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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Tomorrowland Today - [11:53 AM]

There's been a whole lotta talk on about the current state of Tomorrowland. We visited the Magic Kingdom back in April and had a good time, like usual, but I hadn't really thought about the trip too much until I read some of the stories about Tomorrowland on SaveDisney. We didn't even go to Tomorrowland, that's the first time since I was a kid that I didn't ride something in that area of the park on a visit. I remember we walked toward it but turned around because Space Mountain was close, and quite honestly the area looked like a ghost town. A huge part of the crowd was in New Orleans Square, home of Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion, which quite honestly is my favorite part of the park.

Tiggers are wonderful things!Disney need creativity to return to the top of the ranks. Now this is just my opinion but I'd love to see them hire someone like Steven Spielberg, or George Lucas, or wait for it... Steve Jobs. Someone that believes in the creative spirit and knows how to hire the right talent for the job, then leaves them alone to go build on their vision. Could you imagine? A Disneyland, and Disney Animation Studios, pushing out highly creative attractions and feature animation films? Imagine the talent of Pixar, ILM, or DreamWorks, combined with the traditional 2-D animation talents of Disney past? I'd love to see that.
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Friday, June 25, 2004

After the Magic - [9:53 AM]

Orlando Sentinel [via SaveDisney]: "Then they pulled the magic carpet out from under us." - Eisner has declared 2-D animation dead, he's set to create feature animation with Saturday morning cartoon quality, and has placed a wedge firmly between Pixar and Disney. It's very sad that one man can run a company so far into the ground. The worst part about the Pixar deal is Disney maintains rights to the characters, which means they can create crappy sequels to Pixar's wonderful films. When will the madness of the Eisner era end?
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Movie line of the week answer - [9:29 AM]

All right! We got a few answers this week, thanks for stopping by!

This weeks winner is newcomer Jason Bock, congratulations Jason. Looks like he's quite an accomplished tech writer, just check out all the articles he's published!

Remember to visit Movie Line of the, you could win a DVD, or other prize for your trouble!
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Thursday, June 24, 2004

My dream job - [4:31 PM]

Well it's more like my dream "place to live and work." If I could choose any place to work today it would be Oddworld Inhabitants. They have the best characters, attention to detail is first rate, and they're based in San Luis Obispo, California. If I had any clue how to develop games for the XBox platform I'd be beating down their door today, begging for a job. Sigh...
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XBox 2: Could Microsoft blunder? - [11:58 AM]

There are rumblings that Microsoft is going to leave off backward compatibility with XBox 2. I think that could be a huge mistake, let me explain. Microsoft is currently in the #2 game box. What makes for a successful gaming platform? Games. If Microsoft could make sure all their current titles work with XBox 2 wouldn't that give them a leg up with gamers? Why wouldn't I choose Playstation over XBox if my current set of games don't run on the new platform? Microsoft has emulator technology and they've already ported NT(XBox kernel) to the PowerPC platform during work on NT 3.51, which had an X86 emulator if I'm not mistaken. So come on guys, make sure you can run the old games as well, either that or make sure you have 200 titles before the box hits the streets.

Oh yeah, and make sure Halo is there day 1, it's the ONE AND ONLY reason I own an XBox. Are you listening Sony/Nintendo?
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Make a trade? - [11:46 AM]

Is there anyone out there that would be willing to trade an unopened copy of Borland Delphi 8 for the Microsoft .NET Framework in exchange for an unopened copy of Windows 2003 Server, 5 clients?
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Borland's Delphi and VCL - [8:23 AM]

Cass McNutt: "Lest you think I'm a complete Delphi bigot, I'm not. As Rob mentions, it's all about just having the right tool for the job." - Hey, being a Delphi bigot isn't a bad thing. There are lots of folks that use it daily and are very productive. Look at the quality code cranked out by Nick Bradbury, all Delphi. Cass also points to a weblog maintained by Michael Swindell, Borland's Delphi Director and Product Manager, to which I am now subscribed. Michael relays a story about his brothers switch to Borland C++Builder and VCL from Microsoft Visual C++ and MFC. I think it's interesting Cass. I'm no fan of MFC, never have been, but I'd be interested to see how Borland's tools actually work. Believe it or not I've been thinking about taking a dive into Delphi, no joke.
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Quiet launch? - [7:15 AM]

Scoble: "There's some really cool stuff coming next week that hasn't been leaked yet. It's really shocking that Microsoft can still keep a secret. But my fingers are itching. Twitching. Convulsing." - I have a friend that left the Visio team two years ago to go work on a new secret project, then another guy left to work with him, then another... I wonder if they're done? If it is that team I can tell you this much, it'll sparkle, no doubt about it!
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Movie line of the week - [6:43 AM]

And.... ACTION!Since we returned a day early from our camping trip I thought I might as well provided a movie line for folks to take a stab at. I didn't have the slightest clue what to line to use, then I checked my email! Steven Vore has provided one from a movie I've seen a zillion times and can't get enough of.

Are you ready? Here it is...

You move like a pregnant yak.

Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here.

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Recharging the batteries... - [6:35 AM]

Yes, posting has been non-existent for the past few days. My family and I have been on our annual camping trip to Hume Lake. It's always a very pleasant trip and something that signals the beginning of summer for me. So let summer begin, we're back and ready to enjoy every day of it!
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