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Saturday, May 15, 2004

This patent probably won't survive - [10:32 AM]

Slashdot: "Apple Files Patent for Translucent Windows" - I can't see this patent surviving for too long. I need to do a bit more reading because I'm not sure when they introduced translucent windows but I know Windows has been capable of doing it for quite a while. I'm also confident someone will find prior art. During the development of Office 11, A.K.A. Office System, we had a few builds with translucent windows but it didn't make the cut. I'm guessing it was just one of those "cool" features that didn't make the product work any better so why keep it?
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You can't read this.... - [10:26 AM]

Once this blog is back up you'll see this of course, but for now I'm down. The free ride is over. Thanks to the folks at ValleyComputer.NET for allowing me to use their rackspace for as long as they did, I really appreciate it. Good luck with your hosting and ISP business, they're super competitive.

I'm not sure where this site, and my others, will land to be perfectly honest. I'm thinking Hosting Matters is going to win my business, but we'll see.
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