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Saturday, November 23, 2002

Correction... - [4:24 PM]

Make that four friends using Dreamweaver MX for a living!

Welcome back from COMDEX Robert, I expect to see some posting real soon about the experience. The good, the bad, and the ugly.
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Friday, November 22, 2002

Dreamweaver MX - [1:08 PM]

I have three friends that make a living off of Dreamweaver MX and it looks like it's found a new friend in Steven Vore. I've heard nothing but good things about this product. I played with it a bit a few weeks ago and I'm very impressed. I also hear it has a VERY loyal user base. Great job Macromedia!
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What Christian Theologian are you? - [11:19 AM]

According to this quiz.... I'm John Wesley.

"What a mystery is this, that Christianity should have done so little good in the world!
Can any account of this be given? Can any reasons be assigned for it?"
You are John Wesley!

When things don't sit well with you, you make a big production and argue your way through everything.
You complain a lot, but, at least you are a thinker and not afraid to show it. You are also pretty
liked by people, and pretty methodological about your life and goals. You know where you're going.
Some people find you irritating, so watch out for people leaving you out of things they do.

What theologian are you?

A creation of Henderson

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Movie line of the week answer - [9:55 AM]

Good morning movie line guessers, all two of you!

Yesterday's movie line should be easy for those of you that call the 80's "your time". Our winner is J.D. Roth. Congratulations J.D!
Sixteen Candles Movie Poster
The correct answer is...

Sixteen Candles

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The religion of peace? - [9:49 AM]

Islam. It supposed to be a peaceful religion but each and every day crazy hoardes murder innocent people in the name of Allah. It seems like Extremist Muslim's seems to be on a rampage since 9/11. So yesterday and today we hear news of 100's dead because The Miss World Beauty Contest is being held in their city, and they're killing anyone they suspect to be Christian. Turn the clock back a few hundred years and what you see is similiar behavior, is this the beginning of a modern day crusade?
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Thursday, November 21, 2002

New read - [2:37 PM]

I just discovered Cass McNutt's ThoughtsOnFaith, a sister site to ThoughtsOnThinking.

I especially like this entry.
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Movie line of the week - [9:48 AM]

Roll film!My goodness! Is it Thursday already?

As you can tell I'm a little out of sorts today. I didn't know it was movie line time! So here goes, courtesy of Robert Dodd...

What's a happenin a hot stuff?

Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here.
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Head scratchin' - [9:42 AM]

John Robb has some interesting links for us today. The first is a link to a Fortune article that's frightening, and the second really leaves me scratching my head. Have you seen the Saudi Arabia commercials? They may be our friends but why do so many wacko's come out of there? What is it about that country that turns out wealthy nutters like Osama bin Laden? (Yes I know the same can be said of the US, we too turn out our own breed of nutters like Timothy McVeigh so that statement is really unfair)

If it does come to war with Iraq, which looks more and more likely each passing day, will the Saudi's support an allied invasion?
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Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Smart Displays - [9:41 AM]

This is it. This is exactly the device I'm looking for, Smart Displays. It's the perfect idea for my household. I'd love to go out and buy a nice inexpensive PC and at least two Smart Displays for the family. I watch my wife drag the laptop out each night, pull the phone line into the living room, plug it in, start up the box, check her e-mail, play some games, and then she has to undo those first three steps. She goes through this each night just so she can check her e-mail and play some games. It would be nice to keep one of these displays in the living room for all to have easy access to and since it's connected to the PC that's sitting in the next room via a wireless connection we'd always have access to the net and could go sit down at the main PC for more "serious" work, like writing papers (if the smart display isn't good for that?)

The only problem with the devices I can see is their price. They're as expensive as a PC, starting at $999.00US for the 12 inch panel and 1,299.00US for the 15 inch. So until those prices come down they won't sell too many. If I could get one for the price of a handheld, between $250.00 - $500.00 I would definitely consider owning one. Tech gizmos are still, unfortunately, for folks with money to burn. For now we'll live with laptop solution.


Last night's game was interesting, to say the least.
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Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Please - [5:11 PM]

CNet News: "Xbox Live not for everyone" - I really, really, hate it when CNet does crap like this. They make it sound like the end-user is getting the shaft because they've purchased mod chip for their XBox and now it doesn't work on XBox Live. It's a closed system folks, just like Sony PlayStation and Nintendo GameCube. If you want to do legit games sign up as a developer and do it the right way. That said I do feel sorry for the guy that's having trouble with his CD, we should help him IMHO. And as for the cry that it doesn't work with AOL, well it's up to AOL to allow XBox into their network, that has nothing to do with Microsoft.

A quick tally shows that two out of three complaints in the article are bogus.
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I love the net - [12:42 PM]

Post a call for help, and POW!

E-mail from Steven Vore on how to kick Radio's News Aggregator.
Tools, Developers, QuickScript
xml.aggregator.readAllServices ()
wait a minute or three, then Control-F5 in your browser's
Thanks Steven!
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Happy 10th Birthday Visio! - [11:21 AM]

I'm surprised, very surprised. Unless I missed it there was no celebration for Visio's 10th birthday? While re-organizing our closet this weekend I found my personalized copy of Visio 1.0 that has a sticker on the bottom of the box. The sticker includes my name, the number of the box as it came off the assembly line, and the date it was created. That date was November 2, 1992. So happy 10th birthday Visio, and long live the FOUR shapes!
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Radio Aggregator Trouble? - [9:34 AM]

Does anyone know how to kick Radio's News Aggregator to FORCE it to update? According to my Desktop Homepage the aggregator updated at 9:00AM but when I go to the News Page it's still showing stuff from last night at 10:00PM? So I guess it's not the aggregator as much as it's the page that's supposed to display the news items. Anyone else experiencing this? Drop me a line if you have an answer. Thanks!

UPDATE: Nevermind, it seems to have fixed itself. DOH!
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Monday, November 18, 2002

49ers and Visio - [1:14 PM]

WOW! One of our PM's just sent out an e-mail pointing to a sweet use of Visio. The San Francisco 49ers apparently use a customized Visio solution, from a company called Helium, to review their defensive game plan. This is totally awesome! I wonder if they'll give me a copy to use for our upcoming Alumni game?
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Good Mornin' - [9:08 AM]

It was nice and quiet around the Fahrni household this weekend, it's nice to do that once in a while. I am a bit jealous however! My youngest daughter managed to see Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets on Friday night then caught the Santa Clause 2 on Sunday. She said both movies were excellent, but the new Potter was much scarier than the last one.

Old Friends

I've talked quite a bit about our annual Alumni. We've been gearing up for about three weeks now and all that time we've been missing a key ingredient to the team, a gent by the name of David Cole (David M. Cole, not the David P. Cole I work with). Our coach couldn't track him down. Saturday night I was finally able to get ahold of him to make sure he got his butt out on the field by yesterday's cutoff date, if you didn't make it by yesterday you wouldn't get to play. So yesterday at practice he tells me he did a search on Dogpile for Woodlake Tigers, or something like that, and this site ranked in the top of the search! DOH!

He also mentioned that I forgot to give him credit for breaking my nose two years ago. I think I hit him just as hard as he hit me but I'm sure he'd have a different story for you. There's your credit David, this year we'll have to make sure to line up against each other during hitting drills.


On Saturday night the Exeter Monarch Ladies Varsity Volleyball team won their first Valley Championship! WOW! What an incredible achievement. Now it's off to the Southern California Division III state playoffs!

Go Lady Monarchs!
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