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Friday, December 17, 2004

Hey! - [9:23 AM]

That's my old work laptop!

Recycling at its' best.
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Friday Link Dump - [9:02 AM]

Trumba - Ever hear of an application called Visio? Trumba, a.k.a. GrawGroup, is a group of industry stars back at it again. These guys know how to create, and more importantly SHIP, killer commercial products.

Bubble Wrap - Enjoy. I love popping this stuff! NOTE: Requires Flash.

Cass McNutt
- Borland isn't out of the picture. Delphi + C# + C++ == fun for all!

PowerBlog - Jon has done a super sweet job of turning PowerBlog into a world class blogging client, and he's taken it to the next level by exposing a complete collection of objects to .NET based applications. If Microsoft would like to take their Spaces service to the next level talking to Jon could be a good first step, I.M.H.O.
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More on chestnuts - [8:52 AM]

Troy Sandal, a Visio old-timer, sent email yesterday about my post on chestnuts. Here's what he had to say.

"It was the Four Seasons Rob and they stopped doing it a few years ago. Every year I stop by and ask where the Chestnut guy is and they just say 'yeah we stopped doing that, but it sure was cool..'"

There you have it, it was the Four Seasons! Thanks Troy! It's a real bummer they stopped doing it.

Downtown Seattle is absolutely beautiful this time of year. If you're there enjoy it, take some time to stroll down fourth or fifth avenue, soak up the season. Hopefully you'll get a little snow to top it off!
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What's happenin' - [8:29 AM]

Yesterday was kind of busy so I didn't get a chance to post a Movie Line of the Week, it'll return next week.

I had an interview with a local company, Intesolv. They're a small group of folks that help people integrate their business systems. They're also very hooked into Microsoft, which is another big plus. All-in-all the informational went well so it looks like I'll get invited back for a technical interview. I'm hoping this one works out since it's right up the street.

I must say being un-employed doesn't sit very well with me. Having time to sit around and allow doubt to grow in your mind isn't fun. I'm starting to think it's time to get out of computing, but I don't know how to do anything else.

It'll all work out, eventually.
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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Lotsa stuff goin' on... - [4:34 PM]

It's been a strange week for me, a very fast, strange week. So fast in fact I can't believe it's Wednesday.

I had my appointment with the 'knee doc' on Monday. The news is not as bad as the MRI results made it sound. Basically I have a bit of degeneration in my left knee, it's not too bad, but enough to warrant scoping it and cleaning it up. I have a few 'floaties' (my words, not the docs) hanging around and a bone spur on my patella. I'm hopeful this procedure will lead to less swelling, tripping (bumbling-stumbling-rumbling), and pain. It's a good thing to have a plan of attack, now we just have to execute.

Tiggers are wonderful things!Tuesday was one of those you file in the 'wacky day' department. I ventured north to Fresno to workout with my brother. Workouts with Jay are always my best workouts because he's a big brute of a man and can lift small cars over his head without breaking a sweat. Anywho, I digress... As we were headed for the gym we passed under the freeway and on toward the off ramp traffic, which has it's own lane. As we get closer I look to my right and notice a BMW coming across the white line into our lane! I say to Jay, 'That guy's gonna hit you!' Sure enough, POW! A glancing collision off Jay's right rear wheel. I'm thinking the entire rear quarter panel of his truck is gone at this point. We pull over, get out, not much damage. In fact the wheel is a bit scratched up and there are a few scratches just above and to the back of the wheel well. Then the B'mer pulls in. OUCH! The dude lost his front bumper and the left front side of the car is pretty crushed. Here's where it gets weird. The driver jumps out of his car and says to my brother 'Why didn't you signal when you came into my lane!' At this point I'm shocked, and so is my brother. See, we didn't change lanes. HE HIT US! Anywho, my bro starts getting a bit heated and the guy argues back for a while. They finally agree to let the insurance company sort it out. Whew!

Today I've been applying to positions at Microsoft and at a local company, Intesolv. I have an interview with Intesolv tomorrow, hopefully that'll go well. This afternoon I had an interview with a company called Candeo out of L.A. I like what they're up to and I hope they'll call me back for another interview. Their product line is growing and I think I'm a good match for them.

Here's hoping!
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