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Friday, February 06, 2004

Separating blame... - [12:18 PM]

News 14 Carolina: "That particular scene is reportedly being cut from the movie before its release date later this month. But Czarlinsky said that he and others are using it to reopen dialogue within the religious sector and learn about the 'diversity that exists in our community.'" - Darn. I was hoping things like this wouldn't happen. Jesus' death was at the hands of some very nasty, power hungry, religious leaders. It doesn't mean all Jewish people are bad. That's where I wish people could step back. Slavery was a horrible American atrocity, but it doesn't mean all Americans are bad. Jews were horribly persecuted during WWII, but it doesn't mean all German's are bad. Come on, let the truth be told, don't cut the scene.

I really hate the fact that I won't be able to see it as Mel Gibson had intended.
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The rub?? - [9:46 AM]

Must move, California is taxing me dry.CNet News: "Top issues identified in the report were the high cost of housing in the area and the spiraling cost for employer-provided health insurance and workers compensation coverage, a key issue for Schwarzenegger in his successful recall bid." - This comment stands out in my mind more than any other. I live in California, the price of housing IS NOT high where I live. People choose to create Tech jobs in the Silicon Valley because it's pretty, I don't blame them, but the sky rocketing price of housing doesn't really apply to all of California. The Bay Area is the worst. The San Joaquin Valley isn't at all like that. We're mainly about farms and farming. I'm sure my home would run near the one million dollar mark in the Silicon Valley, maybe even more? Here you can get that one million dollar home for less than $200,000, but you can't have that nice high paying tech job either. Too bad you can't have the best of both worlds, aye?

As for health coverage... well... we can meet on even ground there. My coverage is pretty stinky, I am thankful to have it however.

Overall California is in a real heap of trouble. I can see the Silicon Valley emptying out if things don't change. Moving to Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, or Colorado doesn't seem out of the question. I can also imagine any of those states clamoring to make really sweet tax deals with leaders like Adobe, Apple, or Sun. I know if I were in charge of commerce for a city in one of those states I'd try to lure them out of California, wouldn't you?

If you're the last to leave California, please be sure to turn out the lights. Thank you.
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Movie line of the week answer - [8:41 AM]

Well, well, well. I got more answers than I'd expected. Thanks very much to all who played.

Our winner is Mr. Moose once again. I think I'm going to have to put some kind of web-bounty on his head so I can find out his true identity. Congratulations Moose!

The correct answer is...

My favorite guess came from Tommy Williams. He deduced the answer from my other entry about The Passion, like I told him Sherlock Holmes would have been proud.
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Bad day for Dad - [8:28 AM]

I walked in the door last night after my workout to Kim saying, "Rob, shhh, it's about Waterman", and pointed to the T.V. Waterman Industries is the company my father has worked for over the past 28 years. The company has been around since 1907 and located in Exeter since 1910. Yesterday's news story was about Waterman Industries closing its' doors. It's a terribly sad day, not only for the workers that lost their jobs, but for the community. Waterman was one of those companies you thought would be around forever. Now my dad, who is four years from retirement, has to figure out what to do, along with all his friends.

Tip to the papers: talk to the guys out in the shop if you want to real story, they know what's going on. I'm sure the news reports won't include that viewpoint.
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Thursday, February 05, 2004

The Passion - [9:27 AM]

Rodent Regatta: "Much is being made of a recent story that suggests Mel Gibson's new movie is likely to be further edited before its premier later this month." - I certainly hope it's not edited to death. The Bible records what happened, we know it happened, just like slavery in the US, just like the Catholic Crusades, just like the Holocaust. Horrible events all. Christ was crusified on a cross, the religious leaders of the time(Pharisees) conspired to have him done in, period. Live with it.
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Movie line of the week - [8:50 AM]

Watchin' it on the big screen!Good morning y'all. It's that time of the week again, my how time flys when you're trying to get your project cleaned up! I didn't take too much time deciding what movie to use this morning, so here it is...

Greetings from The Humungus! The Lord Humungus! The Warrior of the Wasteland! The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla!

Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here.
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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Scripting RSS Validator - [1:31 PM]

RSSHave you validated your RSS feed with the Scripting RSS Validator?

My Blogger generated feed validates, thank you very much.
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Mr. Rogers back in da hood - [9:26 AM]

That's right, Times Shadow has been transformed into Groundhog Day. Same channel, new name.

Welcome back Dave!
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Monday, February 02, 2004

Prevent 'D' - [10:36 AM]

Well we had another VERY exciting Super Bowl yesterday; by now we all know the outcome, New England Patriots 32 - Carolina Panthers 29. For me it was a bit of a disappointment because I was pulling for the underdog Panthers.

I walked away thinking Carolina should've won, or at least taken the game into overtime. Why did they lose? I'm not a coach of course, I'm a Monday morning quarterback, or in this case linebacker, with an opinion worth less than a penny, but I'm going to share my opinion none the less. Surf somewhere else if you don't want to hear it. You've been warned.

Why do coaches go against the very thing that has kept them in games all season long? The Panthers didn't do a very good job of getting to the quarterback all day and as a result Tom Brady shredded the defense. So why was it they stuck with a soft zone coverage in the Patriots game winning drive? I know you don't want to give up the big play but it was obvious the Pats were going to pass the ball, right? Of course it was. So what did Carolina choose to do? Rush four and keep seven "deep". That's prevent 'D' for you, it prevents you from winning games. Couldn't they have taken a chance and sent the blindside corner and backer on a blitz. You still have five guys in pass coverage and what's Brady going to have time to do, especially with a one man, or empty, back field. He's going to have time for a three step dump to his outlet man if he has one, or hit a short route underneath. What's the harm in that since the defense was already set to bend and not break? The Panthers were playing for overtime, not the win. I say take a chance and cream the QB, you could've won the game.
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