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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

PowerBlog Beta 2 - [9:00 AM]

PowerBlogPowerBlog News: "Well, I've put in a lot of work on this Beta 2 release for Version 2. This is an exciting milestone, the last major milestone for the Version 2 project before the Gold milestone." - Jon's been working very hard on his new blogging client. Not only does it support three different ways to maintain blogs it also includes Newsgroup and RSS readers! Everything in one client tool, very nice Jon. Now all we need is an email client plugin!

Check out a screenshot and here's a link to download it, oh yeah, remember it is a beta so there will be bugs.
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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

The state of email - [8:58 AM]

I had to share an experience from yesterday. I'm working on a project that will allow our executives to see how efficient our production lines are working. We met yesterday to discuss where we stand and where we're heading over the next few weeks, typical progress type meeting. During the meeting the man sponsoring the project stated something like, "I don't want this in email form, I'm convinced email is useless." He's totally after a SharePoint like experience. He wants to start his box and be presented with a page that serves as an on ramp to applications, documents, and reporting.

Funny how email has become a dirty word, and we have GREAT anti-spam software in place at work, but it's still too much crap to digest daily.
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