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Saturday, April 01, 2006

I'm not so sure about that... - [1:53 PM]

Keith Ray [via James Robertson]: "What's interesting is not so much the blog post, but all the comments; many, if not most, of them made anonymously by Microsoft employees." - I would not agree that the comments he's pointing out were mostly made my Microsoft employees. If you're busy working on Vista you know the messy areas. We all have dirty underwear, and Window's is no more or less dirty than anyone else's. All that talk about Apple's OS being so desirable seems a bit strange and out of context. OS-X is Mach+BSD+Display Postscript(UI). Nice, yes, any less messy inside than NT+WIN32, doubtful. Most of the mess is stacked on top of the NT Kernel, which is a really nice piece of work. If you want to start over, start there. Build your new UI, networking, security, etc, etc, etc, on top of that, without the legacy of Win32.

Heck, I always thought Apple should've licensed the NT Kernel and built their pretty UI on top of it, not the other way around.
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Friday, March 31, 2006

I couldn't have said it better myself - [9:46 AM]

A wonderful boquet of flowers.Scripting News: "So if some of the people you want to reach like to receive information via RSS and blogs, why would you not want to provide it? To me, asking why you should use blogs is like asking why you should answer the phone. It might be a customer, a developer who wants to use your services, or a reporter who wants to write about the company. Your competitors answer the phone, so you should too." - When I arrived at Pelco I tried to convince folks that weblogging was a great channel of communication. It fell on deaf ears. My guess is, quite simply, weblogging is misunderstood and seen as childish, or unprofessional. Of course there is some of that, but it is a great way to spread a message and reach out to a targeted audience. We're all about security cameras and we're treading into the IT world with completely IP based products. There are a lot of geek types out there using RSS to feed their need for information. It's an untapped market for Pelco, and one we SHOULD take complete advantage of.
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Movie line of the week answer - [9:40 AM]

Chirp, chirp, chirp... That's the sound heard in my mail box, no guesses this week.

The correct answer is...

Like I said yesterday, one of the greatest films ever made.
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Thursday, March 30, 2006

New Disney Weblog - [5:48 PM]

Tiggers are wonderful things!Re-Imagineering: "Ask current guests of the Disney Parks what their favorite couple attractions are and you'll almost always hear Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion. It'?s as if they'?ve always belonged in the same sentence." - Neato, a weblog dedicated to Imagineering at Disney! Subscribed.

Of course I'd link to a post that talks about my favorite two rides at the park. They don't need updating, they're perfect.
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Movie line of the week - [10:18 AM]

Cut, cut, cut!Wow, what a busy week. I'm completely hammered at work, there's a lot I'd like to write about but I just don't have the time. Of course I have time for MLOTW.

Today's line comes from one of the greatest films of all time, here it is in all its' glory...

Actor #1: Come on, Benny. Man. The kid is a... [with his thumb and index fingers of both hands] L, 7, Weenie!
Actor #2: Yeah. Yeah. Oscar Meyer even.

Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here.
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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

FeedDemon 2.0 Shipping - [7:58 AM]

Nick Bradbury: "Yesterday I announced that FeedDemon 2.0 was done, and today I get to announce that it's now available for download." - Congratulations Nick!
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