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Friday, May 07, 2004

That's what I thought - [8:57 AM]

Well Symbol has confirmed my suspicion about their scanner library. Apparently it's not compatible with the Palm provided GCC based SDK. The good news is they have a beta of a GCC based version on the way. Hopefully I can convince them to let me use it.

Better yet, why don't you guys hire me to do it? I've been having a great time with this little device.

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Movie line of the week answer - [8:53 AM]

I figured this one might stump folks. We caught this movie last weekend, yes it's that new.

The correct answer is...

I've heard mixed reviews about the film, I for one enjoyed it. It's totally open for sequels.
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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Last year on this day... - [6:28 AM]

"Book five found in field." It's hard to believe that was a year ago. I couldn't wait to get my hands on Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix, now we wait for book six.

UPDATE: I read further down the page from last year to my entry from May 5th. At this time last year we were in the high 60's, low 70's, and it was raining! This year is a completely different story. It was 101 two days ago!
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Movie line of the week - [6:04 AM]

Hot buttered popcorn and a movie, ahhh!I knew as soon as I heard this line I was going to use it this week. Yes, that's a hint, it's from a new movie.

So let's not hold up the show any longer...

You're going to need some serious fiber to push that out.

Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here.
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More on the Palm dev front - [5:47 AM]

I'm still having linker problems, but I haven't let that slow me down, hopefully I'll get a call today and get this squared away. In the meantime I spent most of yesterday head down cranking out code. It's the most fun I've had since my first month at the new job. Today, or early tomorrow, I should complete work on the application and start working on a conduit to grab data from the handheld. I wouldn't mind working on Palm apps for a living. It's all about writing small code that gets the job done, it not a lot of fluff, and it's a tremendous amount of fun! Now if I can only figure out the problem with the Symbol library I'm linking with. Sigh...
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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Gee, it's really hot... - [3:24 PM]

When Kim and I came back from lunch we passed the time/temperature sign on the highway, it's 101 degrees! That's too stinking hot. It's about 20 degrees above normal for this time of year.

Who's pocket do we need to grease to get a cool down?
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Palm development - [9:31 AM]

It's been quite a while since I looked at programming a Palm. We're doing a little project at work to help the pest management folks track our rodent traps and bait stations, you'd be amazed how many we have. Currently the team walks around with a paper based system and records their findings, very, very time consuming. To fully understand the problem you'd need to see the plant, it's HUGE! So to help make it a bit more efficient we're creating a Palm based solution using a Symbol 1550. We'll put barcodes on all the traps and bait stations and record findings to the Palm which will then be sync'd with the desktop and jammed into a SQL database. It's a bit more efficient.

I'm cranking along with the app development, but I've run into a problem linking with the Symbol provided scanner library. At link time I'm getting the error "File format not recognized". I'm using Palm's development tools, GCC based, and the library from Symbol was built using CodeWarrior. Do you see where I'm going with this? I'm afraid it some strange incompatibility in object formats, it wouldn't surprise me to find out I "must" use CodeWarrior to build the app.

Anyone using GCC to build Symbol scanner enabled Palm apps out there? If so please advise.
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