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Saturday, July 05, 2003

Slipping away... - [11:10 AM]

Well it looks like I'm on the final leg of my vacation. Two days to go. Back to the salt mines on Monday morning. Last year at this time I felt bad because the time slipped by and I didn't feel like we did anything. This year I'm a bit bummed because I want my vacation to go on! I had a great time this year. We did pretty much the same stuff but I approached it with a different attitude, at least I tried. We had our regular trip to the mountains; which this year was missing some folks we love very much, and we managed to have a good time. It was too short as a matter of fact! Earlier this week we escaped the heat of The Valley for the cool breezes of Avala beach on the California coast for a couple of days with my brother Jay and his family. I highly recommend this beach for families, very clean, casual atmosphere. Not crawling with people through the week. We should have stayed another day but we didn't arrange for someone to care for the animals so a day-and-a-half was long enough for them to be alone. Thanks Jay and Lori, we had a wonderful time!

Oh, I almost forgot, I am reading Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix. Great book so far, Kim's finished and so is Haileigh. My impression so far... VERY DARK. I'm sure it'll pick up toward the end, I'm on about page 450 so I'm only half way there. If you haven't read it yet I'd recommend it based on what I've read so far, but be warned it's way different than the others. We've turned yet another corner. We're now in Nocturn Alley so to speak. I hope the next two aren't this dark. On the flip side of that coin it's full of twists, not at all what I expected. I'm thinking of writing about it when I'm finished because it's so different. Stay tuned.
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Thursday, July 03, 2003

Hola net neighbor... - [2:44 PM]

I'm still on vacation but had to check my e-mail at least a couple of times before coming back, otherwise sorting through all the good mail vs. SPAM is too difficult. (Doesn't it suck that out of 25 or so messages only one or two are actually NOT SPAM?)

Something I've discovered. Two weeks is not enough time off. I should have taken an entire month off. I have the time stored away, in fact I have double that, so I should have tried it. Two weeks, here and gone. I find myself bummin' as the back-to-work date approaches. I guess it's the end-of-project blues that always manages to set in with me.

Two weeks used to be a VERY long time in computing. I'm sitting here reading from my favorite blogs and I've noticed that not much has happened in the past two weeks. Does that mean the industry is "mature" or just lacking innovation? You be the judge, I just had to ask the question.

Something of interest to me is the talk about a new Blogger API, sweet. I see it's going to be SOAP based, as opposed to XML-RPC based. Does that matter to me? Nope, not a bit. Honestly I don't give a rats tookiss how it goes across the wire as long as my favorite desktop blogging tool supports it. Hint, hint, Jon.

So there's going to be a big hacker attack on Sunday, wonder if they're going to target this site. (Hehehehe) Now we're going to discover who's been patching their copies of Win2k and IIS like they should've been all along. Seriously, that's who will be hacked. The rogue box that's sitting open without the necessary patches. Let's see if they can reach their goal of 6,000 sites. Maybe I'll just shut my box off for the weekend?

Something interesting on Scripting News, at least to me, during my catch-up reading. I see my blog as my web front porch, and I can't find the link to my archive where I say that very thing. I need a new site search.
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