home? Curious.
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Thanks Kevin! - [11:11 AM]

Apple core, who's your friend!This site has been in need of a facelift for quite a while. I have all kinds of ideas but I lack the skills to actually pull it off. It's nice to know someone like Mr. Kevin Medeiros because he isn't lacking in web design and graphics design skills. I asked if he could change my title logo and provided him with some general direction, e.g. gotta have the apple core and text, and he gave me what I was looking for right outta the gate! It's a nice start, but let's see if it can go to the next level.

Thanks Kevin, it looks great!
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Congratulations Apple - [8:29 AM]

It looks like Jaguar did quite well over the weekend! Great job guys!

More on baseball

Rodent Regatta: "Let's permanently strike. Take every dime that you've spent watching or supporting professional baseball and give that to your favorite college's baseball program. Before you know it, we'll have America's pastime back where it belongs!" - I couldn't agree more Steve. The problem is there are die hard fans that just won't give it up, which I can understand. I LOVE BASEBALL myself. The question is how does one get the fans to unite and drive the message home? If these guys decide to strike we're not going to have a World Series and the season will be a disaster. Baseball, like all professional sports, needs radical change. The owners don't have any power over the players, which IMHO they should have all the power (let the flames begin). I have NO power over my employer, why should over paid baseball players have so much power over their employer? I think the thing that chaps my hide more than anything is how much importance we put on athletes vs. the real world. Teachers are so underpaid and overlooked in our society. Would half of the Major League play ball if they made $50,000.00 per year? The answer is 'No', of course they wouldn't. But a teacher would probably be thrilled to start a teaching position at that pay. Doesn't that seem wrong? Then you have punks like Barry Bonds who think they're something special because they can drive a ball 400 ft. The man has perpetual foot-in-mouth disease. When asked how he thought fans would react to the strike, he replied with something like... "I can't help it if they can't play ball". Nice Barry, real nice. Punk.

I've lost my train of thought and I'm rambling. Back to work.

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Monday, August 26, 2002

Combo Phone/PDA - [10:38 AM]

Wow! I saw this little baby yesterday afternoon while we were waiting for a seat at our favorite Mexican restaurant. I couldn't resist walking up to the man, much to the chagrin of my wife, and asking what OS the device ran on and where he got it.

The device is from Audiovox, and it's called Thera.

This one has just jumped to the top of my wish list. The $799.00 list price is a bit much, but it is definitely cool!
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Go ahead and strike! - [7:35 AM]

The perfect swing.There so darned much going on in the world today. I say to professional baseball "Go ahead and strike!", I'll never go to another game if you do. Who needs professional baseball when we have kids that play like pros? If you caught any of the Little League World Series games over the last couple of weeks you know what I'm talking about. A bunch of kids having the time of their life playing a game they absolutely love! That's the way it's supposed to be. Fun.

I'd like to congratulate Visalia Youth Baseball 12-year-old All-Stars on their Cal Ripken World Series championship! Way to go guys, woo-hoo. You're the talk of the town.
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