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Friday, February 21, 2003

Harry Potter News - [10:51 AM]

BBCi: "Dumbledore and Sirius cast for Azkaban" - Mr. Harry PotterDarn. Sir Michael Gambon is completely wrong for the part of Dumbledore, in my humble opinion. He has the accent but he doesn't fit the physical description. Dumbledore is tall and thing, Michael Gambon is, well, pudgy. I guess you can shoehorn anyone into a role with Hollywood magic. He just wouldn't be my first choice for the part. That's a real bummer. On the other hand Gary Oldman as Sirius Black is encouraging because Oldman can do anything. I think he's a wonderful actor and fits the part well.

Will I be lined up for POA when it's finally released? You bet your buttons!
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Movie line of the week answer - [10:28 AM]

I threw out a bone yesterday thinking it would get more answers than it did. I got four, which is a bit puzzling? All four guesses were correct of course because it's not that tough a line to guess, at least I didn't think so?

The Blues Brothers movie posterOur winner was Mr. David Rogers, A.K.A. Time's Shadow. Congratulations David!

The correct answer is from 1980's...

The Blues Brothers

Maybe if I'd used the line "We're on a mission from God" more people would have guessed?
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Thursday, February 20, 2003

New DaveNet on Google/Blogger - [9:24 AM]

DaveNet: "So Google bought into this idea. Thanks Google, seriously." - Dave is without a doubt 100% right. Things are going to start changing so rapidly now we're all going to be stunned. Who's the next big deal? Will AOL buy UserLand, or maybe Apple should? It would be a nice offering for their .Mac service, don't you think? Will Microsoft buy MovableType for use on MSN? Only time will tell.

It's going to be fun watching this all shake out. Remember the pioneers and say thanks to them next time you run into one. I for one am thankful for all that Evan and Dave have done for this community.
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Movie line of the week. - [9:11 AM]

Cut, cut, cut!The CrabApples.NET Movie Line Research Team, or CANMLRT, was up late into the night digging tirelessly for a line from what I consider a classic!

So here it is... Two actors.

What kind of music do you usually have here?

Oh, we got both kinds. We got country *and* western.

Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here. If you don't know this one you haven't lived my friend!
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Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Busy, busy, busy.... - [11:21 AM]

I can't believe how busy things have gotten. Just when you think you couldn't stand doing anything more, you have more to do.

I have some questions to ask of the RSD crowd but I just don't have time to finish a 'draft' post I started yesterday. So it'll have to wait for another day. Sigh.

I see Microsoft is dabbling in the weblog world. [via Scripting News] Neat. It's odd working in a company larger than the town you live in, about six times larger. I don't have the slightest clue how to hookup with the folks doing the dabbling. Strange isn't it? It's funny how there's all this fuss over ASP.Net controls to do all this stuff. I'd think you'd want better abstraction than that? Richard was pretty high on EraBlog.NET, which is VERY sweet, but I'm surprised it's all about ASP.Net controls (at least that's what I think it's based on?). Personally I want an engine, a component, the ASP.Net control sweetness is just icing. I'd like a completely scriptable backend minus UI. It looks like you can use EraBlog that way? I'd better stop here and find out more about it when I have the time.
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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Around the web - [9:59 AM]

John Robb: "There is a strategy problem that defines this potential war that is worth exploring." - This is a nightmarish thought. I shudder to think what would happen if someone nuked N.Y.C. It would be on! I love reading John's site, especially when it comes to the potential war with Iraq. His military background gives him a very unique insight into this whole train wreck.

James Snell: "In the conversation I was having with my friend (prior to September 11th) we basically predicted the September 11th attacks." - Once again, scary! And James you're right about the whole war thing. It's more a matter of desirable and undesirable, not right and wrong. I'm hopeful for a peaceful solution but I know in my heart it's not going to happen. Hussein is a total nutter, but just smart enough to postpone the inevitable.

Richard Caetano: "Afterwards I saw Ari in the hallway signing the sales slip. I commented 'they really made you do it, huh?' He turned around and said, 'I hope I don't loose my job =)'." - Events like this are a tremendous amount of fun. Especially the dinners. I'm hoping I can inch my way into a show sometime in May.

My other blog: "Rob's goofy idea number 1,000,009" - My first attempt at a story. My original idea behind the blog you're reading was to become a better writer. I'm finding my biggest problem is patience. I don't have the patience to write everything I'd like to say. I wrote this last night while waiting for my build to hit a certain point so I could go home.
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Monday, February 17, 2003

Visio for Web Designers? - [9:46 AM]

Sure, why not? Check out this article on Boxes and Arrows for yet another great way to use Visio. [hat tip, Arnab Nandi]

It's funny that people have barely scratched the surface of Visio's power and versatility. I think there's an entire market of drawing types that have gone untapped. If you're an independent software developer and looking for something exciting to work on you should consider writing add-ons to Visio, no I'm not joking thank you very much. Visio is very extensible. You can write serious drawing and diagramming solutions on top of Visio. All of our content; stencils, templates, and add-ons, are written using the same model exposed to the general public. No magic here folks.

On the flip side I think we need Visio on the Mac, don't you? (I volunteer to port it, and I know someone that would help me)
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WOW! - [9:06 AM]

Congratulations Pyra!

Evan has sold the shop to Google. If you're going to see an internet property I couldn't think of a better company to sell to. This is a wonderful deal for Evan and Co. and for Blogger users, hopefully Google won't change things TOO much.

See what happens when you take a weekend off! I've been running hard since late December and I decided it was time for a weekend off. I really needed it and when I dialed in on Saturday and couldn't remote desktop into my dev box that was the straw that broke the proverbial camels back. So I turned the box off and worked outside in the yard. My house was beginning to look like something out of a Jeff Foxworthy routine.

Anyway, I think this is great news! Blogger can now begin to really take off. Spread it's wings and fly so to speak. Google seems like a great research and development type company. With a bit of cash and a couple of VERY talented developers they can make Blogger what we've all dreamed it could be. Go EV!
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