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Saturday, May 22, 2004

A cry for help with MSN - [9:12 AM]

Ok, yesterday wasn't the greatest day with regards to configuring things. So this morning I come to the weblog world a humbled man, and beg for help! Is anyone out there using MSN, pulling email from their own domain POP3 accounts, and sending(SMTP) replies via those accounts? If you are please send any tips my way?

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Big Thanks to the Steves.... - [9:07 AM]

A wonderful boquet of flowers.No more blackout, most folks can probably see this site by now, and I forgot to say 'Thanks' to a couple of people. Steven Vore and Steve Pilgrim, thank you. They sold me on Hosting Matters and Mr. Vore helped me with some configuration issues.

Big thanks again guys!
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Friday, May 21, 2004

An open challenge to MSN... - [12:13 PM]

I'm frustrated. If this issues isn't resolved I will be finding a new ISP and MSN can have its' butterfly back. What's the issue? MSN is supposed to allow me to send and receive POP3 e-mail message from another account, which is something I really, really want. I didn't even know this until I contacted support this morning and received help from someone named Spencer, very, very pleasant and helpful. The problem is I still do not have the ability to send e-mail through my e-mail address. Pulling the e-mail from their server works as expected, but you definitely cannot reply. Why? Why is it MSN will NOT allow SMTP messages to be sent through their servers even though I have an MSN account? I've tried several things, using my domain name as the SMTP server, using an MSN SMTP server name, using various login techniques, and NOTHING has worked. It simply does NOT work as advertised. My domain host points out "If you experience problems send mail through once your domain... this may be an indication that your ISP does not support outbound mail through servers other than their own. In this event please use your ISP's outgoing mail server". Thanks, tried both, neither works. Oh, I almost forgot, I tried this with Outlook and Outlook Express as well. Those don't work either.

Can someone provide me with the secret sauce that makes this work? I will be sharing the results of suggestions. Hopefully someone that gets a BUNCH of traffic will link to this post so I can get a resolution soon.

Thanks mucho.
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The Frontier Kernel announcement - [8:48 AM]

Frontier CactusI never had chance to comment on the Frontier Kernel becoming Open Source. I for one will be standing in line to get my grubby little mits on it. I'm strange that way. I like looking at other folks "dirty laundry" so to speak, no that's not meant to offend because I think any coder has written code they're proud of and code they're not so proud of. Anywho, I've always wondered how hard it would be to pull what is the Frontier Kernel out of an executable and build it as a stand alone component. It's been around for a long time which means stability and it could serve as a nice generic scripting engine for anyone. Think VBA for a minute. How cool would it be to see Frontier embeded inside another application, much like VBA? What about it showing up as another language option from Visual Studio? These things are all possible now. UserLand the software company can still produce Radio and Manila and all of us wackos that like playing with code can come up with some killer new products based on the Frontier Kernel.

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WordPress - [6:56 AM]

Rodent Regatta: "I've been toying with WordPress this evening." - Richard Caetano gave me a peek at his experimentation with WordPress yesterday. It seems to do everything I'd expect in a weblogging product. The coolest thing is... having Hosting Matters as my host affords me a WordPress setup if I'd like one.
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? - [6:37 AM]

Hello, tap, tap, tap, is this thing on? [insert feedback here]

Steven Vore reports my site is FINALLY viewable.
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Now that's customer service! - [6:28 AM]

Mike Sax: "If you own a product (or you're thinking about it) and you're going to Tech Ed in San Diego next week, I'd like to meet you." - I'd love to go to San Diego and meet Mike. Too bad I have this thing called work getting in the way.
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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Blackout - [5:41 PM]

I know it's been a while since you've been able to view this site. I'm working as I type to fix that situation. Files are flying through the ether as fast as they can to re-populate Crabapples.NET. If I hadn't made a mistake when I changed the DNS server addresses you'd be able to read this tonight, but I made a boo-boo so it could be another day or two. Sigh...
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