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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Interview today - [10:31 PM]

I didn't even think about posting a movie line today, why? I had an interview! The company is named Pelco, and I loved what I saw.

God willing I'll have a job.
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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Happy 4th Blogday! - [9:01 AM]

Happy Blogday!

It's been four years. Here's my first post.

Believe it or not I owe my discovery of Blogger to MacWorld.
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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

How do you say that? - [9:29 AM]

If you're anything like me you've run across words in the Harry Potter series that leave your tongue tangled and your brain reeling.

Here's a guide, on Scholastic, to help with the pronunciation.
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Hire Bill - [9:00 AM]

My friend Bill Lazar and I are in the same boat, the unemployed boat. Take a look at his resume, read his weblog, and give him a call. He's super smart and knows his stuff.

Hang in there Bill, it'll happen!
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Sick - [8:50 AM]

I'm sick!My lovely wife came home sick the other day, she was down all weekend. Yesterday it hit me like a ton of bricks. Chills, aches, congested, the list goes on. It came on so quick. The chills are gone this morning, that's nice, I couldn't get warm to save my life yesterday.

I'm definitely not at the top of my game this morning, but I'm better than yesterday. I spoke to a guy yesterday that said he's been congested for a week and a half. Yowzer!

I need some wheat grass from Keva Juice, that'll fix me up.
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Monday, January 31, 2005

Here's to a bright future - [11:08 AM]

CNN: "It is a time for all Iraqis to come together to build our future." - I couldn't be happier for the people of Iraq. There is hope for a future. It'll take years of course, but it appears they're off to a decent start.
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Job search update - [10:03 AM]

I'm the Monster.Last week proved to be a GREAT week. I had a couple of phone interviews, one with a local company, and one with a company in Redmond. The local company scheduled an interview for this Thursday. I'm VERY excited about the position. Believe it or not they're writing cross-platform code in C++, in a word UNBELIEVABLE! The Redmond based company is shopping me around a few groups, looking for a fit, and I'm hopeful we'll have a real-deal interview soon. The recruiter from this company told me a couple of friends, and former co-workers, said I had a "Strange sense of humor".

Hmmmmm... What exactly does that mean? Smile, life is good!
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