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Friday, September 24, 2004

Best places... - [8:49 AM]

I was thinking about the best places I've ever worked and thought I'd share them. I'm only going to do a few because they're the experiences I'll most remember.

  • Visio - No doubt the best company EVER! There were so many brilliant people there. I could name them all but it would take all day. It was so good in fact that I don't know many ex-Visio'ites that are over the moon in their current day jobs.

  • Frame - Close second to Visio, there's a chance I'd still be there if Adobe hadn't acquired them and shut-down the Washington based group I was working in. I went back to Visio so in the end it wasn't a bad thing.

  • AgData - The company that gave me my first break as a coder. My first development mentor, Jim Hainline, a class act and a super coder.

  • Microsoft - Very distant fourth. Good benefits, good compensation. The Microsoft of the late 80's and early 90's was probably comparable to Visio. That was before they became IBM.

Now move along, there's nothing more to see.
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Movie line of the week answer - [8:46 AM]

No takers?? Going, going.... gone.

That's ok, you miss a week of posting and people do not come back, that's just the way of the web.

The correct answer is...

We'll try again next week.
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Thursday, September 23, 2004

First Impressions - [10:31 AM]

I have an hour-and-a-half drive home every night so having something to listen to is a good thing. Yesterday I decided I'd give "Trade Secrets" a listen.

I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to hearing more. The guys have some minor problems to overcome, but they'll get there. They had their connection drop a couple of times and Dave's audio would go silent once in a while but overall they're on to something, IMHO.

It's radio, without radio.

Request for the future: More talk about the Frontier Kernel project. I'm very interested it. If I had money I'd offer to work on it for free, but unfortunately I have to make a living. Smile, life is good!

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Movie line of the week - [10:23 AM]

And.... ACTION!Ok, I promised to get back on track this week, so here goes...

Actor #1 : He... made me... miss.
Actor #2 : You know what they say, too much pride can kill a man.

Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here.
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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Make up your minds already... - [9:40 AM]

InfoWorld: "PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Microsoft Corp. may make more large acquisitions than it has done historically and become a more distributed company as opposed to moving key employees to its Redmond, Washington, headquarters, Chief Financial Officer John Connors said Monday." - Oy... When I left Microsoft in September 2003 it was because "people really need to be in Redmond because remote development doesn't work". It had worked just fine until we hired someone that couldn't see past his empire building long enough to get to know us. Of course that's just my humble opinion of the matter. That group has suffered for a couple of years under super poor leadership. It just so happens Visio got strapped with one of those bad eggs, which of course resulted in most of the high performance developers flying to the wind. There are still high quality people working on Visio, don't get me wrong, but just not as many as there used to be.

Who knows, maybe I can find a job with one of the new 'distributed' companies. Yes I would work for them again under the right circumstances, but not if the group is run like most Microsoft groups.
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