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Friday, January 03, 2003

Movie line of the week answer - [10:45 AM]

Something Wicked This Way Comes movie posterWell, well, well! I actually got three attempts yesterday, two were correct. The hint allowed a couple of folks to Google out the answer! Our winner is Mr. Folded Space himself, J.D. Roth. Congratulations J.D!

Here's the answer...

Something Wicked This Way Comes.

Great flick, IMHO.
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Thursday, January 02, 2003

Scary - [3:03 PM]

My brother relates a VERY scary story from New Year's eve. I'm glad everyone is ok. You hear about this kind of stuff all the time but never think it'll happen to you.
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Movie line of the week - [11:39 AM]

And.... ACTION!Today's movie line is going to be quite a challenge, a good challenge to start off a nice shiny new year!

Got your thinking caps on? Let's get started...

Then rang the bells both loud and deep. God is not dead nor doth he sleep.

Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here.

Zero guesses wouldn't surprise me in the least, this is super tough. Hint: It's my favorite film.
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Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Hand drawn Frackle? - [4:31 PM]

David P. Cole, a.k.a. Mr. Coleman -OR- Mr. cOLE, rocks! Check out the hand drawn frackle(yes you read it right, it's a frackle).

They both look rather nice David.
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Missing cats? - [11:46 AM]

If you don't love animals just skip this in favor of something more exciting.

Our family loves animals, every one of us. I'm always teasing my wife that if I ever croaked she'll be known as the lady on D Street with all the cats. Last week our youngest cat Maximus, we call him Max, went missing. That night he didn't come home when my wife called him like he normally does. We haven't seen him since. This morning I get a call from Kim asking if I've seen Jack another one of our cats. Nope, didn't see him this morning. He likes to prowl so it's not uncommon for him to stay gone all day but he's usually ready to come inside right before bed, or first thing in the morning. No Jack this morning, I thought he was already inside. So that's two cats gone in less than a week. Sounds like someone is taking cats from our neighborhood! I hope, I really do hope, it's just someone trapping them and taking them to the "pound". If that's the case Kim will find them this afternoon when she goes to check.

It's disturbing to lose an animal. These guys are a part of the family. They love to curl up with you at night and are there to greet you in the morning. I've had a couple of dreams about finding Max. Yep I'm worried for them. Hopefully we'll find them safe and sound very soon.
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I totally disagree - [9:55 AM]

Wow, I've finally found something I disagree with RC about. He doesn't like commenting in code. WOW! That's a shocker. The reason I disagree is because I've been working on a large code base for some time and at times if it wasn't for the comments I wouldn't have a clue what's going on. Maybe that's just because our brains are wired differently? I dunno. What I do know is the flow of a large app can take so many twists and turns through sub-systems that it can be quite confusing to understand. Of course you don't need to comment char* name; because you know what it is, but comments are quite useful at times.

As for title comments those can be used as documentation. If the header is setup properly you could extract the text within it and generate a stub for documentation or a web page that helps other developers understand how to properly use a class. Ever use MSDN? Sometimes a class may have goofy behavior because of it's subject matter and you need to establish a contract with the client of that class. What better way to do it then with comments in the code?

I do it because I can't remember what I was thinking two days ago much less six months to a year from now. I'm on the other side of the fence, use comments where they make sense and be descriptive. Make sure they stay up-to-date.

If we ever work together RC I'm going to drive you crazy, unless the official stance on comments is defined.
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Monday, December 30, 2002

Adventures in C# - [9:48 AM]

I've been working in a C/C++/Win32 SDK kind of world for eleven years now, that's VERY hard to believe. Time flies when you're having fun. Computing is taking another step in the right direction with the .NET CLR and the C# language and it's time I started messin' with it.

I think it's nice to pick a pet project to work on when learning a new language. Real stuff is always better to work on then "Hello World" and in the end you usually have something that's useful in your daily life. This time I've decided to re-think an old hunk of code my brother and I started working on in 1999 for his personal use, namely a pharmacokinetics calculator (what a mouthful!)

Anywho I started work on it last night and I'm finding that C# is a pure joy to work in. I have so darned much to learn and this project should result in a lean assembly for use in a Windows GUI app, an app that runs in a browser(ASPX), and hopefully a SOAP/XML-RPC based service! We'll see, first things first and all of that. Right now I'll be happy to get the assembly and test app up and running.

Milestone One(M1): Work on the design. It's not very object oriented now but I have some good ideas and with my brothers help we could create some very useful classes that will serve the client (Jay, my brother) well. I'm currently working on vanco bolus doses. The goal for M1 is to get vanco bolus dosing working and working well both from a design perspective as well as a functional perspective. The object hierarchy created to do that will define the course taken for the entire assembly. There are at least four categories of dosing we'd started to create with the other application, this one should support those as well.

Last night I started by creating a VancoBolus class (object) that knows how to initialize and calculate a dose based on parameters fed to the object in it's constructor. The class currently has one method, CalcDose (this will be common to all types of dosing). The CalcDose method returns a VancoBolusDose object that can then be used to calculate the desired regimen, probably returning a VancoRegimen object. Doses are calculated in a couple of different steps and I don't know what those are called or if these steps even have a formal name so this class hierarchy could change dramatically, but it's a good start and the basic hierarchy is flexible and serves the other three dosing types as well. As far as I can tell those are the only real classes necessary to create the entire assembly. It's starting out to be a good lesson in the .NET CLR and C# although I'm already having a hard time breaking all my C/C++ habits, just general syntax issues, but it's fun.

Here's to completing it in the new year, hopefully sooner rather than later.
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