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Friday, December 31, 2004

Movie line of the week answer - [11:07 AM]

Good morning y'all!

I'm surprised I had a few guesses yesterday. The blogging community always seems to be slow at this time of the year.

This week we have a new guesser, and winner! Please give a big round of applause to James Robertson. Congratulations James.
The Return of the King
The correct answer is...

Gimili says this right after Minas Tirith has been defended and they're talking about diverting Sauron's gaze from Frodo and Sam. Awesome line.
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Knee update - [1:29 AM]

The surgery went well. Kim and I spent a better part of the day at the hospital waiting, and waiting, and waiting some more. The saving grace of the day was the wonderful nursing staff. They were VERY nice and helpful, and they took great care of me. Once we got to the OR my doc did a fabulous job and reported to Kim that things were not as bad as originally thought. She didn't have to perform a lateral release like she thought she would, good deal. The downside is it looks like my cartilage is degenerating due to arthritis, if you can believe that. How in the world can a 37-year old man have arthritis? Anywho, she cleaned up the arthritis and told Kim I'd probably need cartilage replacement at some point. Another great thing, I'm not feeling much pain. Bonus!

I've been doing two of the five exercises I'm supposed to do off and on this evening. Tomorrow I start full force with rehab, doing ALL the exercises as directed.

The one thing I'm trying to figure out is how do I get down to the gym for 'regular' workouts. For the time being I can't really support my full weight and a lot of the movements I do require being on your feet. I'll call my brother Jay and find some decent replacement movements until I can stand again.
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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Movie line of the week - [1:48 AM]

And.... ACTION!I'm posting this a wee early this morning because later today I'm having knee surgery and I'd probably forget to do it.

I decided a couple of nights ago to use this line, it's excellent...

Certainty of death. Small chance of success. What are we waiting for?

Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here.
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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Bite of the Apple... - [11:45 AM]

Think Secret [via Scoble]: "With iPod-savvy Windows users clearly in its sights, Apple is expected to announce a bare bones, G4-based iMac without a display at Macworld Expo on January 11 that will retail for $499, highly reliable sources have confirmed to Think Secret." - I hope, I hope, I hope. I've wanted a Mac for years and at that price point ownership becomes a real possibility.
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Still Looking - [11:27 AM]

I'm the Monster.Well... I'm still prowling the job market. I've applied to about a dozen or so Microsoft jobs, one at The Graw Group, several at Apple, one at Adobe, locally I'm still due for a tech interview with Intesolv, and I even applied for a Tools Developer job with Bungie last night. Overall I'd say I've probably sent my resume to about 50 or so places around the country. I've heard you have to apply to 100 before you get a hit, yowzer.
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Favorite 2005 Tech Prediction - [10:26 AM]

Chris Pirillo: "10. It becomes legal to castrate / sterilize spammers under vigilante justice" - Where do I vote for this? I'll travel on foot, uphill in the snow, naked to cast my 'YES' vote.
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Monday, December 27, 2004

Torvalds on Solaris - [10:30 AM]

CNet News: "Solaris/x86 is a joke, last I heard." - Contrary to Linus' view of Solaris, it's a very good operating system.

Here's a question for the Sun/Microsoft alliance. When are we going to see NT running on a SPARC architecture? Maybe you guys could get together to help harden NT and add NFS support.

Yeah, I know, why?
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Quake - [10:10 AM]

CNN: "Asia quake death toll tops 23,000" - Unbelievable. What do you say to that? My heart goes out to the families and friends of the victims.
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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Thanks again Bill! - [4:57 PM]

Bill just pointed me to a company, and product, I'd forgotten about.

REAL Software is the creator and publisher of RealBASIC. It's a very serious development language and IDE that allows you to create cross platform applications! Very cool!

BASIC was the first language I used professionally, at a little company called AgData. We used Microsoft Professional Basic 7.x for DOS, BASIC was cool back then. You could compile your code and link it with Assembly, C, or Pascal .OBJ's or Libraries.

I've sent them a resume, let's see if they give me a call.
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Christmas eve with the Fahrni's - [4:32 PM]

A snowflakeMy gang traveled North Friday morning to spend Christmas Eve with my brothers and their families. Jay and Lori cooked up a great lunch, which included my first ever deep fried turkey! We hung out, talked, ate, and opened Christmas presents. It was a perfect day in every respect, the only bad thing about it was it had to end.

Jay, Lori, thanks for opening your home to us. We had a marvelous time!
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If only.... - [4:26 PM]

I've been firing resumes here, resumes there, resumes, resumes everywhere!

Here's the one I'd MOST like to have, but there's that whole no 3D programming experience thing standing in my way.

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Minister of Defense - [10:04 AM]

Reggie White dies, at the age of 43.

Talk about your shockers! Reggie White was solid class.
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