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Friday, June 20, 2003

Hasta la vista, baby - [3:44 PM]

Tiggers are wonderful things!

I'm on vacation until July 7th.

I'll be reading Harry Potter, watching the kids play in the lake, and generally doing nothing at all.

I may check in from time to time, then again.... maybe not.

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.NET & Standards - [12:58 PM]

Zeldman: "The platform may be based on XML (a web standard), but .NET's built-in controls and assistants apparently generate broken, mangled, noncompliant XHTML and CSS." - We should pay attention to folks like Mr. Zeldman. Web standards should be a high priority with us, but is it? The answer better be 'Yes'.
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Movie line of the week answer - [9:15 AM]

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure movie poster Yesterday's movie line winner was none other than, Mr. Tommy Williams. Congratulations Tommy!

I'd like to thank everyone that played, all four of you.

The correct answer is...

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Excellent! [air guitar]
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Thursday, June 19, 2003

Just Pietsch'y - [11:59 AM]

It looks like my wife's cousin is heading to the big leagues!

Congratulations Seth!

UPDATE: He's listed on the roster for the Brooklyn Cyclones. Here's a clip from his hometown newspaper.

Google search.
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GIF patent dead? - [11:53 AM]

Kuro5hin: "GIF patent US4,558,302 was found expired in its patent office filing cabinet this morning" - If this is true I'd imagine today is a great day for all those graphics apps in the world that currently pay the so called "GIF Tax".
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Free Blogging Client - [11:27 AM]

PowerBlog.NET: "...beginning July 1, 2003, PowerBlog Personal Edition 1.5 will be free." - I've been using PowerBlog since last October and I think Jon is doing a great job. He's recently embarked on a rewrite, completely in C#, and I look forward to version 2.0.

Jon should hookup with some other folks to create the ultimate reusable triple-pane shell assembly. PowerBlog uses a three pane look like popular RSS readers, SharpReader for example, and there's no reason a nice reusable component framework couldn't be developed, is there?
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Potter, in two - [8:59 AM]

Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix is just two days away. Here are some good reads surrounding the buzz, via HPANA.I could probably collect GREAT stories all day about the upcoming event, but I won't. The one thing that has bugged me the most about the new book is the death of a main character. The odds are on Dubledore and Hagrid, which would totally stink! My wife has already said "If she kills off Hagrid I'll never read another book." How many other folks feel that strongly about their favorite character?
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Movie line of the week - [8:43 AM]

Cut, cut, cut!I was talking with a friend about this film yesterday. Apparently it almost didn't make it to the big screen, what a shame that would've been.

Here's the line...

Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K.

Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here.
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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

My Matrix Persona - [11:04 AM]

I saw a link to this on Joshua Allen's site, thought I'd give it a whirl.

You are Neo
You are Neo, from "The Matrix." You
display a perfect fusion of heroism and

What Matrix Persona Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
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Morning laugh - [9:35 AM]

Rodent Regatta: "I wonder how the returns on their investments in electricity and housekeeping are doing." - This made me chuckle this morning so I had to share it. I wonder, for example, why Starbucks and Borders use T-Mobile to provide wireless services when for $50.00 per month I get a really nice DSL line. Why don't they just get DSL, eat the $50.00 per month as a business cost, and limit their outgoing connection to between four and eight users? Maybe that's against the DSL rules or something? You could limit access to customers, right? As long as the customer is drinking coffee let him surf the net for free, what could be better? Then again... I'm not a businessman.
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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Put that in your pipe and smoke it! - [12:10 PM]

MSNBC: "The lawsuits claims that the defendants have sent more than 2 billion spam messages to MSN and Hotmail customers." - GET 'EM FELLAS!
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Edumication - [10:43 AM]

Snell: "But there is nothing that this or any university can teach me that I can't discover and learn for myself should the need arise for me to learn it." - I know where you're coming from. Back in 1994 I applied for a job with Frame Technology. I had a great series of interviews and was offered a job, which I promptly took! Frame was a wonderful place to work, second only to my experience with Visio, but they had a problem with folks that didn't have the little ticky mark next to the edumication box. My manager shared the story with me about six months after I started. It's hard to believe he actually had to fight to get me the job.

On the other hand we have Microsoft. You could be from Mars with zero education and still do quite well. It's all about getting the job done.
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Funky RSS? - [10:36 AM]

Funky!Scripting News: "Maybe I'll remove the three bits of funk in my feed. I wonder if anyone would miss them." - So what are the three bits of funkyness?
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You'll need more than magic... - [9:54 AM]

BBCi: "After initial confusion over the number of books stolen, Merseyside Police and publishers Bloomsbury confirmed the haul comprised 7,680 books..." - This is a pretty bone head move. It's only four days away from the launch and someone nabs a bunch, a big bunch, of Harry Potter books. I'd put money on them being found and fully accounted for before weeks end. I don't honestly believe Potter fans are stoopid enough to knowingly purchase a stolen copy.

Hey, half the fun is the anticipation, right?!?
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Monday, June 16, 2003

Counting down to Potter - [3:56 PM]

Harry Potter, year fiveThe Mercury News [via HPANA]: "Many families are ordering multiple copies -- some to get both a reading copy and the fancier, slipcased collector's edition, but most just because everyone wants to read it at the same time." - Five days, five long days and the fight is on in the Fahrni household for control over our ONE copy of Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix.

Who knows... maybe I'll buy an extra and hide it so I can read in secret!
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And they call Microsoft nasty? - [3:50 PM]

NY Times: "If Oracle ever reaches a deal to buy PeopleSoft, Mr. Ellison has said he intends to shut it down and transfer its customers to Oracle's eBusiness Suite software."
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What is Visio? - [12:57 PM]

Most folks would probably say Visio is a business drawing/diagramming program, which is correct in a way. What if you take a hard look at Visio after you launch it? What do you see? Do you see a blank canvas to work on or do you see a bunch of different drawing types to work with? Did you know that every drawing type exposed by Visio is NOT built into the Visio drawing engine? You too could produce some killer drawing types, we call them templates, to serve your own unique drawing needs. Visio is highly extensible and has been for so many years. We've been working hard to take that extensibility to the next level for two years and it makes me wonder who will become the next bright and shining Visio Solution star? There's a pretty darned gigantic opportunity for someone to create some next level solutions that make use of Visio Technology. Networking, Database, and Software Modeling guys seem to really like Visio. Should we do more in that space or do we need more general business drawing types? Maybe we need more of both?

I guess the real question is this, when you start Visio do you see it for the engine or do you see it for the solutions it offers? Which is more important to you, the technology, or the usefulness of the solutions?

I ask that because to me it's the solutions on top of a great general purpose drawing engine. To me Visio is NOTHING without great solutions. Anyone have an opinion on the subject?
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Good afternoon y'all - [12:18 PM]

Well I don't know about you but I had a pretty darned mellow weekend, first one in a month, which I really needed. We saw Finding Nemo late Friday afternoon, it's a keeper, very funny, and just kind of hung around the house over the weekend. For Father's Day I got a couple of DVD's I've wanted for quite some time, Father of the Bride and The Lord of the Rings Special Edition, and my youngest daughter drew me a picture of a pumpkin and framed it!
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