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Saturday, November 09, 2002

A year ago - [1:49 PM]

One year ago today I was finishing up my trip to Sweden.
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Good Morning from The San Joaquin Valley! - [11:58 AM]

Congratulations Richard!

It looks like Mr. Caetano will be starting a new and exciting job December 19th! Excellent! Richard and I have talked quite a bit about his new opportunity and I can tell you it's really the best possible situation he could be in. His new company is doing some bleeding edge stuff, seriously bleeding edge, and he's going to be right in the thick of it. I'm not going to give it away here, I'll let him describe his new position when he sees fit. So hurry up and talk about it Richard! It's very exciting stuff! Once again, congratulations Richard!
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Friday, November 08, 2002

Movie line of the week answer - [8:31 AM]

Like I said yesterday the movie line was going to be tough to guess because it was from a very old movie. I didn't really expect any guesses, much less a correct guess, but someone surprised me!

Robert Dodd came through with the winning answer not long after the line was posted. Way to go Robert! It was from a fantastic Don Knotts movie...

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

If you get the opportunity I'd recommend you rent this film. It's from a time when movies were movies. Very entertaining and Don Knotts was his typical self, a complete crack up.

Are you ready for war?

This mornings announcement that the U.N. Security Council passed our proposed resolution really opens the door. It looks like Iraq has a week to comply or there could be pretty monstrous consequences. Apparently President Bush as promised he'll go back to the U.N. before attacking but I think it's inevitable at this point. I certainly hope I'm wrong.
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Thursday, November 07, 2002

Movie line of the week. - [8:45 AM]

Good morning movie line guessers! First things first! It's raining here in The Great San Joaquin Valley! It's our first storm of the fall, so it's a big deal. We haven't had any measurable rainfall since May. Everything is getting a much needed soaking and it smells wonderful outside. What a way to start the day!
Hot buttered popcorn and a movie, ahhh!
I had thought up a great line for everyone when Kim and I were having lunch on Tuesday, but I've already forgotten what it was. Bummer. So on the way to work this morning between thoughts about what I was going to work on, the upcoming alumni football game, and trying to decide if I should attempt to play an upcoming softball tournament on a bum leg I thought of a movie I absolutely LOVED as a kid. Kim bought this movie for me a few years back because I had talked about how much I'd enjoyed it. We shared it with the kids because it was a scary movie they could deal with; it's not really scary, more of a comedy. I'll give you a small clue to help get you started. The film was made in 1966, a year before my birth.

Here's the line...

Calm? Calm?! Do calm and murder go together?! CALM and MURDER?!

Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here.
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Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Good Mornin' Y'All - [8:58 AM]

Wired News: What if everyone in Manhattan had wireless access? It's not far off says wireless evangelist Marcos R. Lara, who just completed a study of the city's networks. - Wireless for everyone is my dream for our little town, Exeter. I don't see why we couldn't pull it off and do it in a cost effective way. Form a co-op and spread wireless access points around downtown for starters and run a T1 to it. Each member of the co-op pays an even amount toward the cost of the T1, the more that join the less it costs (T1 price/subscribers). I know at some point the pipe would start to clog and you'd have to make a decision about how to fix it, but you could burn that bridge when you get there! It's a nice dream even if it never happens.

Rob's Softball Page: We lost, again! - Nuff said.

News Aggregators

When I purchased Radio back in January I'd originally thought I'd replace Blogger with it. I finally decided to keep ATC as a Blogger powered page and use Radio for other websites. At first I didn't use the News Aggregator but once I discovered it I'm not sure how I ever got along without it! If you don't use a News Aggregator I'd recommend giving one a try, and please publish your site in RSS so those of us that do can take advantage of the power it affords us. Thanks.

Speaking of RSS feeds

A while back I asked Glen Reynolds, of Instapundit, if he'd publish his RSS feed and he didn't really get why that was important. So if you're interested in a feed I found RSS here, or RDF here, I don't think he's aware of their existence?

UPDATE: Apparently he IS aware of them! I just noticed the links on his site, my mistake, sorry! I hadn't really paid attention to his navigation bar in a very long time, darn. But it's nice to see he has feeds and is publishing their locations. Excellent!
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Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Cross Platform - [5:31 PM]

SlashDot: "What tools and strategies can we use to increase our productivity and regain our competitive advantage, without going for Windows only?" - I don't have an answer for this gentleman and neither do most of the folks posting. This is a super tough question to answer. When I worked at Frame we had to support SunOS, Solaris, HPUX, AIX, Windows and Mac all with one code base. Well defined systems can bare this sort of burden but it ain't easy!

I love most of the answers for the question. Use Perl, use Python, use Java. This is definitely not an answer to the problem. Changing languages won't help a bit, what about all the legacy code built into the current system? Sure you could start replacing pieces of the system, but with another language? Defining a line between functionality required of your core engine and the GUI that sits on top of it is probably part of what the system needs. Legacy stuff can be a bear to port and maintain. Beyond that they're probably going to find that a well defined set of developer guidelines coupled with conscientious coders will be their best bet. Windows is a great platform to write and debug code on but at some point that code is going to have to run in another environment. I hope this team has invested a good deal of time writing nicely defined libraries to abstract the OS from the product. That's easier said than done.

Good luck guys! To me portable code is truly the most amazing code.
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DOH! - [9:29 AM]

Yesterday I asked for ideas to help me move along the healing process for my hammy and J.D. Roth answered with good advice, use R.I.C.E. to make it better. Yep, that's right RICE; Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. I'd started out with that technique for the first couple of days after my injury but have since stopped. I'm trying to massage the area and stretch it as much as I can but it's still very sore. Last night I did a Google search for pulled hamstring which lead me to a really nice sports therapy site with descriptions of the different injury degrees for hamstring strains. I'm somewhere between a Grade 1 and a Grade 2 strain, although most of my symptoms fit the Grade 1 strain. It's been just over a week since the injury and I'm not sure I'll play softball tonight because of it. Oh well... I need to heal it up so I can play in The Turkey Shootout Softball Tournament on November 16th.

Weird thing about this whole deal was reading J.D.'s site this morning, it looks like he injured his knee last night. OUCH! Take care J.D!
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Monday, November 04, 2002

Happy Monday! - [8:52 AM]

Good morning from the great San Joaquin Valley in Central California! I had a nice quiet weekend, vegged a bit on Saturday, and help my wife paint 80% of our hallway. Sunday was the beginning of an annual event here in Exeter. The Exeter vs. Woodlake alumni football game. It's always fun to get back on the field and knock the stuffing out of each other. Yea! I'm hoping my bum leg will be healed by then. Does anyone know how to help the healing process for a strained hamstring? I'd really like to know. I've never pulled, or strained, a muscle and this thing has been hurting for over a week now. Yesterday at practice it let me know it wasn't ready to be used. Anywho if you have some suggestions drop me a line.

A year ago

Last year on this date I was in Oslo, Norway. What an incredibly beautiful country! The trip was grueling but it's something I won't soon forget. We spent the day in Norway then jumped a plane that night to Stockholm, Sweden, where we spent the rest of the week. Both Microsoft subsidiaries we visited were a joy to meet with. Super wonderful people. It's hard to believe it's been a year!

Sad note

Most high schools have some kind of rival school. The little towns of Exeter and Woodlake have been duking it out on the gridiron since 1918, a very long rivalry. Woodlake has had a superb football program for a number of years because of one man, Leo Robinson. Coach Robinson's teams have won numerous Valley Championships in the small schools division over the years and he's always been well respected by his peers, players, and the community. Yesterday our community lost coach Robinson. He will be greatly missed.
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