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Friday, September 30, 2005

Movie line of the week answer - [8:42 AM]

Good morning hard core movie liners!

Our winner was none other than Aussie Sean Malloy who correctly guessed...

Congratulations Sean!
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Please Scoble, I want my Visio video... - [8:41 AM]

Robert could you find the time to Channel9'ify the Visio team? I'd love to see what Visio 12 looks like; no I haven't seen it, and I'd like to know where it's going.

It's still the best application Microsoft has ever shipped.
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Ubuntu getting there... - [8:32 AM]

Photo Matt: "I plugged in a USB mouse and it works with the scroll wheel. That might not seem trivial, and it is if you’re on Windows or a Mac, but my previous experiences with desktop (as opposed to server) Linux have been so awful, this is like heaven by comparison." - Linux still has a ways to go, but it's getting there. I'm becoming more and more comfortable with Linux each day but for ease of use Window's still blows the doors off Linux. Of course your mileage may vary. If you're a hack you'll love Linux, if you're just someone that uses a computer you'll probably hate it.
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Unlikely marriage? - [8:16 AM]

CNET Reviews: "First Apple and Intel, now Microsoft and Palm? Yep." - Hell has frozen over, pigs are flying, cats and dogs are living together. Why in the world would Palm make this kind of move? Someone at Microsoft must have pictures of Palm's CEO in compromising positions or something.

Palm, Inc. logoI guess as handhelds get more and more powerful it doesn't matter that the OS is compact. I've always been super impressed with the Palm OS, it's absolutely tiny, and you can write small to complex applications for it. My first Palm application was 4k, was easy to code, and worked quite well thank you very much.

You can still purchase a Treo with the lovely Palm OS however, that's good, not that Windows is horrible, I just don't see why the needed to use a Microsoft OS?
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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Movie line of the week - [3:48 PM]

Watchin' it on the big screen!Today's line was suggested by my Director, Mr. Greg Millar, let's give Greg a big round of applause.

Ok, here it is... Good luck!

I see dead people.

Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here.
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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

It's football baby - [10:34 PM]

Yes, it's football season, and that makes me very happy.

Enjoy a little Terrible Terry Tate, Office linebacker.
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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Definition of failure? - [9:59 AM]

Okay, I had to share this, thanks Rick.

1. Go to the Google web site
2. Type in the word 'failure' in the search box.
3. Click on the 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button.

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