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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Hitting the nail on the head - [3:07 PM]

James Robertson: "MS is huge, which means that nearly any acquisition will be of a smaller entity. Smaller entities simply don't have the power to change a larger corporate culture. One of three things happens:" - James outlines what he thinks would happen if a big company gobbled up a little company. I was part of such a scenario and James' thoughts really hit the nail on the head. I think all three things happened at Visio, with the third bullet point being first, followed by one, then two, like this...

  • The smaller entity goes quiet, hoping to stay 'under the radar' of corporate - thus maintaining a semblance of their old culture - We managed to do this for about a year, then the softie way started making way into the Seattle office(which would eventually go away because "It's too far from Redmond".

  • The staff of the acquired entity leaves, since things are 'too different' for them - Microsoft actually encouraged the 'old-times' to leave, which I found strange. Eventually 99% of the old guard would leave.

  • The staff of the acquired entity 'gives up', becoming more like the acquirer - By encouraging the old-timers to move on Microsoft was free to introduce their own brand of management into the Visio fold, thus triggering a HUGE change in the culture. Those that remain have learned to just live with it and produce a great product.

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Good grief... - [9:21 AM]

MSNBC: "Death toll between 20,000-30,000; looting breaks out in some areas" - We're not the only country suffering from natrual disasters.

This is horrific, on a grand scale. Hopefully we can find it in us to spare some help with all that's going on here.
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