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Friday, April 23, 2004

Time to rally support around PNG - [9:29 AM]

I'm Madeye Moody and I'm not happy about JPEG patents!CNet News: "Forgent Networks has launched a patent infringement lawsuit against 31 major computer and electronics vendors, seeking damages related to its claim to the technology underlying the widespread JPEG file format." - Ok, ok, so you don't really need to rally around PNG, you can use GIF since the patent lapsed. I can't believe folks are trying to do this after so many peaceful years. There should be some statute of limitations on when a patent can be enforced from the time it's granted, don't you think?
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Movie line of the week answer - [8:37 AM]

Hey hey! Looks like we have a winner this week! We had the usual suspects along with a few new faces, we even had a new international addition.

A very dear friend was our winner this week, Rick Wolf. Congratulations Rick! (You need a weblog)

Our international winner was Justin King, with honorable mention going to newcomer, Alois Reisinger of Austria.

The correct answer is...

Thanks for playing! See you next week.
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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Movie line of the week - [10:11 AM]

Cut, cut, cut!
This week was pretty easy to come up with a line. I've been repeating a line from this movie over, and over, and over, all week. It's not the one I'm giving you to guess, it's much easier to remember.

So here she be in all her glory, good luck!

I am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine. If I am to change this image, I must first change myself. Fish are friends, not food.

Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here.
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Frustration reigns... - [9:59 AM]

I'm not exactly sure where to start. I had an old laptop that wasn't being used and a few months back we'd purchased a nice Microsoft Wireless router hoping we'd get broadband soon. Since I don't think we'll EVER get a nice viable broadband option I decided I'd get the old box setup and use connection sharing so we could get all of our boxes connected to the net no matter where we were in the house. We have our desktop, my work laptop, and another laptop we purchased back in October of last year. The two laptops have wireless built right in and the desktop could connect via a cable to the Microsoft Wireless router, perfect! I had a copy of Windows 2003 Server I'd purchased prior to leaving Microsoft back in September so I installed that on the old laptop box; which will act as our "family server" and gateway to the net, so I thought.

Tossin' it out the window!Problem #1: When I installed Windows 2003 Server it wouldn't recognize the 3COM PCMCIA network adapter I have for my laptop. No problem I thought, I'll install MSN 9 on the box, connect to the net, and upgrade the driver. Just like the hardware installation wizard recommends!

Problem #2: I began installing MSN 9. After it connected to MSN to get me setup the app, or MSN itself, was unable to fulfill my request to login. Nice, thank you very much. After trying about a half dozen times I gave up and here we sit.

My question is this. Once I do get that far will I be able to share a net connection via dial-up? It seems like the router is completely geared toward a broadband connection and Windows 2003 Server will only allow connection sharing if there are two network cards in the server, is that correct?

I'm struggling a bit here. I want some way to connect to the net from anywhere in my house and this MUST be possible using dial-up no matter how slow. I figure my next problem is going to be connecting MSN, I'll be it doesn't support this type of usage. I'll bet I can't just create a connectoid and dial a phone # to log in, right? Connecting to MSN probably requires using the MSN software, just a guess at this point because I haven't been able to get that far yet.

Has anyone out there attempted this sort of thing? If so please, please, drop me a line. I really want to get this working.

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Monday, April 19, 2004

Eye opening? - [9:51 AM]

I, Cringley: "Bill Gates has been quite clear that his company's need for huge cash reserves is to keep it going for up to five years in the face of ZERO sales. So Microsoft could match Open Source pricing without the Open Source and while the compilers might not be swayed, everyone else (the other 98 percent of the market) would be." - Wow! If that doesn't make your eyes pop out of your head I don't know what will? Redmond has been tightening its' collective belt for quite a while now. I knew something was going on when they started actually keeping track of office supplies and began posting notes on the free beverage refrigerators telling the employees how much they spend a year in free stuff. It's ready to survive the long road ahead. This could actually mean the return of ISV's, right? People will refocus their energies on the surviving platform, Windows. Start writing code for .NET today and you could come out of this "war" smelling like a rose.
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Note from a friend. - [9:22 AM]

The other day I posted a quick note about the final days of the Visio way. A good friend, and fellow ex-Softie telecommuter, Rick Wolf sent this note.

Amen brother! I still miss that place. This job is great and I love it but itís not the same. Itís probably a lot like losing a spouse and then getting remarried. Sure you love your new spouse but you'll always remember and miss your first true love.

Rick and I tried to travel to Seattle at the same time, he's a real class act. Lots of good times and conversation, I'll never forget it.
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E-mail is useless - [8:52 AM]

InfoWorld [via Scripting News]: "Any doubts that spam is the biggest problem on the Net were erased in February, when Bill Gates turned it into a keynote topic at RSA Conference 2004. " - This morning I had 416 messages in my Crabapples.NET account, of those messages eight were NOT spam. I'm pissed that what I consider to be my main e-mail account has become absolutely useless. My morning ritual is to select 50 e-mails at a time then de-select those that are actually useful to me. Sometimes I'll go 150 messages before actually finding something worth keeping. Like I've said before, you know there's a problem when a market evolves to handle the problem. Spam is the virus of the e-mail system. It must be stopped.
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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Movie line of the week answer - [5:50 PM]

I come from the land down under! No, not the movie line, our winner comes from down under!

Congratulations to Justin King who correctly guessed...

See ya'll next Thursday!
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