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Friday, February 14, 2003

Iraq - [4:27 PM]

Instapundit: "Poor guy. He actually thinks the antiwar movement cares about Iraqis, when, really, it's just an excuse to oppose George Bush and America." - I myself don't want to see a war, no sir. It's never ever going to be the right way to deal with things. However, if you read what the Iraqi Doctor has to say it makes you think twice, doesn't it? There are so many questions left unanswered. We all will lose either way. You know as well as I Saddam Hussein has weapons that could cause major damage. He's been playing games all along. You know it.

As for the French and Germans. Well they've both been to war on their own soil and had their butts kicked. I'd imagine that would leave you a bit gun shy, wouldn't it? The Germans are the most surprising of the two. They have a dark history, a history we don't like to talk about, but it's there none-the-less. Genocide. I'm a bit surprised they'd turn their backs on this sort of behavior. Saddam Hussein is a modern day Hitler. He and he alone needs to be stopped. Find a way to stop him without war. That's our best option.
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Movie line of the week answer - [9:25 AM]

The American President movie posterOk so yesterday's movie line was too easy. That's ok, come back next week.

The American President

All in all I thought it was a great flick.

Our winner was J.D. Roth, or as we all know and love him, Mr. Folded Space. Congratulations J.D! (Hey what does the J.D. stand for anyway?)
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Thursday, February 13, 2003

Squish, squish... - [5:32 PM]

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Twenty? - [11:48 AM]

Happy Birthday Arnab, dang just twenty years old.

Man... to be twenty again.
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Disappointment - [9:11 AM]

Well it looks like my 'campaign' to become the Knight Bus driver for Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban has failed miserably. They're already doing some pre-production work and it looks like they've filmed some of the Knight Bus scenes.

Bummer. Maybe I can get a job on Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire?
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Movie line of the week - [9:06 AM]

Roll film!I'd actually decided on a great movie line last night... now I can't remember which one it was? Sigh...

This line was in the running as well and I can actually remember it! So here goes...

My name is Andrew Shepherd and I AM the President.

Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here.
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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Road trip - [11:06 AM]

I love long road trips. When we lived in Seattle we would make at least two trips a year back to see the folks in California and we always traveled I-5. Since we've been back in California we haven't made that many trips back to Seattle via the road. I was traveling up once a month for a week at a time but I almost always flew. Most folks seem to hate long road trips, not me, they're very exciting. You get to see the countryside, eat at interesting diners, have plenty of time to think about random stuff, and if you're blessed enough you get to have long wonderful conversations with someone you love. I miss our road trips. I think we're going to have to find an excuse to take one, maybe not to Seattle, but I'm definitely in the mood for one. Half the fun of going somewhere is the road trip!

The reason I mention all this is because Dave is moving across the country, to Boston to be exact, and he says he's going to drive over! How exciting! If you don't have a trip buddy I'd strongly recommend getting one. If I didn't need to be around at the end of March I'd volunteer, no joke. I'll bet it's going to be a fun trip. Just remember to take your camera and enjoy the scenery as much as you possibly can.
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The Travelers - [9:40 AM]

Dave is in Boston, Caetano is in San Francisco, and Snell is hanging out in New York. I guess it's time to travel?

The first Harvard weblog meeting must have been a huge success? It's crickets over at Scripting News (9:00 AM PST). You didn't go pub'in after the meeting did you Dave?
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Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Tonight @ Harvard - [9:42 AM]

Scripting News: "A reminder, tonight we're having a live session here at Harvard." - I hope the house is packed with curious folks. I know I'd love to be there, it sounds like it'll be very interesting.

In case you haven't see it yet Dave has setup a Harvard blogs site using Manila. I checked into Manila about a year and a half ago and loved it. The only problem was the price tag. For one person $900.00 (I believe that was the price?) a year was bit much. BUT we still have Radio for personal weblogging. I like the Manila idea, blog from anywhere, and it is VERY powerful. It's worth a look if you're trying to setup a blogging solution within your company, or you're an ISP wanting to open the weblogging gates to your subscribers.

Are there any ISP's out there that offer weblogging support as part of their services? I don't know of any? Might be a nice way to differentiate yourself in a competitive market.
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Monday, February 10, 2003

PowerBlog news - [7:46 PM]

PowerBlog.NET: "In case you haven't noticed, the price of PowerBlog Personal Edition has dropped from $19.95 to $9.95." - WOW! This is a great deal Jon! I'm telling you if you'd like to look at an alternative client weblogging tool take a look at Jon's PowerBlog. He's been very, very cooperative. He's open to suggestions and he's working very hard to make PowerBlog as solid as he possibly can. I have PB here on my desktop and I'm using it for my other site, which I haven't used too much yet, and I'm also using it to post to my Radio weblog. Yep, that's right, it works with Radio. If you're a Radio user and want to know how to get it working just drop me a line and I'll tell you how. PB should work with any blogging system that supports the Blogger API and I'm trying to convince Jon to support the MetaWeblog API as well.

Any MovableType folks out there want to give it a whirl? I'm sure it would work there as well. Troy?

Keep up the good work Jon, I'm sold!
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And why exactly would you want that? - [1:38 PM]

MacSlash: "X11 for Mac OS X Public Beta v0.2" - Why? The only possible reason I could come up with is "Because I can". That's often times the answer to my silly experiments or questions about goofy stuff nobody in their right mind would want. X11? Ick, have you every messed with X? Unless things have changed dramatically in the past eight or so years I'd have a hard time going back to X. Just my humble opinion mind you.
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Spring like - [8:57 AM]

The San Joaquin Valley is known for it's mild temperatures but the weather we're experiencing now is nothing short of amazing! It's been very cool, for us, overnight with lows at or below freezing but our daytime highs are reaching into the mid 60's! But all that's going to change so I'm going to enjoy it while I can. It's supposed to be an El Niņo year so we're probably going to have more rain than we'd like in the spring.

So if you're in the valley get outside while you still can. According to the weather man it's going to start raining Wednesday.
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Sunday, February 09, 2003

Caetano @ VS Live - [4:35 PM]

Richard is blogging his VS Live workshops, excellent!

I'm jealous. Last year I was there showing off Visio.
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Classic - [2:43 PM]

Once I was cornered by a bunch of OS/2 Warp freaks at Windows World asking why we didn't have a version of Visio for their OS. I made the mistake of telling them the truth, there wasn't enough demand for Visio on OS/2. I feared for my life. So I guess it's poetic justice that, based on this test, I'm OS/2 Warp. [via Snell]

Which OS are You?
Which OS are You?

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Bummer - [2:08 PM]

Location of Fahrni, Switzerland.Darn. I was hoping Sascha had been to Fahrni so he could tell me what it was like. Our family is a pretty tight knit clan and visited Fahrni last summer. If memory serves it was a four week tour of Europe starting in London and making it's way down to Fahrni for our family reunion. I wanted to go in the worst way but couldn't swing it.

It seems like we have the reunion there every 10-15 years so I'm hopeful there will be a next time. If there is I have to make it!

I'll have to look Sascha up so I can get a ride in his Barchetta!
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