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Friday, October 22, 2004

Movie line of the week answer - [9:11 AM]

Had a couple of answers this week, both correct.

The surprise winner is none other than Moose! Moose took the Movie Line of the Week idea to the next level a few months back, creating a site called "Movie Line of the Week". Go visit his site, you may win a DVD!

Congratulations Moose, the correct answer is...

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Is Blogger fixed? - [8:23 AM]

Will write C/C++ for food

Just a quick test to see if this post is saved properly. Two posts lost so far.... will it happen again?

UPDATE: It's kind of fixed. This post seems to have been saved, but alas, I have indeed lost two posts forever, you'll notice the gap from Wednesday to Friday on my page, no Thursday entries.

The Blogger folks will come through, they always do.
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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I want my MP3! - [1:30 PM]

MSN: "After years as the unrivaled king of the digital-media world, the venerable MP3 music format is losing ground to rival technologies from Microsoft and Apple Computer." - Okay I don't really need MP3 but it would be nice to have a universally supported format and since MP3 is already there why change it? I know we'll move forward but don't abandon the "old" format. We shouldn't be tied to a specific platform, I really DO NOT want that. I don't want Apple's format, unless is open, and I don't want Microsoft's format, unless it's open.

Folks keep talking about doing away with MP3, but we shouldn't kill it. It'll die like all things do, over time, and be replaced by another open format.
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Delphi 2005 - [9:58 AM]

Delphi 2005 is seriously cool, based on what I've read. I love the fact you get Object Pascal and C# in ONE environment. Well done guys. One question for you serious Delphi heads out there, will 2k5 allow you to build NON framework apps? I mean "traditional" apps written to the VCL that works directly with the Win32 API's?

Regardless, Delphi 2005 should be considered a serious replacement for Visual Studio.NET if you're in the market for one.
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Wish I had Nick's problem - [9:53 AM]

Nick Bradbury: "...I took last week off, and sales went up - way up, in fact. Then they settled back down when I came home." - I need to find a way to support myself so I can have that kind of problem. I'd stay on vacation year round.

Does this happen to all developers that choose Delphi as their primary development tool? Smile, life is good!
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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I'll be darned - [10:58 AM]

One of my fellow ex-Visio-telecommuter buddies, the smart and talented Rick Wolf, just pointed me to another fellow ex-Visio'ite, Lori Pearce! Lori was one of the early developers on Visio. She did a whole lotta OLE stuff back in those days. I had the pleasure of testing her code in Visio 1.0!

It's nice to see she's doing well, but knowing her I wouldn't expect anything less.

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Sun and Microsoft - [10:11 AM]

CNet News: "McNealy: Microsoft integration work slow going" - Work moves forward. Nice. Could we possibly see NT built for SPARC? How about 64-bit Windows on SPARC, even better. Could this be the way to jump start 64-bit editions of Windows? Only time will tell.

Another thing I wonder about is will we see a .NET runtime version of Java? Something other than J#, I mean a Java VM that's managed with managed support libraries that are transparent to the Java developer. I'm sure it could be done, question is... is it worth doing?
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