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Friday, April 25, 2003

RSS is like a command line... - [10:33 AM]

Do you still use a command line/command prompt/shell in your day to day work? I have two to three open at any given time for executing scripts and other misc apps I use daily. It's not wrong or bad, just different. Sometimes I think it's easier to type than to click, click, click, when I want to do something. I was reading Zeldman today and saw that folks are giving him grief over his new RSS feed. Really? He hasn't sold his soul or anything he's just embracing those of us with command line in our blood. Heck I like his site so much I'm only using the RSS feed to let me know it's updated. I still view the site in its' full glory, in context, as I do with many other sites.

Mr. Zeldman has opted for what I call "teaser" RSS, it's what I produce for this site. You can read the first bit of the post and if you think it's worth exploring further you can hop on over to the site and read the entire post.

RSS == command line
HTML(Site in context really) == GUI
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Movie line of the week answer - [10:19 AM]

Yesterday's movie line produced four guesses. All correct.

Our winner and still champion is Mr. Steven Vore, let's have a nice round of applause for Steven. Whoo-Hooo! Honorable mention goes to Duncan Mackenzie.
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers movie poster
The correct answer was...

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

I told you it was easy.
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Thursday, April 24, 2003

Can I have fries with that? - [5:18 PM]

I was just reading the Window 2003 Server Datacenter Edition Overview and this just jumped off the page at me.
64-way symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) in 64-bit versions and 32-way SMP in 32-bit versions.
How'd you like to have one of those babies sitting in your rack? 64-way 64-bit madness! I'd love to watch one in action.
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C++ tip - [10:22 AM]

Here's something I see over and over, mind you it's not bad, but it could be modernized.

Back in the C days if you wanted to initialize a variable you would do something like...
int counter = 0;
Seems reasonable, right? Sure it does and it's still valid today.

Now that we have C++, which is now an ancient language, we should take advantage of it. Whenever possible prefer construction over initialization, like this...
int counter(0);
No biggie, just thought I'd share.
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Movie line of the week - [10:17 AM]

And.... ACTION!I'm at a loss for a tough one today. This will have to do, let the guesses fly!

Many of these trees were my friends I had known from nut or acorn.

Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here.

Maybe I'll get more than one this week? Come on, it's an easy one, and should be fresh in your mind. This line makes me think of the Rush song - The Trees (Off of Hemispheres, which also has one of my favorites La Villa Strangiato).
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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Sonic the Borghog? - [5:06 PM]

CNET News: "Rumors that Microsoft may be considering buying some or all of Sega are resurfacing after reports in a Japanese newspaper." - I for one wouldn't complain. Show the hedgehog some love.
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Drool, drool, drool.... - [2:56 PM]

Check out Palm's new Tungsten C. Built in 802.11b. A mobloggers dream machine.
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Being a kid - [10:26 AM]

CollegeCharlie: "Riding in the back of a pickup truck on a warm day was always a special treat." - [via Steven Vore] - It's strange how things have changed with kids today. Sometimes I think technology is a bad thing; I'm mainly referring to game boxes, computers, and TV with a gazillion channels. When I was a kid and wasn't in school I was playing baseball, football, or out jumping my bike into the pond at our local brick yard. Sometimes I wonder how I ever made it to adulthood, the stuff we did as kids. The little snippet above made me think of all the times I spent riding in the back of my dad's truck during the spring and summer here in the valley. There's nothing finer then driving around on a warm evening, passing through the endless groves of oranges, peaches, plums, and grapes in the back of a truck. If you've ever passed through a plum grove on a spring night you'll know what I'm talking about. The air is cool and you can smell the sweetness of the ripening fruit. It's a great childhood memory.

Read the entire article, it's well worth it.
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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

My two cents - [4:05 PM]

Don Box's Spoutlet: "We talked about what should happen on the client. He and I both want to work in Word, not a DHTML-based editor or even InfoPath." - I like what's happening around BlogX but I'm still looking for the ultimate client. I'm not so sure I care how things are posted, pushing a button is ok with me. But one thing I do care about is the client. On the client side of things wouldn't it be nice to compose posts right inside your e-mail client? You could use Word, or RTF, or HTML, or the plain text editor Outlook supports and instead of pressing the "Send" button you press the "Post" button. How sweet would that be?
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Good .NET/CLR read - [3:54 PM]

If you're not reading Chris Brumme's .Net Notes I'd highly recommend it, especially if you like to peek under the hood and see how the gears turn. Chris' blog is a recent find for me and it's a keeper.

Today Chris shares some interesting facts about CLR strings.
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New Mars pictures - [2:50 PM]

MSNBC: "Mars probe sends a flood of images" - Definitely worth a look, and read.
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Random Stuff - [10:15 AM]

Just got an e-mail from my good friends at Ben & Jerry's! If you're blessed enough to have a scoop shop near you make sure you visit on April 29th, it's Free Cone Day! I'm a Chubby Hubby/Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough/Cherry Garcia kinda guy. What's your favorite?

OddWorld is a real gem of a game company. What do you think makes for good games? Great story? Great action? Great characters? To that I answer Yes. They have it all.

So what's the next big game title?

CBBC: "Exclusive shots of Hagrid's hut and pumpkins!" - POA is my favorite book to date. I really hope the film isn't a complete disaster. New sets, new actors, new director, gulp...
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Monday, April 21, 2003

How True - [9:40 AM]

BlossomScobleizer: "What, Rob, you want our industry to pave over yet another agricultural region? We already destroyed the world's greatest apricot and cherry orchard." - That's the rub isn't it? The San Joaquin Valley feeds the world. I've often wondered what it would be like here if technology companies invaded and "Ick" comes to mind. I don't want this valley to look like the other valley because the other valley is ugly to me. I just want a few companies to locate here. All-in-all you're 100% correct, I don't want to pave over the San Joaquin Valley. Let's leave it alone. We need farms and farmers.

A note on moving to the Northwest. Don't tell Washington natives you're from California. Many in the Northwest don't want it to become California, who can blame 'em? California is a wonderful place to live IMHO but don't try to take it with you. Adapt to the Washington way.

If you can deal with the grey you're going to love it up there. Be prepared for ten months of rain. Remember the old saying "In Washington they have winter and August" or "If you can't see Mt. Rainier it's raining, if you can it's about to rain" or "People in Washington don't tan, they rust". Take as many vacations to sunny destinations as you can. It's nice to bail outta there around February or March for Hawaii or California or [insert your favorite sunny spot here].

Enjoy it Robert, and try not to get too caught up in work. The Northwest has a lot to offer outside of work.
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