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Friday, June 11, 2004

Movie line of the week answer - [8:40 AM]

The new didn't take all visitors away, thanks for your continued support, but make sure you visit

We had two answers, both correct, with Mr. Tyler Love coming in first. Congrats Ty! Thanks again.

Here's the answer...

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Palm powered app - [8:31 AM]

I'd mentioned here a while back that I was working on a Palm powered application, well I actually finished that app quite a while back but never mentioned it. To get around the problems I was having we purchased a copy of CodeWarrior and bam the app was up and running and doing what was expected of it. I haven't had that much fun writing code in a very long time. It's all good ol' C code, which was so nice to work in once again. If I ever get the chance I'd like to investigate writing a lowest common denominator class library so we could easily develop apps for both the Palm and CE powered devices, we use both at Paramount.

The other interesting twist to the app was the addition of a Spanish language version. I found out the guys that will actually be using the application don't speak English, or speak limited English, so I had the manager translate the small set of text for me.

Now all I gotta do is find another reason to write a Palm application. It's a whole ton-o-fun.
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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Low carb craze - [3:18 PM]

New! Low carb gas!The new low carb craze is really funny to watch, everybody is jumping on the band wagon. I started working out at the beginning of the year. I wanted to get stronger, so to help make it so I started supplementing my diet. I take whey protein daily. The last monster jug of whey I bought said "Low Carb" on it in one of those starburst things, like it's something new. It's not new, but the diet craze is, and I'm sure this nutrition company is really beginning to make a killing because of it. Is milk going to make a comeback as a drink of choice? It's high in protein, full of fat, but high in protein. I love milk, always have, maybe that's why I weigh 240lbs, but I digress...

The low carb craze has firmly planted a new idea in my brain to help squelch the complaining about high gas prices. Just adjust your signs to read "New! Low Carb!" and you'll have an instant winner.
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Movie line of the week - [10:09 AM]

Hollywood!Ok, so this line comes from my lovely wife... let's see how good your movie line knowledge really is!

Lets Neuter him right now! Give him the Bob Barker treatment!

Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here.

And don't forget to visit Movie Line of the, you may win a shiny new DVD.
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RSS and Atom - [9:06 AM]

Scripting News: "The aggregator developer community has embraced Atom. At this point Google could afford to concede the point, they've managed to get what they probably wanted, a third major syndication format." - Personally the only thing I can see that's attractive about Atom is the API, not the format. RSS is more than good enough for my needs and the Atom API is rich enough, I believe, to sit on top of any blogging backend. I know it's still NOT set but Dave you should do something surprising and develop an Atom API for Manila and Radio, but continue to publish RSS. The format is truly separate, supporting the API doesn't legitimize Atom, in this case it would show support for getting the data into your system, it doesn't mean you have to publish an Atom feed.

Talk about getting someone's knickers in a twist.
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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

New Movie line of the week - [9:31 AM]

Last week I mentioned something new was coming. One of our longtime Movie Line of the Week supporters, Wicked Moose, decided he wanted to take the Movie Line of the Week concept to the next level. The result is a new site call, you guessed it, Movie Line of the Week. The benefit of this new site is you'll get more than a pat on the back if you actually guess correctly, you'll get a prize!

Congratulations Moose! Best of luck in your new venture.
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Monday, June 07, 2004

Prisoner of Azkaban - [8:44 AM]

Harry PotterMy youngest daughter and I saw the latest Potter on Saturday. It's really hard to say how I feel about it, Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite Harry Potter book. The film is very good but I kept finding myself comparing it to the book, that's a huge mistake, and will always disappoint. The film is a huge departure from the other two films, a new director and a new Dumbledore. Michael Gambon's Dumbledore is uniquely his and I hope he's able to evolve the character even more over the next four films. David Thewlis did a great job as Lupin and some of the liberties taken surrounding the character were quite nice. By far the biggest surprise was Gary Oldman, IMHO. He was a fabulous Sirius Black. The one-on-one time between him and Harry were outstanding. I hope he continues to play the part.

Overall I was very pleased with the film and we'll be seeing it again with some good friends. My advice to Potter fanatics is to just go with it. It stays true to the spirit of the story, it just doesn't track it word for word or scene for scene.

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