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Friday, January 20, 2006

Movie line of the week answer - [1:49 PM]

Well, well, well.... We have a new winner for the first time in many moons!

Congrats go to Mr. Ryan Haning, who correctly guessed...

Thanks for playing!
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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Reading lists? Done. - [11:35 AM]

Scripting News: "Reading lists can be used to solve the problem of feed synchronization in a crude but totally "worse is better" way to make sure that my aggregator at home, the one at the office, the one on my traveling laptop and my cell phone are in synch, even if they're made by different vendors." - Dave, it sounds like you need to subscribe to NewsGator. I use FeedDemon on three different machines and my feeds are kept in sync from one to the other, and if I'd like I can view them via the web browser if I'm not at one of my computers.

Now, I'm not exactly sure if this fits Dave's criteria. I can use anything that supports NewsGator's API, which would be like saying "I can use anything that supports Dave's NewsRiver API." Same difference, just two different implementations.

I doubt we'll see a standard pop out of this because it would seem Dave didn't know about NewsGator's API because he did his own thing, I wrote about this the other day, but since I have only two or three readers it didn't get any love from the big boys.

Dave, you may want to look at the NewsGator API, and see if it fits, before creating YARLAPI(Yet Another Reading List API).
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Disney after Pixar? - [9:58 AM]

CNN Money: "According to a report in Thursday's Wall Street Journal, Disney is in serious talks to buy Pixar, the animated studio led by Apple founder Steve Jobs." - Well... I don't know how to feel about this one. It could go a few ways I guess. The worst, and most likely, is the destruction of Pixar's movie making culture and values, just as Disney destroyed its own animation studio(I'd love to link to "The Rise and Fall of Disney Animation in the Modern Era", but the site has been scuttled.) The best scenario is Steve Jobs becoming a top dog at Disney and hopefully one day becoming THE top dog. Disney was once a great place and it could be once again. They need a visionary like Jobs, not another watered down suit.
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Mmmmm Monorail Espresso - [9:42 AM]

A dear friend of mine, Rick Wolf, is in Seattle this week for the Visio Developers Conference. Like I've said before, Rick and I used to spend a lot of time together during our trips to Seattle. I was particularly insistent on morning trips up to Fifth and Pike to get espresso at Monorail Espresso. So, this morning I get email, complete with photo, from Mr. Rick teasing me about his trip to Monorail...

Cheers Rick.
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Movie line of the week - [9:02 AM]

Hollywood!Good morning movie liners, hopefully I'm back on track with this post!

Here's the line, good luck!

Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed.

Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here.
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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

FeedDemon 2.0, looking good - [9:49 AM]

FeedDemon actionsNick has done it again. I really thought FeedDemon was the perfect RSS Reader, now it's even better. I'm very happy with the new outline(treeview) and the Surfer style is the perfect River of News view. What a great job Nick!

I'm not, however, going to give up on my request for IBlogExtension support. I have some more ideas for you along that line. Notice the red circle in the picture to the right. I've circled the "email this" and "Post to" buttons. This area could be used as a launch point for IBlogExtension plug-ins. Instead of creating a RMA place the Blog Extension's button(if it has one, otherwise default to something) in that area and use the menu text as a tooltip. You could replace your existing "email this" and "post to" items with blog extensions if you wanted.

Keep up the good work Nick, it's looking, and more importantly, performing, really well!

Give the beta a try.
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