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Friday, September 15, 2006

NFL Observations - [2:05 PM]

How I saw things on opening weekend.

  • Games spread out over various stations. Good or Bad? The jury is still out.
  • Fox Sports sound effects on EACH snap, ANNOYING! Please stop.
  • ESPN's Monday night crew, doesn't compare to Madden and Michaels, sorry ESPN.
  • NBC's Sunday Night football, beats Monday night, Madden and Michaels 'nuff said.
But I gotta say, I LOVE FOOTBALL, and I'm happy the season's started.
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Pelco DVR5100 Product Line - [12:12 PM]

I guess I can talk about our latest adventure since there's a bit of information on our site about it, right?

Endura EnabledWe've been working hard to bring a new digital video recorder to market, the DVR5100 line. It's a honey of a system. The "big dog" version will encode, record, and decode up to 16-channels of high quality video(4CIF, 30fps, depending on taste.) I believe we're targeting everything from smaller "mom-and-pop" type shops up to the Costco's of the world. It comes in 16, 8, and 4 channel models with various storage configurations. You can of course view live video as well as playback and export video to DVD, CD, or USB device(E.G. key, or hard drive.) We can output video to VGA, NTSC, or PAL; VGA looks best IMHO. Smile, life is good!

We also have a spot monitor that can allow the business to cycle through cameras on a set interval. This is usually used in a "front facing" manner so customers know they're being watched. You could also hook it up in a back office somewhere for a manager to watch if you'd like.

I see another market for this device, home security. I believe they're going to be reasonably priced(I'm not sure of the retail price and I don't know if we'll publish it or not?) Just think of this 3U device sitting on a shelf somewhere in your house. You could use one of the inputs on newer model televisions to display the video, or use a VGA monitor at the device with the spot monitor hooked up to your television.

Worth a look for home use? I'd say yes.
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Bush playing the game - [8:26 AM]

What the President is doing right now is making me sick to my stomach. He's live on T.V. right now pushing for his new Bill that will cover his butt.

Sickening, absolutely sickening.

C.Y.A. Mr. President, C.Y.A.
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Monday, September 11, 2006

Five years on - [12:08 PM]

On this day five years ago.
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