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Money: "Employee happiness is paramount: Every year workers receive $1,500 each to spend on any kind of professional enrichment that strikes their fancy. They're also entitled to a four-week sabbatical after every seven years of service." - Ahhh the joys of being part of a small, fast moving, progressive software company. Those were the days, and I definitely miss them.

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MarsEdit Feature Request

Dear Daniel,

I'm a very satisfied user of MarsEdit, I love it, it makes my day to day posting quite easy and automated. Now, I'm new to the Mac, so please forgive my naivete if what I'd like to see added to MarsEdit already exists and I just haven't discovered it yet.

I worked on a Windows product called Visio for 10-years. Visio was completely scriptable via OLE-Automation. One of the coolest things about the model was the ability to hookup code that could be notified when an event took place; like the position of a shape changing for instance. Very cool, and very handy to third party developers that wanted to create their own custom solutions on top of Visio.

Now, I don't want to create a custom application on top of MarsEdit, but I'd like to write some scripts to help automate some things I'd like to do with each and every new post. I'd like to be notified when I publish, period. If that notification could include some data that told me if it was a new post or a republished post that would be extremely cool, along with the post URL and maybe a few other data points, not sure what those would be right now. :-)

I'd like to receive the "PostPost", or "PostPublish", event so I could generate a small URL using TinyURL, and publish the resulting URL to Twitter in a standard format, something like...

Weblog Post, Title: TinyURL

That's it! I'd imagine MarsEdit is most of the way there, I know you can script it with AppleScript, maybe I just need some lessons?

Thanks Daniel,

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Jay Walker's Library [via MAKE Magazine]: "Walker frequently meets with the Walker Digital brain trust in the seating area of the library, hoping to draw inspiration from the surroundings. Artist Clyde Lynds (known for integrating fiber optics into his work) created the intricate illuminated glass panels and many other visual elements. Walker himself designed the Escher-like tile floor, modeled after a tumbling block pattern from the Victorian age." - This is the type of space I'd love to have. It's warm and inviting, lots of low tech in the room, inspirational. How do I get a tour of the place?


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Visio Mac?

Every once in a while I get a hit from someone at Microsoft looking for Visio for the Macintosh related material. They typically land on something I wrote back in 2004 where I mention we once had Visio running natively on the Macintosh. It has a nice splash screen created by Chris Roth, but unfortunately I don't have a screen shot of the actual product. It really did exist, it just never saw the light of day. We also had it running natively on a DEC Alpha and on PowerPC versions of NT, but those both died on the vine as well.

I'd still love to see Visio running on a Mac. If Microsoft ever goes about doing that I'd love to work on it, hint, hint. Smile, life is good!

They don't need me to make that happen of course, but it would be an awesome application to have on the Mac.

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Thinking of San Luis

I've been sitting here watching Bug play Strangers Wrath and all I can think about is OddWorld Inhabitants and how much I wanted to work for them. I applied for a position with them back in 2004 but nothing came of it. They were located in downtown San Luis Obispo above Ross between Monterey Street and Higuera Street. It's a dream location for Kim and I and a job right in the heart of the city was something I wanted. Then, in April 2005, OddWorld was no more. The doors closed and that dream was shot down. It's strange they'd disappear like they did. Their games were creative and very unusual and had a very loyal fan base. It's a bummer, not only for the selfish side of me, but for the part of me that was a fan of their work.

I doubt they're ever return in their old form, but here's hoping.

In the meantime I guess I'm going to have to try to convince Pelco to open a development shop in San Luis Obispo. Smile, life is good!

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No, no, no, not like that!

Macworld: "Sure, why not? Open iCal to the month you want and then press Shift-Command-4, press the Space Bar, and then click on the calendar. The Mac will take a shot of the calendar in .png format. If thatís not compatible with the digital picture frame, open the image in Preview, choose Save As, and in the sheet that appears, choose a format such as JPEG that makes your picture frame happy. Once youíve done that, itís simply a matter of placing the image in the frame, using whatever transfer scheme the frame supports." - I want the real thing, with a touch screen, that can display an interactive calendar. One that will allow me to add and remove things, and then, synchronize with my Google Calendar, and with my Mac.

That would be pretty sweet.

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I started that in 2001?

I've always wanted to work for a company like Pixar or ILM. It dates back to 1977 when I saw Star Wars and wanted to do special effects. Back in 2001 I started playing around with The RenderMan Interface Specification, but didn't get too far along because of my day job and life in general.

I only mention it because I've been going through some old CD's and I ran across a project I started to implement The RenderMan Interface.

It's kind of sad how many things have caught my attention over the years and I can never find the time to dig into them.

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