Paper, a developers best friend

Gus Mueller: "So a little while back as I was bugging Kirstin about some math (which I knew I had already bugged her about a couple of years previously, but couldn't find my notes on) I decided to get a little bit more organized. And I've now got two pretty thick sketch books, pictured above, with mostly empty pages in them but rapidly filling up. And I thought I'd just pass this tip on to you." - This is something I've done for years. I love National Brands Laboratory Notebooks. I have a stack of them from notes past, doodles, misc notes, strange names and phone numbers, and debugging sessions. They're a lot of fun to go back through and see what I was thinking at the time and how whatever I was working on at the time progressed. Most real drawings, Visio drawings, I've ever created started life on a piece of paper or a white board, maybe I shouldn't admit that, but a good piece of paper is still the fastest way to capture an idea, IMHO.

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Interactive Final-Four Bracket

Visio Guy: "Not to miss a diagramming opportunity, Visio Guy is here to help you with your pool with a smart, interactive Final Four bracket!" - Chris comes through again! If you're a Visio user and a hoops fan take advantage of Chris' hard work and setup your bracket. Thanks Chris.

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Web based diagramming

Lovely Charts is quite amazing for a web based diagramming application. I'm really impressed! If you need to do simple flowcharts, or other simple diagram types, this could be a great choice! I know, I know, I tend to rail on these sorts of apps, but this one behaves like I'd expect it to, it doesn't limit me.

Drag and Drop baby!

Lovely Charts sports a very simple user interface that reminds you of desktop favorites, Visio and OmniGraffle come to mind. Once loaded you'll notice a group of stencils, or a library of shapes, to the left that you simply drag and drop on the page to create your diagram. Yes, it's that simple.

I'd recommend giving it a spin, you may find it to your liking.

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