Time at Disney

Chuq Von Rospach: "And there's nothing quite like watching the sun rise from the top of the Matterhorn while eating lunch, although my favorite lunch spot was down in New Orleans, lunching on the boat in Pirates where they're firing on the city fort. Only when the park is closed, of course." - Disney is one of those places, and companies, I've always loved, I'd love to work for 'em.


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Reality at The Magic Kingdom

CNN: "Imagine one day receiving recognition for decades of service from your employer only to be laid off the next day. That is what happened to one Walt Disney Parks and Resorts employee who asked not be identified." - Disney is one of those companies I'd love to work for. I've always loved visiting DisneyLand and loved their animated films, even before they acquired Pixar. I hope they can keep chugging along and come out the other end of this poor economy stronger than ever.

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Worry over Up?

Pixar Planet: "To make the assumptions that Up will fail even more ridiculous is the fact that Pixar's 10th film has gotten amazing reviews already, from the first 45 minutes. This is no surprise because the folks at Pixar make movies for themselves (they are the audience after all) and don't forget John Lasseter's famous quote 'Quality is the best business plan'. So, shouldn't this be enough to prove to the guys back at Wall Street that this film will be a hit. What type of hit, we don't know yet, but judging from the evidence above, it seems Up won't disappoint." - The thing about Up that worried me most was it being a 3D movie. I think I was wrong about that. Monsters vs. Aliens is doing quite well and I need to remember that it comes down to the story and great characters, which Pixar manages to deliver with each new film.

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Traditional Animation

Cinematical: "The Princess and the Frog is a jazzy musical fairy tale based on the classic story 'The Frog Princess' and features the first ever African American Disney princess (voiced by Anika Noni Rose). Other characters include a trumpet-playing alligator and a love-sick Cajun firefly. And clearly, from what these new images show us, it's set in New Orleans' French Quarter, as well as the Garden District" - Keep an eye on DisneyAnimation.com, we're going to get four brand spanking new hand drawn animated movies from Disney! I'm not sure if the acquisition of Pixar brought back traditional animation or if the change from Eisner to Iger did the trick. No matter, I'm glad to see traditional animation back at Disney and I'll be in line for The Princess and the Frog in December 2009. The other film that really interests me is King of the Elves.

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