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Friday, June 06, 2003

TechZilla is here! - [3:23 PM]

The new Anderson TechZilla softball bat is finally here!

Now if I could only convince Kim I need one.
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TypePad on ALA - [2:42 PM]

ALA: "What has not been told until now is that TypePad has been designed to generate standards-compliant sites, and that the application itself is built with web standards." - Nice article. Take a gander if you have a few minutes.
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Visio 2003 Beta - [1:27 PM]

Now's the time to hammer on the latest version of Visio! Check out the top ten reasons for using V2k3, there are more than those ten. If you're a developer and need a drawing surface you may want to consider using Visio. We're shipping an ActiveX control this time so you can embed Visio inside your apps, no joke! It works really well with managed C# and VB.Net apps as well as VB6 and good ole Win32/C++ apps.
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IntelliCAD - [10:00 AM]

Back before the Microsoft acquisition Visio Corporation had purchased a product called IntelliCAD from a group of folks in San Diego, CA. It was an attempt to clone AutoCAD and get a foot in the door of a very tough CAD market, and it worked pretty well. IntelliCAD was about 80% compatible with AutoCAD at a fraction of the cost. Typical ploy to grab market share. Anywho, prior to the acquisition it was spun out of the company and still lives to this very day as a consortium of CAD market vendors that each contribute to the code base. Pretty slick.

If you're a CAD guy or are looking for a new CAD product you may want to evaluate IntelliCAD.
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Movie line of the week answer - [10:00 AM]

Well this weeks movie line was pretty much a bust, DOH! I had two guesses and both were incorrect. So no big winner this week. Too bad because the grand prize was a 10-day trip for two to Maui. (Not really, just a joke folks.)
The Road to El Dorado movie poster
The answer was from an animated film and I'm sure that's what threw people. The correct answer was...

The Road to El Dorado

Thanks for playing!
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Thursday, June 05, 2003

Movie line of the week - [10:10 AM]

You gotta love the movies.I think two weeks is long enough without a movie line, don't you? I'd actually intended to post this last Thursday but for some strange reason I have trouble posting from behind the company firewall, weird aye?

Anywho, here's the line...

Holy Ship!

Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here.
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Wednesday, June 04, 2003

FYI on bat corking - [10:43 AM]

Looks like corking a bat may not do a thing for the hitter.
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iTunes for Windows? - [10:28 AM]

Looks like Apple is looking for a few good coders to work on iTunes for Windows, any takers?
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Great tools - [9:26 AM]

While in class last week we were introduced to a number of wonderful system snooping tools. If you sling code for, or administer, NT based systems [NT/Win2k/XP/Win2k3] you should seriously consider adding some of the Sysinternals tools to your toolbox.
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Sammy, Sammy, Sammy... - [9:15 AM]

MSNBC: "Cubs outfielder says he mistakenly grabbed bat he uses in exhibitions" - Why Sammy, why? You're a big strong slugger, so why load the bat up? This will forever follow him around. What's next in dugouts, x-ray machines?

Does anyone know how much extra pop the cork adds to the bat? Is it 10, 50, or 100 feet? I'd put money on it not being that much so why even risk it?

One other interesting note about this incident. Do you remember the George Brett pine tar incident? I remember it like it was yesterday. George Brett storming onto the field after the ump took his homer away. The ump that discovered the cork in Sammy's bat is the same ump. Weird.
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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Big ouch - [11:34 AM]

J.D. Roth: "I'm sick of being on my back, sick of being confined to just two rooms, sick of hobbling around on crutches and a cane, sick of being inside this house, sick of these braces." - Note to self: NEVER tear up your knee. The week I spent on crutches for my sprained ankle was bad enough. I can't imagine being laid up on the couch for a long period of time. It would get old after a couple of days.

Hang in there J.D. It won't last forever.
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Monday, June 02, 2003

Back in the office... - [2:12 PM]

Last Thursday and Friday in Redmond were good. David Solomon basically taught his Windows Internals for Developers class in two days, no hands on labs. This class is amazing and well worth the time, and money, if you can convince your company you really need the training. You'll finally learn how solid the NT Kernel really is and David is great at dispelling NT instability myths and rumors. He says he teaches this class to a lot of Unix developers that are making the transition to Windows and it really opens their eyes and puts them at ease with NT when they realize it's a real operating system. My favorite parts of the class were the threading sections and memory management. This class made me want to work on the NT dev team! Another great thing is David's sense of humor. On day one he walked in prior to class and asks "Is this the inside Linux class?" That got a nice chuckle out of me and David. Funny thing is someone actually said "No, it the Inside NT class". DOH! Get outta the sun man, its fried your sense of humor! Maybe it's all that rain?
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